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July 7th 2010 3:37 pm
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Germany lost! now my girl can rest! no more fireworks to upset her! poor girl has been through enough!

could you guys please send some purrs? my brother, Jack the bunny, was a bad boy! he got into the fireplace>: he has done this before but this time he got soot in his eye and rubbed it. he scratched his eye and now is on medicine. 2 eye ointments and one antibiotic. he looked really funny with that cone thingy on him. sometimes he would get it off of this neck and it was around his belly! silly bunny:) he has to go back to the vet on saturday. me mom hopes his eye is better so that they don't have to sew it shut. yuck!


another birthday gift!

July 7th 2010 12:25 pm
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wowwy wow wow wow! this package, in the mail, is for ME! i love gifts! i got a great birthday card and a catnip pillow with a picture of Morris! i almost thought it was a picture of me but Morris has more orange. all of us always have fun, when we get a package. everyone has to see what i got. then i have to fight everyone off>: today, my sister, called me your majesty! she is so jealous of me! you know, with my good looks and poise, she is just so jealous of me. i did say rarar, to her for opening the door. well i gotta go put me head down on my new pillow but first i gotta take my crown off of my head! *MOL*


it's almost my birthday!

July 3rd 2010 9:24 pm
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Happy 4th of July, almost! for the 4th of friend Alfie sent me a card. it's a Happy 4th of July card. you can also see it at 114439&source=jl999

it is very patriotic and mom says it gives her the chills! we hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July!!!!

i got a surprise today. never expected it! my friend sent it all the way from, well it's from overseas! it is a birthday treat! one of the tastiest treats ever. i liked mine so much, mom said i did not have to share! so i won't and i even got away with tasting a different treat. you know, in europe, they have the best treats! i have had some treat that are like slim jims but for cats that are really good. these new treats are soft treats but there was a bag with treats that look like twigs! yum yum yum! how come we don't have those kinds of treats here? many, many, many thanks to my friend, who was sweet enough to remember us on our birthdays.((((((big hug))))), you know who you are:)


ooooooops! & help the kitties and puppies, please

July 1st 2010 7:38 pm
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ok, so the day is almost done and i forgot to wish my sister, Gabby, a Happy Birthday:( sorry Gabby! you know i love you to pieces! on another note, could those of you from America, please have your mommies and daddies call your US Senators or sign a petition? The Humane Society says " urge your senators to co-sponsor the ban of animal crush videos." the people that make these videos are sick, mean people. so please head on over to The Humane Society and help our fellow kitties, puppies and whatever other animal they use to make these videos. p.s. it was raining all day!



June 29th 2010 9:16 am
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we hope you stay away! as a tropical storm, you are hugh! i hate to see if you turn into a hurricane>: i will be purring for The Texas Wild Bunch because they live along the coast:( purr, purr, purr, purr! Jazzi, Platelicker, even though you are further up Texas, we hope you guys don't get a lot of rain again. our home did not get much last night, so we are purring we don't get those horrible winds and the hard rain that can come with a hurricane! purr, purr, purr, purr, purr, purring for all the kitties and humans in all the other states that are being affected. ok i will purr for doggies too:)


Happy Birthday

June 22nd 2010 10:01 pm
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Happy birthday to me, just kidding! my birthday is not until the 4th of July. it is the same day as my parents anniversary. seems that mom probably couldn't remember another day! anyways....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALFIES MOM!!!!!!! IF I WAS THERE I WOULD LICK YOUR HAND AND EVEN AHHHHH AND EEEEKKK.(that is a new sound) I WOULD POKE YOU IF YOU DID NOT PAY ATTENTION TO ME! anyways.....we hope all of you kitties have a great day with your mom:), Alfie and family!!!!!

today we got some rest since dad did not watch that soccer game, yeah!!!!!!!

dear HQ, i hope you read the diaries, bad, mean diaries are not nice to read:)*sad face and hoping the kitties are ok*


one more thing about me.....

