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All in the life of Paddy cat.

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Merry Christmas

December 22nd 2008 4:29 am
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I am doing this very fast cause we are expected to loose our power for a few days as we have 2 storms meet up and casueing havoc and 120klm wind gusts.
I am Wishing all my Catster friends and Catster head Quarters Staff and their Furmilies a Very Mery Christmas and a Happy Safe and healthy New Year.
All the best to all in 2009


Merry Christmas

December 19th 2008 2:38 am
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I haven't been up to much lately nothing note worth for my diary. Just the usuall stuff sleep, eat, and run amuck every once and a while.
So I decided to use the putter to Wish All the Caster cats and their furmilies and all the peepoles and their furbabies at HQ a Happy Healthy New Year and a berry berry Merry Christmas with lots of healthy good treats.

Your Pal


Woozle's Game

December 3rd 2008 3:16 am
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Four things I would be what kind would Ibe
1 a veggie Carrot cause it is orange like me and it makes me silly like nip does.

2 fruit, Orange yes cause it is orange and tangy

3Flour. a sunflower because I love to bath in the sun all day

4 Ice cream flavor HUmm! I think VAnella cause it is smooth and yummy like me.


Voting day is here

October 14th 2008 1:06 pm
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Well our furry friends from south of the border we are finished with all the voting crap on tv and ebery were you look we will find out if we are going to hab a minioity government , like last time or majority.

If you ask me from all the choices we have *gulp* WE're Shagged!

The only one i see that is any good is the green party.
Well we will see tonite.
Got back in one piece from the vet no more goop in the eye Yeah!
I'm all better. No more hiding on Mom.


Thanks giving Tahnks

October 13th 2008 12:35 pm
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I am thankful for:

MOm and Dad
food my brofurs
My princess Honey
food My warm bed
my toys


My Eye is good

October 11th 2008 5:21 am
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Well Mom is running out of tricks to get that goop in my eye . I run and hide now when I sees her comeing my way. She gets me 3 times a day. I am not squinting now soo my eye is getting better.

Thing MOOOOLLLL! slept in the tree last night. got up there and couldn't or wouldn't come down not even for treats so Mom went to bed and left him there . He was in the window this morning sleeping on his perch like a bird. so she opened the window and he has been sleeping ever since. Dum brofur.

Mom's cousin's kitty walked acrross the wood stove and burned his paws . They are in a new house and they never saw one before now it is cold they use the stove. She is ok but I bet she doesn't do that again.
Mikey knows how that feels he did the same thing. Dum brofurs.


up date

October 9th 2008 6:44 pm
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the swelling in my face and eye has gone down but I still Squint have to go back on tuesday to see vet lady. Man thought I was going to have to have a vet look at Mom when she got the bill that is disgusting
what they charge . No wonder soo many animals go unchecked and unfixed people in the lower brackets can't afford to do it. humans are too greedy.


Fast visit to the vet

October 8th 2008 5:04 pm
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Mom came home and took one look at me and almost fainted.
My eye and side of my head was swollen and stuff was coming out my eye Mom was grossed out pretty bad. So she got on the phone and called for an appointment Just my luck there was a cancellation. Man talk about crazy drivers Mom was passing every thing on the highway to get me to the vet didn't think that little car could go so fast. We got there with 10 minutes to spare. I howled all the way She figured it was cause I was cooped up in the cage nooo Mom it was your driving I prayed all the way. Any way we made it and had to wait forever. All these dogs were coming in for their obedience training down stairs and the kept sniffing me. Ewwwww! Well we got in there and the nurse took my temp and NOT in the ear in the rear Oh totally embarassing.HpT! I have a slight fever. Any way the Dr came in and put stuff in my eye to see if it were scratched nope we're good. I got anti biotics and pain killers . So we are good to go. I have to put stuff in my eye 3 times a day and pain killers every 24 hrs..
We left and went to see Daddy at work he didn't even see my face. How could he not see this face it was bigger than life and the eyes were runny.
Well Mom shouldn't have stopped cause I started to howl and threw up in the carrier YUk! got my fur all messed up.

Well I am fine all calmed down and happy now Mom said I lost so much fur Could have made another cat out of it. Imagine that another Paddy cat.
Well good night all will let you know how the meds in the eye turns out.


I stole sumfin from my Daddy

October 6th 2008 6:12 pm
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Daddy was sitting on the couch eatting sumfin that smelled really yummy. Daddy got up and left the room and that was when I did it! Istole the rest and ate it and I left the package. It was so sweet and sticky it tasted like cherries. It was licorice it was sticking to my toofs but I managed to get it all down before Daddy came back. Mom figures I will be in the litter box all day when it starts going through.
Don't care it was worth it yum yum yum!


Hurracane Kyle

September 29th 2008 12:15 pm
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We are fine there wasn't much to it this time. Grand Monan Island got 17o centimeters of rain. It is a small island between Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Some people are still without power but should get it back some time today.

Mikey all most had a heart attack today. Daddy was watching him run around the house like a maniac and coulnd't figure out what was going on at first he thought Mikey had a bug biting him. But no that wasn't it , Mikey flopped down on his back and was hyper ventalating and was scared then Dad took a look at his butt there was the problem he had a Klingon attached to him, or a will-not, you know one of those things that will not let go when you go to the you- know - what.
So Dad got a tissue and pulled it off of him. Mikey Cried like the baby he is. He must have been in a big panic cause he hasn't woke up yet and that happened this morning, he hasn't asked for food yet . Now whats up with that?. I must go poke him and see if he is still breathing.

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