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January 5th 2008 4:10 pm
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Just thought I would write in my diary as it been a while since my last entry and this is my first entry of 2008 . Not that there is anything really interesting to write about as it been too hot to do anything again.

I must be starting to get old as the heat really gets to me and never used to. Mum loves the heat as it help her wrists and knees but I don't, there are times when I wish my fur coat had a zipper on it and I could take it off when it's hot and out back on when it cooler.

I had a pretty good day yesterday Mum watched the tennis on tv and I gave her a cuddle even though it was hot it was nice and I like to let her know that I love her and I put my head on her left knee and she tells me it helps to make it feel better.

Well there is nothing left to write so I will go


Ka - zar


Happy New Year

December 31st 2007 3:35 am
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In just under 90 minutes in Australia 2008 will be upon us, so I thought I would write one last diary entry for 2007.

I'm not into resolutions so I thought I would write a list of things I would like to see happen by the end of 2008.

1. Firstly that my Mum gets a great job doing what she really wants to do and that's working with people with disabilities or mental health issues.

2. That my uncle Grant who has a mental illness keeps getting better. 6 months before we moved he had really bad trot with his mental illness and now he's getting the treatment he needs he never has been better and I want that to continue for him next year.

3. That Grandpa and Grandma stay in good health and that Grandma's back doesn't get any worse.

4. That all the cats and dogs on catster and dogster continue to have a safe place to live and food to eat everyday and that no cats or dogs are dumped over the christmas / new year period or for that matter at any time of the year.

5. That my Mum keeps getting better with her knees and wrists so she can work the way she wants to.

6. That we go a whole year without uncle Al having to come over and fix Mum's computer as I would just love to hang out with him as he's one cool human. This may be asking a lot as Mum's computer keeps finding new ways of breaking down and I know a working computer keeps Mum happy. It one thing she says she can't live without. and the other thing is me.

7. That all the catster cats who haven't been well during the year that you get better soon and I will purr for you so you will hopefully do so.

8. Lastly that all the humans I care about get what they want in 2008. As I love them very much and as far as I'm concerned they deserve to be happy.

To all my catster friends and the whole catster community have a happy and safe new year and I look forward to being a part of catster in 2008.


Why do cats wear clothes

December 29th 2007 12:41 am
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I've been catching up with my catster friends since we now have a computer again since my Mum's blew up last week and I've noticed that a lot of friends have been dressing up for the new year.

The nearest Mum got to getting me into clothes was getting one of her winter scarf around my neck. I don't like clothes but does that make me uncool. I am very comfortable in in the fur I'm in and happy the way I am.

I have to say all of the pics I've seen have looked really good and another question I would like answer to, if i don't wear clothes at all does that mean I'm running around nude or does my fur count as cat clothes.

I really need to stop thinking about things like this as i think it just a sign I'm starting to have way too much time on my hands at moment. It also might have something to do with the fact I lead a boring life.

Well there is nothing left to write so I will finish


Ka - zar


Just wondering

December 27th 2007 2:54 am
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I have being spending most of the day outside by myself today and I've been thinking about a few thing and thought I would get them off my chest in my diary.

We are told that vitamin d from the sun is good for us but what I want to know why is it good for us and what does it do that's so good? I will still go outside once I've found out the answer as I love bring outside on warm summer days having a nice sleep and hanging with my Grandpa if he's out there reading a book. if it's good for me that the bonus.

Also why is it that cats have personality? Mum keeps telling me that I'm not a person that I'm cat or as she says a kitten trapped in a cat's body. So if cats have anything isn't it catality this what Mum says I've got as I'm not a person.

Mum are wise people and are suppose to know the answer to these question but so far Mum hasn't been able to tell why these tow things are so. I might have to raid Mum's computer and the net to find out the answers to my questions.

I'm glad to have got my thoughts down in my diary. Until next time.


Ka - zar


My christmas day

December 25th 2007 3:25 am
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Today was Christmas day in Australia and i got a great Christmas gift, warm dry weather. we've had unseasonal rain here for the last five days and it has come down by the bucket full I know we need the rain because of the drought we've been having but it was nice to see sunny dry weather today. All the people who were spending Christmas day with their kids it would have been a nice day for the kids to out and play with any toys that Santa might have brought them.

My day was pretty uneventful. Grandma swore black and blue that we weren't going to watch a repeat of carol by candlelight that was on last night and then we did. Grandpa decided to have Christmas tea instead of lunch. So grandma wasn't very happy with him as they cook it together and then we had turkey for tea and Mum shared her's with me and gee it was really nice, I gave her no choice as i sat on the arm of the chair she was sitting on and just stared at her but I don't think she was really serious when she said she wouldn't share with me I'm too cute to ignore.

After we had tea I went to sleep on uncle Grant's legs and I don't think that went down too well with Mum either. I will make it up to her tomorrow as I love her very much and I don't want her to be mad at me.

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas and look forward to a great year.


