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Morticia's Musings

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Loki's suspension

September 24th 2007 8:26 am
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Well, all I'm going to say about this - and I'd have said it had I been around for the debacle concerning my friend Notorious N.I.G. - is that if someone doesn't like a kitty's name on here, or the kitty's page or anything ABOUT that particular kitty, then they don't have to LOOK at that kitty's page, or have any exposure to their name, now DO they unless they just want to deliberately cause trouble and upset an otherwise happy domain and get a totally innocent kitty banned from the BCCP boards and the Catster website?

I mean, this is a little one-sided here IMHO, where Catster is concerned. With all due respect, how about giving as much consideration to the BCCP members as you seem to do with someone who's just whining about something that, in reality, could be avoided by this person if they are genuinely offended. If you're offended, DON'T ACCESS THE KITTY'S PAGE! If the TV offends you, turn it off. If a CD offends you, don't play or listen to it. If a book or author offends you, don't read their work.

Get the drift, guys?

'Nuff said. Let's act like grownup kitties here for a change!


I've been tagged!

September 18th 2007 6:00 am
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Felix tagged me! Whee!

The rules: Each player starts with five random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write the five facts and the rules in their diary. Then you choose five cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to p-mail them that they have been tagged and to read your diary.

Here are my five random facts.

1. I'm a pure black kitty, but MomKatt says I *do* have a few individual stray white hairs on me.

2. When I'm sleepy, or just after I've woken up from a deep nap, the eye whose cornea was scratched when I came to MomKatt's house that very first day is usually a slit while my other eye is wide open. It's like it takes longer to wake up than my other eye does!

3. To make sure my brofur Sharif stays in line, I will sit in front of him while he assumes a submissive pose and lies lower than me and I put one paw directly onto the top of his head to hold him down!

4. I carry on about ham a lot, but in a pinch, I WILL eat turkey too!

5. I snore lightly when I'm deeply asleep.

OK now I need to tag some kitties. Let' s see ... how about:

My beloved Hudson: 483985
My great furrrend Smushy: 455645
My furrrend Gromit: 483979
King Julian: 584627
Catmander Teal'C: 334438

Morticia (who loves finding out stuff about her furrrends)


Black Kitty Omen?

September 13th 2007 8:57 am
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I posted this in BCCP but MomKatt wanted me to put it in my diary, too, so we could both have a record.


As you know, she (MomKatt) ha's been home sick, again, this time w/bronchitis. She's coughing a lot, and I've been playing nurse w/lots of purring and ham bits.

Well, she's home again today but when she got out of bed, the weather had cooled down so she thought perhaps a short leisurely walk would make her feel better, so she went for a walk around our neighborhood.

When she came back, she told me that, on her walk, she saw a slim black kitty trotting towards her. He had a smudge of white under his chin and MomKatt said he obviously belonged to someone (no collar) because his fur, eyes, etc. were in beautiful shape and he was VERY, VERY loving to her when she called out, "Hello!" to him. They ended up on the curb (this was in a residential section so no traffic) having a love-fest, apparently, for about 10 min. She petted and rubbed him and talked to him (she said he has green eyes like mine) and said that, if she were his owner, he'd never be out roaming around like he was and that she wished she could take him home with her but she already had five kitties and there just wasn't room.

Then she said after she told him that, he nudged and rubbed on her for a few more minutes, then gave her a gentle headbutt on her hand and walked away toward a tree in the yard they had been standing in front of and she decided this was the time for her to continue her walk because, otherwise, she'd have sat there all morning just loving on this gorgeous black male kitty.

Most of you know MomKatt's not happy at her job & has been having some tough times lately, aside from being sick. She has come home convinced that this kitty was a sort of omen or good sign. She doesn't know WHY she feels that way - and says she's probably being silly - but she was just so taken by him and was comforted by the fact that he (like I did when I came here two years ago) just came right up to her, tail up, acting as if he were very happy to see her though he didn't know her from Adam's housecat, and let her lavish her affection on him while he returned it in kind.

I wonder if it'll turn out that MomKatt's right ... maybe things will start to change a little now. That's what she says.



September 11th 2007 6:05 am
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It's been quiet around our house lately. MomKatt's still a little under the weather - cough & rough throat - so she's going to the vet again today to have that looked at. I was a VERY loving little kitty this morning; I did NOT want MomKatt to stop petting me! Lots of finger-nudging with my nose and, while she was putting on her shoes, I followed her out of the closet, hopped up on the bed next to where she was and DEMANDED to be petted by miaowing QUITE emphatically.

Don't know what was up with that - I mean, I always welcome affection from my MomKatt, but this morning ... I don't know I just felt close to her, I guess. Plus I know she's still not feeling tip-top. It's rather mysterious, even to us kitties, that we can be so closely attuned to our humans' moods and feelings. When they're happy, we're happy. When something's wrong or they feel badly, we know that, too, and instinctively try to make things better.

She said last night that I was one of the few sources of absolutely ZERO stress and worry in her life, so I hope to continue to be that for her. I love her very much. She takes good care of me!


