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My weekly rant for the week ending 11th July 2009

July 11th 2009 5:11 am
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I am finding good human help hard to find. I said I write my rant on Saturday and my Mum and typist nearly forgot again. I wouldn't trade her as a Mum as great at that as she really look after me well. But can anyone put on to a new typist? I can now add that mum hit the draft button instead of the save button. Mum your fired as my typist but not as my Mum.

I thought I had furt brain lately but Mum worse. May be winter is getting to her brain as well as her bones.

We are still having cold weather. It gone beyond cold it's freezing and the winds are really bad. As those of you who've known me for a while would know

I've moved four times in my life and one of the places I lived was a place call Portarlington which is near the sea and the winds were really bad there like it was here today. Mum asked Grandma if the house had been blown back there last night.

I would also like to ask my friends to purr for some of mates that are feeling unwell.

Rascal is losing weight and the vet is trying to work out why.

Baci has been feeling furty on and off

Muppet's vet is trying to work out the best course of action for her pain problems and is trying find another solution without another operation.

Aldo chapter 2 is still barfing on and off and they are hoping allergy test may shed some light on why it is happening

Tyler - Who is praying for a miracle and they think he may have the big C (Cancer)

If you can spare some purrs for these mates I'm sure they would really appreciate it.

I hope the rest of my mates and their families are well. I promise I will get my rant out a lot earlier next week.

Purrs and hug your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


My late weekly rant for the week ending 7th july but it was- surpose to be 4th July 2009

July 6th 2009 4:30 pm
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I've been a really bad kitty. I forgot all about my weekly rant until now. It now Tuesday in Australia so for those of you who read my diary regularly please forgive me. Good human help is hard to find.

But I have to say it not totally Mum fault. I went to the 4th July party hosted by Wilson J scooter and Toulouse over the weekend and forgot to do it before I went. My brain is getting as furty as the rest of me.

I really enjoyed spending the weekend with great mates and Wilson and Toulouse were great hosts. I'm really glad I became friends with them as they are both cool cats and great kitties.

Mum found the web address for catster in the age newspaper (which is Aussie newspaper) and thought we should give it try if it's a dud we can always just forget it.

I'm really glad we gave it try as I've made so many great mates from all over the world and I love going to the breakfast club before going to bed at night (time zones differences). I love the groups I'm in as they give Mum and I a shared interest. I really enjoy chatting with my mates and Mum even made friends with my mates mums on facebook so it's been great for both of us.

I just want to let all mates know that you all mean the world to me and my day is made better for all of you being a part of it.

Well that's my late news for the week. I promise the next rant will be written on time.

Hope all my mates are happy and healthy.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


The ice cream tag game

June 28th 2009 1:54 pm
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My mate Edgar was tagged for this game and needed some kitties to play so I said I would as a simple game of tag and I don't mind playing tag.

In this version I tell my favourite flavour of ice cream and what flavour best describes me.

Well I had to give this some thought as I don't eat ice cream any more with sensitive tummy. so Mum thought I was Vanilla plain, simple, really nice and sweet. When Mum said simple she meant that I like the simple life which I do.

I'm going to tag anyone for this game as such. If you read this and want to play. considered yourself tagged.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


My weekly rant for the week ending 27th June 2009

June 27th 2009 6:33 pm
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Sorry my rant is a day late. Mum went to a mental health conference yesterday and totally forgot about it until this morning as she my typist I couldn't do it yesterday.

I want to start my rant by giving a shout out to my great mate Pie who was given the ultimate catster honour this week of being Cat of week. She is the most give , caring and sweet kitty I know. Always there for kitties in need and freely gives of herself to others. Pie you are truly deserving for this honour and enjoy your week in spotlight.

There hasn't been much happening on my side of the world this week as it been really cold here in Australia. I try to get out for a bit in mornings to go for a walk and do private kitty stuff but sometimes I don't get out there at all. If any kitty has any to spare could they please send me some warm sun.