Ka - zay


Merry Chirstmas to all my catster friends

December 24th 2007 2:40 am
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Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote in my diary as my Mum's computer blew up last Sunday and we've been without it until today. It hasn't been so bad though as Mum has spent more time with me this week and we've played alot and just hanged out it was really nice. My uncle Alec came to try and fix it but he had to take it home with him as it was being a really big pain in the backside and it made Mum swear a lot as Mum and uncle Alec spent hours trying to fix it and it still wouldn't work.

I would like to finish by wishing all my catster friends a safe and merry Christmas and a happy year may you all get what you want for Christmas and get to spend the day with the people you care about and love.

For the catster cats that aren't feeling well I would like to send out a really big purr and hope you're feeling better soon.

Until next time


Ka - zar


Why I'm looking forward to Chirstmas

December 13th 2007 1:15 am
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Chirstmas is not that far away and since I haven't written in my diary lately (Mum'a been very slack and won't let me use the computer) I thought I would write an entry about what i look forward to at chirstmas time.

These are in no particular order but all mean alot to me.

1. Spending time with my human family - I love them very much and there is nothing better than spending christmas day with them all.

2. Having turkey for lunch - Grandma and Grandpa always cook a roast turkey and vegies for lunch. While I don't eat vegies I love to get my share of turkey and if I sit next to Mum while she's eating and look very cute she shares some with me and then I go and do the same to uncle Grant and I get some more.

3. Getting cuddles from everyone on chirstmas day - This is something I like to get everyday but it has a special meaning on chirstmas day as it's nice to know that the people you care about love you on chirstmas day and it one thing that no one should go without.

4. I know this drives Mum up the wall but I like to watch the chirstmas day repeat of carols by candlelight it a chirstmas eve tradtition in Australia and it repeated on the television on chirstmas day and I enjoy it.

Mum has a thing about chirstmas carols as she was in her high school band and they had to learn them and play them from September to December and she did this for five years of high school. Mum love chirstmas apart from the carols.

5. At the end of the day if Grandpa is outside I like to go and sit with him and keep company and have a long sleep especially after lunch as I like to sleep with a full tummy and I generally get a full tummy by the time i go around to all the family and they have fed me.

Well that what I look forward to around chirstmas time.

If I don't write in my diary again before chirstmas may everyone on catster have a safe and merry chirstmas.


Ka - zar


Nothing in particular

December 4th 2007 2:11 am
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There hasn't been much happening with me since my last diary entry but I still like to write something at least once a week.

I can't work out the Ballarat weather one minute it hot and I'm under the air conditioner trying to keep cool and the next it cold and trying to keep warm by getting on one of human's knees and giving them a cuddle. I wish the weather would make up it's mind and stay there. I kknow my Mum wishes for the same thing as she has benn struggling with her knees the last few days and the weather changes don't help either i love my Mum and hate to see her in pain.

I look forward to the warmer weather coming back soon and I will write again soon.

Don't forget to vote in the catster rising start competition for my buddy Kiska as the voting closes in the next few days if you click on the link and look for a photo mark Kiska that's him.

I'm keeping my paws crossed for him and hope he wins. Even if he doesn't he's still a star in my eyes and it great he gave the competition a go.

Until I write again.


Ka - zar


Today is the first day of summer in Australia

November 30th 2007 3:05 pm
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Today is the 1st December and in Australia it's the first day of summer. Which means we get hot weather and plenty of sunny days. Well in Ballarat that the theory any. Ballarat has interesting weather to say the least it can be 25 degrees and sunny one minute and then freezing cold andwet the next you never know what you're going to get.

I love it when it warm as my humans come outside and spend more time with me especially my Grandpa who sits outside and listen to the horse races or reads a book and I stay outside and sleep on a chair in the sun. I wll go outside on m own but it so much better if I have some company.

Mummy alot happier when the weather warmer as her knees and wrists don't hurt her so much and it makes her so much more happier and I like to see my love ones happy as it makes me happy too especially my Mum as I love her very much and hate to see her suffering.

I hope all the catster cats that are in counties that are in their winter are nice and warm and have a nice warm place to sleep. I also send out a big purr to all the cats that aren't feeling very well and hope you get better soon.


Ka - zar


What I'm thankful for

November 26th 2007 11:09 pm
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I was just reading my buddy Tommy latest diary entry and he wrote what he was thankful for. While thanksgiving is an Amercian tradition i don't think it will hurt of an Aussie kitty to write about what he's thankful for.

1. My family - for adopting me all those years ago and giving me a loving home and looking after me.

2. The food that I eat everyday I know I will never go hungry.

3. The warm and safe place to sleep every night.

4. My mum who loves and cares for me and makes sure I stay out of trouble.

5. My vet Doctor Cole for helping me when I was really sick earlier this year. He is a great vet and a really caring person.

6. All my wonderful friends on catster. It's nice to know what every happens in my life I have great friends on catster who I can turn to.

7. The great sunny days and being alive.

This what I'm thankful for


Ka - zar

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