June 15th 2010 8:34 am
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i love my mom! when she sits on the couch, which is often:) i sits real close to her. i always have one paw on her. if she does not pay attention to me, i knead her. if she doesn't pay attention to me while i am sitting next to her, then i knead her with my claws sticking out. *MOL* that gets her attention! then she says, "MILLER" that hurts. so she cuts me nails!:( when mom sleeps to late, i poke my nose in her face and RARRRR real loud, to make sure she gets up. when she reads her bible, i also sit there purring real loud! sometimes when she forgets i am there, i poke her in her face. then she says "MILLER", you don't have to stick out your one claw when you hit me on my face. sometimes the claw is barely out! don't know why she gets upset cause sometimes, during the day and sometimes at night, i am the only one that talks to her! besides that, i am the only cat here that can say ma:)


Baby Possum

June 11th 2010 9:48 pm
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so mom went outside to feed the kitties that live outside. she saw that the possum was outside, in the tent. so she went to take a picture of him. she took a picture and he woke up! then quickly went back to sleep! the momma kitty was close by and she was able to take a picture of her too. the other one was no where in sight. mom always wonders where they go when they are not in the back. today while they were driving , they saw a snake on the road. a big snake. then dad came in the house and asked me if i would be scared to see a snake. me mom's nephew found 2 snakes. one in his garage where the cats go and 1 in his's sister told her that they were rattlesnakes:( then her sister found one in the back yard. once we caught one in our backyard, mom put it in a bucket and drove it out the city limits and let it go....... i wonder how long the baby possum will stick around.


what a difference a few hours can make

June 9th 2010 9:20 pm
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just this morning, when mom got up, she was a little worried. see it rained a bunch last night but when her sister called, she found out, i rained even more in her home town! so me and mom sat there and watched the news at noon. mom texted her family members and watch some more tv. we saw homes under water and watched rv's going down the river! we did not find out how the ducks were in the local park, the park was under water. we hope those nice squirrels got way up the trees. those squirrels like peanuts! they take it right out of your hands:) there was a beaver on the road! they had to push him to a safer location. tonight, things are better. the water has gone down and tomorrow they will be taking houses, cars, rv's and other things out of the water.


so much to say, so little time!

June 8th 2010 10:43 am
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our internet is not working:( mom says we have to get a new modem. whatever that is. so now she is using my sister's boyfriends modem. joseph, indy's dad, says he has an extra modem, so hopefully we can get our internet back up soon.

indy is starting to come out of his room. he is a very funny kitty. he is a short black chubby kitty. indy kinda resembles the dark knight. well ok indy is black and the dark knight is black. but the dark knight is slim and very long. well mom thinks that the other kitties think that indy is the d.k. but when indy hisses, the other kitties look funny at him! other than that he is fine. so says the vet. he went for his shots and mom says he was a very good kitty.

the ode to the outside kitty is sooo funny. she likes to run real fast and she likes to climb trees. she is still friends with the squirrel and now they have a new friend. there is this tiny possum who has been coming by. sometimes he sleeps in this kitty tent outside. sometimes he sits right by the window. mom thinks he is really cute:)

oh when the mom went to take indy to the vet, she picked up my revolution. well the vet said that mom had to pick up a smaller plus the regular one. the vet said because i was 16+ lbs i needed an extra small dose? what's up with that? i have a nice slim figure!

that other kitty named sassy, she is deaf, but she is a nice kitty. she has taken to indy. she actually looks for him. when my sister and her boyfriend find a new place, they are going to take her. so they will have 2 kitties. one black and one white:)

right now, i am sleeping on MY toys. that new bunny, he is just a tiny baby and milks it for all he can. well mom is letting him play with my toys:( mom says the bunny likes to throw the toys up in the air. he also like to run real fast, back and forth. he is a silly little boy. so i will share for a little while>:

well i am off to bug mom. i like to bug my mom:) btw, i miss the catster green:(

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