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October 23rd 2007 10:25 am
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The other evening, my foster mom was LOL because I furted. Oops! She was playing with me to distract me from Mary's dinner - Mary eats at a more casual pace than I do. So, foster mom thought some play would be helpful to keep me occupied. She had to laugh because this was a first - she'd never heard a kitty furt.

MOL, hey, I'm a GUY! You know, we eat, we watch the girls, we eat some more, we go for a stroll, nap, scratch ourselves, etc.

She's all about "what does this mean?" Is it that he's grown so comfurtable with us? Is it indigestion? Relax, it's a guy thing.




No more Donuts!

October 8th 2007 9:33 am
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You can call me anything, just don't call me late for dinner.....cause, I'll call you! MOL, I've been on a managed food plan for a little while now. I'm getting the hang of it - and trying to reduce the hang of my belly.

Chasing da'bird is a great way to work off those extra love handles. Fitness counts! Ya gotta look good when you are up for adoption. Besides, it releases all that extra energy and makes me snort & purr.

My companion, Mary, has the opposite challenge. She is on a weight gaining diet. She has some issues around food, due to lack of dental care by our first human. Since her mouth has healed, she has learned she can eat yummy canned food. (I get to lick the bowl after she eats! She always leaves me a bit to nibble.)

We are opposites bonded for life! I love my pal Mary.

Hey, it's almost time to eat........BYE!



Human in training

September 21st 2007 10:37 am
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I have trained my foster mom to hand feed me! That's right, put the dish down and now take one piece of kibble in your hand and hold it for me. Good, next piece, please. And repeat and repeat and repeat.

Mary gobbles down her canned food & I ate my kibble (I'm supposed to be on a DIET) - but, something was lacking. I figured out how to increase the personal attention quotient to my advantage. I just sat there with this sad look on my face. Of course, my foster mom couldn't stand that! To coax me into a more cheerful mood, she offered me kibble from her hand - PURRFECT.

MOL! These humans are capable of meeting more of my demands......I'm pondering my next move.....from the warmth of a heated bed. Oh yeah, it turned a little chilly, and I did not miss a beat - the minute that heated bed showed up, I was all over it - literally! Mary can snuggle next to me or sunbathe on the cat tree.

LOL, Nabi :-)


BIG birds!

August 31st 2007 9:07 pm
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Mary and I were hanging out on our window perch this morning when the BIGGEST birds strolled across the lawn.

What??? Those birds are bigger than me. Really, at least 3 ft. tall!

Each one looked like more than one meal. Gobble-gobble. Gobble-gobble. Wild turkeys. Hey! Get off the lawn - it doesn't need more fertilizer - MOL, you're makin' a mess.

Keep on the lookout!


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