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August 22nd 2007 7:30 am
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Hudson asked me to "be his" yesterday!! I'm BLISSFUL! I can't stop purring!



August 20th 2007 12:41 pm
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Y'know, you wake up thinking a day is going to be ordinary, and it turns out to be the most wonderful, brilliant day of your life!

Had a blast at the New Orleans Pawty on Friday night. Got there a bit late, as MomKatt had a preexisting meeting set up after her work with a friend she'd not seen for some time. We were going to go to the pawty right after that, but then she got to talking ... and talking. Consequently, we were much later arriving than I thought we would be. ("Fashionably late," she kept telling me! I was worried I'd be late! This was my first Catster pawty and I didn't want to miss it or make a butt of myself!)

Anyway, Ashley had created an absolutely killer mask for me to wear so I came into the pawty tail high, feeling very happy & confident. It must have paid off - after being there awhile, Hudson (a VERY handsome black kitty here on Catster), with whom up 'til then I'd exchanged a few comments on the forum here, asked me to dance & proceeded to sweep me off of all four paws! Can that kitty cut a rug or WHAT?! Left me PURRLESS!

But it was like being Cat-erella at the ball - next thing I knew, he'd disappeared (later I learned it was because of a thunderstorm where he lived that made his whole family have to get off of the computer). But of course, on Fri. night, I didn't know this - and Hudson had just vanished. Without a clue or trace. I felt rather like the pumpkin coach that had turned back into a pumpkin.

Well, I was the last cat out of the pawty (my MomAndDadKatt brought me up knowing how to PAWTY!), and this morning (Monday) when I came onto the website, I saw some comments that, via the grapevine ... Hudson ... oh, how do I say this without sounding egotistical or jumping the gun & misreading something? Well ... HE LIKES ME!

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! He even posted song lyrics for me from an REM song ... he's so sweet, intelligent, a blast to hang out with ... every kitty's dream, really. I'm so excited.

I've never had a boyfriend before - well, Feisal doesn't count. Poor dear, my one heat cycle scared the pee out of him and he sees me coming now and I guess he thinks I'm going to pounce his bones 'cause he just gets this "AAAAAUUGGHH!" look on his face & runs off to MomKatt! What a silly Aby HE is. We're just friends. (Between you and me, Diary, I don't think he could've handled it, anyway, even if something HAD happened!)

Why do I now have the Bryan Ferry song below in my head?

Miaow ... purr ... but I'm so happy ... tune in tomorrow ...

"When Somebody Thinks You're Wonderful"

When somebody thinks you're wonderful
What a difference in your day
Seems as though your troubles disappear
Like a feather in your way

When somebody thinks you're wonderful
Tells you with a smile so sweet
What are little stones you step upon
Just a meadow 'neath your feet

And how you meet the morning
ANd gaily swing along
At night you may be weary
But your heart still sings a song

When somebody thinks you're wonderful
Love is mighty close to you
Just another thing more wonderful
Making all his dreams come true

Purrs ....

PS - He likes me ... he REALLY likes me!


Worried about MomKatt

August 15th 2007 6:18 am
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I'm worried about MomKatt. Every morning, she leaves the house so sad because of where she has to go to work. She's worked in law since 1990 in secretarial, paralegal and some other dull capacities and she's so burned out it's pitiful. She feels trapped because it's a good job and she and DadKatt need the money (after all, we all gotta eat!) but, as she says, her "soul" isn't being fed. She's smart, a writer, friendly (when she's somewhere she's happy). A co-worker even Emailed her the other day, she told me, saying he was worried about her & hated that it seemed whenever he saw her, she "seemed sad".

I don't want MomKatt unhappy. I want her happy - I want to see her go somewhere everyday to earn her daily bread where she feels needed, appreciated, necessary. She doesn't know what she wants to do w/herself and feels that, at her age, she has to pick carefully this time because she didn't before, she just fell into law and now she's reaping the consequences - and bad ones they are, too. A boss that avoids all conflict (therefore no problems get resolved except to the satisfaction of certain other people, who get to do whatever they want while MomKatt's expected to "tow the line" and do what's she's supposed to do), a couple of other employees who think they run the show and get away with murder (like long lunches, unexplained absences, etc. that never seem to get them fired or penalized) and one attorney who's a slob, totally unprofessional, goes to court with his pants ripped out in the back and ink stains on his shirts (true story! MomKatt says, and I believe her: NOBODY could make this butthead up) She's ashamed to send out anything from him 'cause there's always food & nasty stuff on his files and documents and he never finishes anything and is always late with stuff, making HER look bad.

It's just a bad situation and she's come home crying several nights. I don't know what to do and feel so badly for her so I just try to be there and purr and comfort her & wave my tail at her, greet her at the door every night and tell her I love her in my own, silent, Black Kitty-way.

She's even to the point where she doesn't know if she wants to WRITE anymore. And that's BAD. I think MomKatt enjoys writing - she certainly reads alot. She says she'd be really happy working with kitties somehow, too.

I don't know what to do.


Humans in the house!

August 14th 2007 8:58 am
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Humm ... seems like DadKatt needed what MomKatt calls a "mental health" day today, so he's home all day. Of course, it doesn't bother me at all: he spends most of the time in the basement and Sasha goes with him so, basically, I have the house to myself. Livia hides/sleeps under the bed most of the time, and occasionally I have to put Sharif back in line when he starts pestering me but all in all, with Sasha in the basement, the turf is all my own. I have virtually everywhere to choose from for sleeping - DadKatt's Laz-E-Boy chair, MomKatt's blankets on the sofa (they smell like her so I miss her less when I'm there), the cat bed in MomKatt's upstairs office ... unlimited possibilities, really.

And the good thing about DadKatt being home is that (if he thinks of it) our boxes get scooped during the day. Usually, they don't get scooped 'til the parents get home from work in the evenings. They're not usually too bad - we all generally sleep most of the day anyhow but ... well, I'm a fussy girl. If I COULD, I'd have my OWN litterbox all to myself. But I can't so I try to be patient. MomKatt's good about scooping - religious about it, really.

Uh oh ... here comes Sharif. He's cool but so grumpy. Thinks we invaded his turf. Hey, man, open up & share!


First entry

August 13th 2007 9:47 am
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Hi everyone!

Boy, I am sure flattered at all the attention I'm getting here on! Thanks to everyone for all the treats, rosettes, etc. I'm blushing!

MomKatt's a freelance writer, so she's gonna help me with this diary thing. She keeps one herself, on a place called (her name on there is "Castlebreaker") if anyone's on LJ and wants to check it out. I must say, she's pretty good, mostly published in magazines right now but I say, look out world! Someday soon she's going to start believing in herself enough to attempt something she keeps talking about called a "novel". She doesn't think she can write one that people will like, but *I* have all faith in her.

Anyway, she's gonna help me record my adventures in here and I'm so happy to be on Look for more from me!

Love & headbutts,

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