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Tagged again!

September 30th 2008 9:28 am
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This time by Oreo - also of The Kitties' Club group (this is the same game as Twixy's tag of me) (see previous entry).

Anyway ...

This is a tag game created by Twixy of Catster's TKC Friendship group.

Rules of the Game:

Tag 5 TKC Members and write something nice about them in your diary. When you are finished, send them a PM or Rosette telling them to read your diary and play the game.

Here goes:

1. Ashley Jay - A fellow TKC AND BCCP member (and the creator of BCCP), Ashley is a sweet purr who cares deeply about all us kits in the groups. She's a very loyal furriend and very funny! Her sense of style is obvious from how she carries off the many colored boas she wears. She's the envy of all right-thinking female kits on Catster!

2. Bamboo - This little Aby is a furriend of Feisal's and Livia's and since I live with two Abys, the breed is very special to me. He's a sweet, friendly boy who takes a GREAT picture! If MomKatt ever got into the same room w/him, I suspect he'd be snatched & brought to NC! MOL He's such a handsome little ruddy guy ... a real sweetheart!

3. Bitu - A very unique purrsonality! I Pmail w/Bitu often and she's a fellow OBAMA supporter! :):) Bitu's writing skills attracted me, too, because my MomKatt is a writer. I'm glad she & I are furriends!

4. Filbert Cornelius Mouseburger - I confess I do NOT know this kitty, but from his name, I think I'd LIKE to! What a handle! And he's got the cutest face!!! Hi Filbert! Nice to meet you this way! MOL (Besides: who can resist a kitty that likes Harold Lloyd movies?! I can't! Neither can MomKatt!)

And finally ...

5. Madison *Paws* - Madi is the sisfur of my good furriend, Bear, and she's such a sweet kitty. She's had her share of health issues this year but she's come through them with grace and she has a loving hooman that lavishes ALMOST as much love & attention on her as mine does on me! *giggle* Madi, you're a trooper!

OK guess I'll Pmail all these guys & let 'em know they've been TAGGED!



The Kitties' Club TAG from Twixy!

September 10th 2008 9:09 am
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I'm a member of The Kitties' Club Catster Group (and the corresponding Yahoo group) and Twixy's started "Friendship Game" ... I was one of her first "tagees"! So ... here goes.

TKC's Friendship Tag Game

Rules of the Game:

I am to tag 5 TKC members, write something nice about them in my diary, then send them a PM or Rosette telling them to read my diary and play the game. We're going to see how long the game can go on.

Let's see ... And I can't tag Twix, because she tagged ME and has already written something about me in her opening game diary entry so I'll just say, outside this, that she's a new friend for me, too, but one I've become quite fond of. She is dedicated to "TKC" and to making it a really great place for purrs & hoomans to come together and she's so sensitive & caring. I really like her, and MomKatt likes her hooman, too, and we're glad to know her!

OK for my tags:

1. Alfie - I pretty much second everything Twixy said in her tag of Alfie. He's gorgeous, award-winning (in every sense), kind, caring and FUNNY. I don't know him AS well as I'd like to, but what I DO know of him I know to be first-rate.

2. Oreo - A 100% complete NUT of a kitty! Plump N sassy, just as cute as can be, too! Her enthusiasm for life (and food!) are contagious and always stimulating. You can never be bored around Oreo!

3. Angel - I know Angel through BCCP, since we're both members of that group, as well. She's SO funny, uninhibited, all out, kind, lively, always up for fun and a pawty! Nice to have a friend "down under", too!

4. Merlin - Ditto for Merlin as about Angel, and he's such a handsome purr, too!

5. Empurress Playful a/k/a Playful - This gal ... what can I say? I consider her a CLOSE furriend and really love to talk to her. She's very funny and we talk about all sorts of things if we get on a Pmailing rampage. And I think she's gorgeous, too! If I were going to be a white cat I'd want to look just like Playful!

OK ... now I have to go let these kits know they've been tagged!

Happy purrs!


Tagged by POOKIE!

September 8th 2008 8:51 am
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My furriend, Pookie (786606) tagged me!

I'm writing 5 awesome things about me, then tag 5 other kitties. So here goes ...


2. I have THE best MomKatt in the WORLD!

3. I love to play "Pounce!" with a boa teaser & my boogie mat.

4. I greet MomKatt every morning when she opens the bedroom door - unless I slept with her the night before.

5. When I sleep with MomKatt, I curl up between her knees, take a nice, long bath, then curl up into a ball (and she says I snore sometimes, too. I debate this. MOL)

I am tagging:

Little Bit
Louis Armstrong
Lilly *PAWS*
Jules (Jules Vern Jnr)

Hope they'll all play!




September 4th 2008 12:31 pm
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Ashley Jay's done me the honor of asking me to be a temporary admin for BCCP! Her Mommy and Snowy's Mommy have their hands full w/stuff right now in their purrsonal lives and ... she's asked me to help out.

WHOOHOO! I'm so honored and flattered. Of course I accepted! Now that MomKatt's not going to school, I'll have time to work on it & do what's necessary.

I promise to do as good a job on things as I can & make Ashley & Snowy and Bunny and all the admins proud of me!