The Crisis Has Passed

August 31st 2007 1:29 pm
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Well, MomKatt's on the mend at last, I think, and she has me to thank for it. Yes, Nurse Morticia, looking fetching in her little white nurse's Red Cross cap, has single-pawedly run sister Livia away from the sofa repeatedly when she's attempted to jump up there and knead MomKatt to death when she's trying to rest ... pushed brother Shariff off of the bed in the mornings while MomKatt's tried to drink her coffee and read in peace while keeping quiet herself so she doesn't start coughing again ... I've followed her around the house when she's had to do something (anything) just to make sure I was there if needed in an emergency ... I've administered heavy purr therapy for sedation and comfort purrrrposes ... really I think I've done all a black kitty CAN do to take care of her human when she's ill.

Of course, DadKatt's taken the night shift but, secretly, (and I know MomKatt loves him) she prefers my care to his. Besides, my paws are softer than his are. *MOL*

But I'm exhausted. I'm glad this is a 3-day weekend -- but I'm glad MomKatt was home with me nearly all this week except Monday (except that the reason for it was that she was ill). It was nice having her all to myself for several days in a row. I wish they'd win the big lotto tonight ($325 million) so she could stay home every day.

PS - Just found out her insurance doesn't reimburse with ham for medical services rendered. DRAT! What the heck am I gonna do with this CHECK?!


Nurse Cat

August 29th 2007 5:12 am
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Sorry I haven't written. I've been playing nurse kitty to MomKatt who's had a nasty urinary tract infection since this past weekend. She's been out of her office (she says she'll even be sick before she'd rather go in there, sad really) for the last two days. I've been keeping Livia & Sharif away from the sofa so MomKatt can nap in the afternoons and I guarded her in bed this morning while she read so Sharif wouldn't get up against her & get her all hot. She's been running a fever and says his body heat really makes her miserable and that I'm the only kitty she can stand lying on her right now! (I have to admit that made me feel really good.) But she'll probably have to go back to work tomorrow - she's on a medicine to help her feel better and she's got to take it for 7 days.

When I've not been guarding mom, yesterday I got REALLY wild. I think it was pent-up energy from being so hard-working as a nurse but I ripped & tore through the house last night, chasing everyone and everything in my path. I was Wild Black Kitten!!! Then, after awhile, I climbed to the top of our cat tree, displaced Sharif and settled down for a nap. Poor MomKatt - I kept one eye on her while I lounged up there and she was shivering and hot and just miserable under the blankets on the sofa. Her fever returned last night but she *does* seem better this morning, just kinda run-down & recovering.

And she has ME to thank for her recovery, I think!


Happy Anniversary to ME complete with CATNIP ORGY!

August 25th 2007 6:27 pm
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As Saturdays go, it's been a particularly good one here. Today marks the two-year anniversary of my arrival here at MomKatt's ! We celebrated in style this morning with a "Catnip Orgy", during which I proceeded to wallow in my plate of catnip - literally! I was covered in less than 3 seconds with pieces of 'nip!

It's strange. Even a few months ago, 'nip didn't really faze me that much. I mean, I'd SNIFF it when MomKatt put it down on the floor for all of us (Sharif's such a 'nip-pig that he has to have his own plate of the darn stuff!) but today ... perhaps it was the happy mood, perhaps it was just excitement on my part but ... my reaction was totally different! I was rolling on the plate and then MomKatt re-dusted all the toy mice and catnip bags with shredded 'nip and tossed 'em all on the floor in a great big heap and I was right in the middle!

I think I was just happy because I was so thankful to be here and I knew MomKatt was feeling the same way by the look on her face as she watched me play.

So, kitties, make sure your parents celebrate your b'days and arrival anniversaries: they're the best days of all!

'Bye everyone! 'Til next entry!
Morticia (the thoroughly chuffed!)


Daily Diary Pick Winner OMC!

August 23rd 2007 6:22 am
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Well, I'm so happy and humble and full of thanks for being picked for Catster's Daily Diary. Heck, I was just writing! I have to say that MomKatt helps a LOT with her typing and editing skills. If she didn't, I doubt anything I said would make much sense!

However, she did start kidding me about paw-tographing .....

I'm just proud to have been picked and thank Catster for their recognition! I'm just gonna keep on writing!


Angel's posting

August 22nd 2007 10:17 am
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And here's Angel bringing my attention to the fact that Hudson was "smitten":

Morticia, m'dear, did you know Hudson has stars in his eyes furr YOU ...

we heard it on the cat-vine ...

ain't love sweet ???

dreamy purrs,

Angel and Merlin


Hudson's proposal

August 22nd 2007 10:12 am
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Well DATING proposal I should say ... I wanted to save it here in my diary to have.

"Oh, I see the lovely Morticia is here already in her lovely sparkly jewels that match her lovely eyes...

*clears throat*

She and I have been getting to know each other, and we have lots in common (so do our mommies) and she's really pretty, as you can see, and funny and nice, as you all know...and I just kept thinking about her all the time...and I got the feeling she liked me too...


So, today I asked and she has agreed to be my girlfurriend! You are all such good furriends I hope you will be happy for us!


Isn't he just DREAMY?

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