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The Life of Ka - zar

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The Aussie sense of humor

February 24th 2009 11:26 pm
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Mum got this in an email from a friend and it's so funny it typical Aussie humour.


Rural Australian Computer Terminology
A little bit of Aussie culcha.....
LOG ON: Adding wood to make the barbie hotter.
LOG OFF: Not adding any more wood to the barbie.
MONITOR: Keeping an eye on the barbie.
DOWNLOAD: Getting the firewood off the Ute.
HARD DRIVE: Making the trip back home without any cold tinnies.
KEYBOARD: Where you hang the Ute keys.
WINDOW: What you shut when the weather's cold.
SCREEN: What you shut in the mozzie season.
BYTE: What mozzies do.
MEGABYTE: What Townsville mozzies do.
CHIP: A bar snack.
MICROCHIP: What's left in the bag after you've eaten the chips.
MODEM: What you did to the lawns.
LAPTOP: Where the cat sleeps.
SOFTWARE: Plastic knives & forks you get at Red Rooster.
HARDWARE: Stainless steel knives & forks - from K-Mart.
MOUSE: The small rodent that eats the grain in the shed.
MAINFRAME: What holds the shed up.
WEB: What spiders make.
WEBSITE: Usually in the shed or under the verandah.
SEARCH ENGINE: What you do when the Ute won't go.
CURSOR: What you say when the Ute won't go.
YAHOO: What you say when the Ute does go.
UPGRADE: A steep hill.
SERVER: The person at the pub who brings out the counter lunch.
MAIL SERVER: The bloke at the pub who brings out the counterlunch.
USER: The neighbour who keeps borrowing things.
NETWORK: What you do when you need to repair the fishing net.
INTERNET: Where you want the fish to go.
NETSCAPE: What the fish do when they discover the hole in the net.
ONLINE: Where you hang the washing.

OFFLINE: Where the washing ends up when the pegs aren't strong enough.

Sorry about the formatting. I hope you enjoy it.


A shout out to great mate Miss Pie

February 24th 2009 1:02 am
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I just wanted to give a shout out to a great mate who worth her own diary entry. I wrote in my diary this morning about the fires in Daylesford which is near where I live and not even an hour later I had a email saying my great friend Pie had sent me a rosette with a message saying she and her family were thinking of me and purring me.

Pie is a pawsome sweet kitty. Who takes the time to care for everyone. She started the breakfast club to make new friends and it doesn't surprise at all that she is a very popular girl. Pie has always been there for me when I've needed someone and I consider it an honour to be her friend. Pie thanks for being a great friend.

Mojo you one very guy to have great girl like Pie.


Ka - zar


We have more friends in the line of the fires and a fire is- near us.

February 23rd 2009 2:35 pm
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New fires flared in the last fews days in and we have friends in the line of them. Our friends in Salville are in trouble they have been told to evacuate as the fires are really close.

The friends concerned have been family friends for years and they have three great kids. We know they will do the right thing and leave but this one is going to be the hardest as we have no way of contacting them until they get home and that most likely won't be for days could even be weeks.

Fires have also broken out in Daylesford which is a 30 min drive from where I live. We are all safe and there is no chance of the fires coming my way at the moment. There is not much chance of this changing either.

Anyone who reads this could you please purr for everyone's safety.


Ka - zar


A story of hope

February 18th 2009 2:57 am
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A lot of people would've heard of Sam the koala by now. The koala that was found by fire fighter David Tree and given some water. Well if you haven't here's the story.

Sam was found during the start of the Kinglake bush fires by a fire fighter named David Tree he offer her some water out of his water bottle and she greatly accepted. She had burnt paw pads and was shell shocked.

Well she doing really well now and has a boyfriend name Bob who was also burnt in the bush fires and they are supporting each other through the recovery process.

Here is a link to a photo gallery of Sam at the wild life shelter where she and Bob are now being cared for.,23607,503 7413-5007150,00.html#

Please take time to remember the forgotten victims of the Victorian bush fires the animals and the native wild life. Let's hope Sam and Bob weren't the only one saved.