Late summer

August 12th 2008 9:23 am
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MomKatt starts her classes one week from today.

And poor Niggie's not doing well at all ... OK he's dying. Let's be honest here. It's hard to say. I feel so badly for his mom & the kits. They've had a terrible year this year, and now to lose HIM of all kits ... it's just not fair. MomKatt says life isn't fair, and I know she's right, but this really ISN'T fair.

We're having a "purr week" for Niggie starting today. I wish it could heal him ...

Sad purrs,

PS - The good news is that Hudson's back. His meowmy left on a week-long trip last week and I meowed and meowed, wanting him back!


We're back!

July 8th 2008 7:05 am
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We are back from our UK honeymoon and it's good to be home, though I DO like London & I especially love traveling with Hudson. He's so romantic ... flowers in the room, candlelight dinners, a ride on a HUGE Ferris-type wheel in the heart of the city ... At the top we could see for MILES all over everywhere and, at night, it's spectacular (got in a few smooches too hee hee).

I think the wedding was one of the best ever had on Catster, even if I DO say so myself. We put a lot of work into it, and I'm proud of the way it turned out. Everypurr looked GORGEOUS ... I think it was cool to "step out of time" and imagine what it must've been liked to have lived in Elizabethan times.

I have put some pics from the honeymoon on my page ... feel free to look!

Must unpack now - and I think I've got jet lag!

Happy purrs,


The wedding

June 30th 2008 5:16 pm
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*sigh* Dateline: LONDON! Hudson & I are on the most furrrabulous honeymoon in LONDON! I'm writing a few lines now before I go to bed.

We've been sightseeing all day and all four of my feet are bone tired. This BIG bed in our hotel room is gonna feel REALLY good in about 10 minutes! MOL

We are staying at this POSH hotel, called 41.

Talk about NICE! We got room service tonight and it took three guys to bring in ALL our food - AND they said it was "on the house" because they'd never had honeymooning cats stay at the hotel before! (Hudson tipped them extra for that! MOL) How KIND!

We spent the day at Buckingham Palace, and I worked hard winding around the ankles of one of the Beefeater guards, trying to make him look at us or move or (if he was allergic) even sneeze! I SWEAR I thought I saw him glance down once but Hudson says I'm loopy, they don't move for ANYONE!

Humph. That's all HE knows!

*yawn* I'll tell you about the inn in which we stayed over the weekend tomorrow. I MUST get some rest!

We miss our friends stateside but are having the most meowvelous time!



24 more hours ...

June 26th 2008 7:17 am
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.... to be a single purr ... tomorrow night is THE BIG NIGHT! And this will be the BEST wedding on Catster EVER! Certainly the most unique - even if I DO say so myself.

I've seen everypurr's outfits and Snowy's mom has done a WONDERPURR job dressing us all. Just a few more minor details to iron out & we're good to go.


I'll be Mrs. Hudson tomorrow!

Happy, happy purrs,


Whew! Tagged again!

June 3rd 2008 9:37 am
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This time, Galin got me! (And Feisal got him! hee hee)

Same as before ... I'm to tell five GREAT things about myself and and tag five furriends to ask them to do the same. And notify them they're tagged, too, of course.

The (NEXT) five FABOO facts about me are:

1) My favorite toy is a pink feather boa teaser Hudson sent me for Xmas in '07.

2) I sleep with MomKatt nearly EVERY night.

3) If I sleep with MomKatt, I usually wake up around 5 AM, when her alarm goes off. I then hop down off the bed, and rattle the window blinds next to her side of the bed as a signal that I'm ready go out. She gets up & lets me out.

4) I "patrol" regularly, propping my front feet onto the windowsills in the living room and on the glass part of the front door to make sure no "strange" cats are about in the yard!

5) I stole the purple mousie that Zilla sent to Feisal last week. *giggle*

The five FURbulous friends I am tagging are:

Damienne (Baby Kitty)

This is FUN!


Tagged by Playful!

June 3rd 2008 6:28 am
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I was tagged by Playful for a Five Fabulous Facts about me game, so ... here goes. I tell everypurr on Catster 5 faboo things about me, then tage & list five friends so they can do the same! Oh, as Playful told me be sure to tell the five kitties that you tagged them! Otherwise, they might not know (as if everypurr DOESN'T read my diary! ROFL)

OK ... here goes.

Five Fabulous Facts about moi:

1. I'm getting married to Hudson on June 27th, 2008!

2. Scout, Captain Tommaso's sisfur, is my goddaughter (and Hudson's)!

3. Not only do I love HAM (which everypurr knows), I'm also branching out lately to chicken AND turkey!

4. Sharif doesn't bother me much (by older Siamese brofur, Da Grump) 'cause I wriggle under him & bite his belly if he messes with me, especially when I'm on Mom&DadKatt's bed on my boogie mat.

5. When I first arrived at our house, I had a crush on my brofur, Feisal, but I got a tummy tuck VERY quickly after I got brought into the house (I went into heat before they could get me to the V E T, unfortunately) and now I don't give him a second glance. *G*

I tag:

Isis (my sister-in-law-2-b!)
George (Odie's brofur)
Zilla (Feisal's girlfriendkitty!)


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