Mum did something really odd this morning well I thought it was odd anyway. Mum got my comb out and started to brush my back in front of heater and I'm not too fond of being brushed in the first place. I walked away to my food bowl and Mum followed me and finished brushing me while I was eating. I suppose you could say I was multi tasking.

Well that's my news for the week. Hope all my mates are happy and healthy.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


My weelk rant for the week ending 20th June 2009

June 19th 2009 6:38 am
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Something really strange happened this week. It's winter in Australia and really cold snow was forecast this week but that's not the strange part. The strange part is we had sun. It was still cold but it been sunny all week with no rain.

I know Mum is happy about this as she hates being stuck in rain when she out and getting wet. I like it because I can go outside in the yard and even went out and spent some time with Grandpa today while Mum and Grandma were out today. I hope the sun hangs around a little longer but it will go back to rain and cold soon.

There isn't a lot happening at my end of world at the moment. I've spent most of days in front of the heater in lounge room keeping warm even with the sun out it still not that warm just a little warmer.

Mum walks past me and tells me I'm lazy but the lounge room was build just for that so I'm using the room for it's exact purpose aren't I. That and keep warm so I don't end up sick. Also Mum has to remember I'm old and old cats need more sleep than younger cats.

Well that's my news for the week not very interesting so I will stop here. Hope all my mates are happy and healthy.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


My weeky rant for the week ending 13th June 2009

June 12th 2009 7:36 am
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My weekly rant is being written at 12:20am so it's being written very early on Saturday as Mum can't sleep and for some really odd reason she wants to do it now.

Well writing my rant at this odd hour isn't the only strange thing Mum has done this week. Mum was having trouble sleeping the other night and I was sound asleep right beside her as it was really cold.

At 4am I got up to do my kitty stuff and when I came back Mum was ripping the sheet off the bed and looking for the one that fits her bed properly and then remade the bed yelling at the sheet while she put it back on.

I got on the bed to try and help her and one of the corners flick up right in my face and scared the hell out of me so I dived off the bed until Mum had finished. I have decided after that. That I am going to stick to supervising as it not as scary.

I would like to thank the kitties who sent sun my way this week as it's been really cold here. It's still cold but it nice to look out the windows and see some sun. They forecast snow this week which I'm happy to report never came.

I haven't been out a lot lately but I have great time inside with Mum as she always takes the time to play with me. Grandma brought me a new ball the worry is it's pink I love the smiley face on it but pink I'm a boy and boys don't generally play with pink but I gave it and played with it and had a great time as it's nice and soft and I can pick it up in my paws and it doesn't hurt if I get hit with it.

Well that's my news for week. I hope all my friends that read this are happy healthy.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


My weeky rant for the week ending 6th June 2009

June 5th 2009 9:45 pm
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I would like to start this rant with some pawsome news I found out about the other day. My beautiful little mate Muppet went on a road trip with her Mum and her vet to California to try and get to the bottom of what was causing the pain in her head.

They first thought it was a brain tumour but I'm happy to say after a few days in California and some more tests Muppet has been diagnosed with scar tissue from the first operation she had after she was rescued from the flock she was in.

I want to give a shout out to Muppet's vet. She drove Muppet and her Mum to California herself to make sure Muppet got the best care and I think that was a very unselfish thing the doc did and she really must care about Muppet to do this.

Muppet I'm doing a happy dance for you as you deserve the miracle you go and this proves there plenty of power in the purr.

At the start of the week I turned 11 year young. I had great day spent with Mum and the rest of my humans. I got plenty of cuddles and kisses and the best part of the day was being with family. I don't want for much and it was a really nice day.

Mum thought I had a hangover from all the partying for my birthday the day before. All I wanted to do was sleep every time she disrupted me I stretched and went back to sleep and did this for most of the day. Mum said it was that or I hadn't got used to the year's age i just added

My Mum is a bit slow I hinted that I would like roast chicken for my birthday tea as it one of my favourite foods as well as roo mice and Mum got for me the day after my birthday but at least she took the hint in the end and it tasted so good.