Ka - zar


I've been taged by my friend girl Natasha

February 16th 2009 4:33 pm
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I've been taged by friend girl Natasha All you have to do is copy the questions delete my answers and put in your own and tag four friends

1)-What color is your collar? I don't wear a collar as i got the one only mum tried to put on me caught in my mouth.

2)-What kind of food do you eat? Whiskers canned food and roo mince

3)-What are your favourite treats? chicken when my humans get it.

4)-Do you have a Valentine or significant other? Yes I have two the beautiful Flower and Whisper. I feel a bit greedy saying that. They were the first Valentines I've ever had.

5)-Do you get table scraps? Sometimes but I prefer to call it people food.

6)-What is your favorite toy? A red and yellow ball that I hit around with Mum and piece of packing strip that I also play with with Mum. Can I say mum my favourite play toy too.

7)-When is your birthday? 1st June, 1998

8)-How many times a day do you get to eat? Twice a day but when it's hot my humans feed me more often but smaller meals so the food doesn't go dry.

9)-Do you have a favorite color? Blue hoops with white the colours of my football team Geelong

10)-Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Of course.

I'm not going to tag four friends if anyone reads this and wants to play go ahead.Please let me know you've played so I can read your answers via a pawmail.


Simon made his trip to the bridge today

February 14th 2009 4:41 am
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One of my olde furt friends Simon made his trip to the bridge today. I know he'd been sick for the last three years but I will miss him. He was great friend to all the olde furts and I really got to know him through Pie's breakfast club.

My deepest sympathies go Simon's Mum Ali and she is right about one thing we will always have our friendship and love for Simon forever. I hope your trip to bridge was peaceful and I know you are strong and healthy again and looking over us with Scooter.


Ka - zar


Simon I'm here for you mate

February 12th 2009 11:49 pm
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When I went to the breakfast club last night. I know that sounds odd but with the time zone differences between the USA and Australia it's night when the breakfast club is starting. I heard that my good mate Simon is not well. He is having troubles breathing and if it keeps up he will make his journey to bridge soon.

Simon if you read this I've got a full rev purr going for you as you've been such a great friend to me. I just hope your not suffering too much. I always have purr for a friend in need.


Ka - zar


The chicks dig me

February 10th 2009 4:40 am
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Wow I got a pursome surprise on my profile page tonight when I got asked to me the Valentine of not one beautiful kitty but two beautiful kitties and this not a love triangle out of the Bold and beautiful.

My two beautiful girl pals Flower and Whisper asked me and they are sisters. They are both so sweet and beautiful and I am so flattered to be asked as I never been asked to be anyone's Valentine before.

You sure know how to make a guy feel special and loved thank you for asking me to be your Valentine or should that be Valentines never been asked by one kitty little lone two kitties.

Again thanks


Ka - zar


Thank you for being a friend

February 9th 2009 8:56 pm
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I just thought I would write something positive in my diary since my last two entries have been anything but.

There was a person in Kinglake that mum go to know when she worked at the post office John Ketts who has a back that make my Grandma look tame. Mum wasn't sure what happened to him since the bush fires. Mum found this morning that both John, his family and his house all survived the fires. It's great news as mum said he is a really nice guy.

I would also like to give a huge shout to all my catster friends who have been listening to me the last few days and offering their purrs to me and those directly affected by the bush fires. I have made so many pawsome friends since I joined catster and makes the world of difference to know that there are other kitties thinking of me at a time like this.

Again thank you for being a friend


Ka - zar


Update on the bush fires

February 8th 2009 4:26 pm
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Just thought I would write an update on what's happening with the bush fires. The storm we had in Ballarat yesterday wasn't much and only lasted an hour or so. I am pretty sure we will be spared from the fires.

There are now 104 confirmed dead and the toll could get as high as 170. What makes me really mad is that they have made very fire zone a crime zone as they think that the fires were deliberately lit.

It breaks my heat to see to see what going on the needless loss of life and some people got to safety with nothing more than the clothes they had on their backs and they've lost everything and to think this might have been prevented.

The good thing to come out of this for my family is the people we know who live in the area are safe. I have to add they are safe for now. But the weather is going to be kind to the fire fighters for the rest of the week so hopefully they will get the fires under control ASAP.

I will continue to purr for everyone involved.


Ka - zar

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