I would like to thank all my mates for making the day special by sending rosettes and birthday messages. Getting to share a birthday with great mates like I have on catster makes the day even more special and enjoyable.

A few days later I got picked as a Diary pick of the day again it was only a month before that I was last picked. Can anyone please tell me what the diary chick likes about me? Maybe she has the hots for me? I don't know but I would again like to thank all my mates for their rosettes and messages of congrats as it great to share an honour like this with mates.

It's been quite a week so that's all my news in my diary now. I hope all my mates and their families are happy and well. Until I write again next week. Stay safe.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


The diary chick must really dig me as I am a diary pick of- the day again.

June 3rd 2009 1:15 am
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Wow Mum just got an email to tell us I am a diary pick of the day again it wasn't that long ago that I had this honour.

Thank HQ for giving the honour again. It been a month between diary picks and it nice to know what Mum and I write in my diary is interesting to someone other than us.

This makes this week really exciting with my birthday at the start of week so I now have another reason to celebrate. Wondering if I can get another chicken dinner to celebrate?

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


Happy birthday 11th birthday to me.

June 1st 2009 1:44 am
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It's my 11th birthday and it's been quiet day but a good one. i don't want for much so spending the day with Mum and the rest of my humans made my day.

It started at 12am with Mum and I about to go to bed and then Mum starts sing happy birthday to me. It not the nicest of sounds just before you go to sleep but it was nice thought just the same.

I woke up at 4am and then went back to bed with Grandma and Grandpa for while and had more cuddles and more sleep. The older I get the less I want to do on my birthday it must be the fact I am getting too old for the big celebrations these days.

Grandma got around 5:30am and gave me breakfast and then we had another cuddle and then I went and sat in front of the heater as it is the first official day of winter here in Australia and boy did it feel and look like it. It rained most of the day.

The best part of the day was having mum home all day. it doesn't happen much these days and she gave me plenty of kisses, cuddles and tummy rubs and fed me my tea so what more could a kitty want.

Overall i had a great day it may not seems much of birthday to some of you but as long as I've got my family around me I don't want for anything as my humans mean the world to me and I thank them for giving me a home everyday and love them very very very much.

1865 cats share my birthday and I wish them all a happy birthday. A special birthday wish goes to my mate Elmer who not only share the same birthday as me but he turn 11 too.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar


My weekly rant for the week ending 30th May 2009

May 29th 2009 5:48 am
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I start this rant with a heavy heart this week as my mate Duncan crossed the rainbow bridge during the week. He had to be rushed to hospital and put in oxygen cage as his heart could take no more. So his mum and dad decided to help him cross to the bridge.

I didn't know him for long but he was a sweet and gentle guy. Now he has crossed he will healthy again but those left behind will miss him. rest in peace mate.

Some you read during the week that I was feeling furty and not my normal self well I'm happy to say I'm totally over it and Mum said today I have my mojo back. Not totally sure what that means but I do feel like my old self.

I don't know what was wrong with me but I feel really good now. Again I want to thank everyone that send get well messages and rosettes. It was nice that so many of my friends were thinking of me.

If anyone can spare some sun could you please send it my way as it has been really cold here the last few days. Mum went out bowling and then went to another group she involved in and walked home from it and said she was glad to home just to warm up. It only going to get colder in the next few months but I wouldn't mind some warm sun. Mum's old bones don't like it at all.

I'm going to have birthday on Monday 1st June. I am turning 11 year young. I believe your only as old as you feel and fact I feel like recycled kitten so I've decided I'm 11 years young not old.

I don't know what I'm going to be doing for it but I'm telling mum now I would love some roast chicken at some stage during the day as it's one of my favourite foods. I don't know if I'll get it but I have to drop the hint for it to have any chance.

Well that's all my news for the week. Hope all my friends are happy and healthy. Have great week until I write again.

Purrs and hugs your Aussie mate

Ka - zar

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