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The life of a warrior

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Birds, wind and cool weather

August 1st 2009 9:35 am
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So we live in an apartment on the top floor and we have HUGE windows and doors. Thats one of our favorite thing about this apartment. We face the west and get tons of natural sunlight in the evening where we can all sunbathe.

On the patio the birds come right up to the door. When mom has the sliding glass door open the little things come right up to our nose. Its drives us crazy. Mom never thought we would get birds on the top floor of an apartment building. We do have a lot of nature around us though.

Its been really cool and windy here for beginning of August. Its almost Fall like already. We like fall because we can keep the windows open and the leaves are really pretty but that means Winter could be really cold too.

Its also been really windy here. Last night we got a big rain storm and Dad insisted on leaving the window open and our beds got all wet. Mom got to say I told you so on that one.

Well I have lots of bird watching to do.

Lots of love,


Another entry to the portal?

July 30th 2009 10:33 am
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I think mom may have found another entry to the portal that my friend Kingsley was talking about.
The portal of lost toys!

Today mom was digging under our couch and she just kept pulling out our lost toys.
She found my springs, Gordys Mice, and Melodys favorite ball with the fake racoon tail on it. It was so exciting! I hope we dont loose anymore toys though. We were running pretty low and mom kept having to buy us new ones. Now our toy box is overflowing again.

Mom got out Da bird toy today to play with us and Toby caught it. He has been dragging it around and growling at Melody because she keeps trying to take it.

Funny siblings I have


Hanging out

July 29th 2009 11:14 am
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Yesterday I wrote an entry about my look a likes and I forgot one.
My pal Kingsley!

Cant believe I forgot about him. He found the portal of the land of lost toys! Can you believe it? There is even a picture of it there. I was hoping he could find my favorite mouse and send it too me but I guess there are a lot of toys in that portal.

Anyway its been pretty boring around here lately. Mom works her 10 hour shifts on Monday and Tuesday so we act neglected on those evenings when she gets home.

She did go any buy us a bunch of new toys at petco last night so we forgave her this week.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best thought because she gets to spend LOTS of time with us. Today when she got home I came running out to see her and she picked me up and cuddled me. It always makes moms heart mealt when we do that.

Toby is still being troublesome with digging in the cat fountain. He digs so viciously and I just dont get why. He only nocked it over once though. Mom found out she had to keep it filled to the top so Its to heavy to tip.

Well I have lots to do so I will say goodbye for now.
Lots of love,


Look alikes

July 28th 2009 6:22 pm
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I have found a few look a likes here on catster lately.

My beautiful friend Tethys!

and her brofur Junior

My long time friends Smudge and Sissel

Do you have a kitty look alike? My mom hasn't found one for Toby yet.



New friends, Old Friends

July 27th 2009 6:36 pm
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Make new friends but keep the old one is Silver and the other is Gold

So as you know I recently talked about my friend Wilbert the other kitty with a puppy stuffed animal.

Guess what? He has the cutest little baby sister too. Her name is Lenore

Seriously isn't she cute?

And to top it off he has an orangie brother named Murray

So anyway I always get excited when I make new friends. They have really cool pictures too and seem like a pretty cool family. You should stop by their pages if you have a chance.

Lots of love,



July 26th 2009 9:59 am
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Mom was Gone ALL day yesterday. They got up early and packed up some things, turned our kitty cd on and said she would be back later.

How Dare they leave us here all day like that. I missed her so much. When we hear the lock on the door turn we all gather around the door and wait for them to come in.

Mom says she hates leaving us but in most cases we probably wouldn't want to go where they are going. Anyway mom told me some stories about where they went.

Mom said they went to visit grandma and grandpa at a campground. At this campground she was surprised to see a kitty wondering around. It was on a harness but no leash and no people. It was sitting right in the road drinking from a puddle. Mom had to get out and move the kitty into the campsite it was near.

Mom said there were TONS of doggies around too which made mom even more scared for the kitty.

Then they went to the little town and there were more kitties wondering around. One looked just like me only skinny with mats. Mom was so worried about it. Mom doesn't understand how someone could let there kitty in the streets of a busy little town. Mom would be freaking out if we even got lost outside.

Anyway that was about it. When they got home we got our yummy wet food and we forgave her. Thats what we were waiting for all day anyway MOL
Lots of love,


Puppy Cat

July 23rd 2009 6:49 pm
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I found out I am not the only cat with a puppy stuffed animal. Look! My new friend Wilbert is a puppy cat too!


I have seen many kitties that have stuffed animals lately.
Do you have one?
Lots of love,

Oh I dont know how mom forgot but my brother Toby is also a puppycat. He however hasn't been as kind to his puppy as you can see from the picture.

Toby the puppycat!


Feathers, Feathers Everywhere

July 23rd 2009 12:29 pm
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Its me Gordy just checkin in. Yesterday mom came home from the store with a few new cool toys. Mom got us a new feather for our "da bird" cat toy. Man they must make a hauling on refills for that thing. The refills are like $7 dollars alone and we have gone through 3 in the last month. We love it so much that mom has to keep buying more though.

Then she got us a little feather on a stick that we all just LOVE. Mom also got us a Pawbreaker because she remembered how much dads kitty Milo loved his but none of us were crazy over it. Mom doesn't understand how every single cat she has ever had doesn't like catnip. I guess we are just a weird bunch.

Well its about Naptime. We all have our spots now for naptime. Toby sleeps in the little grey bed on the floor. I sleep in the leopard cat tent and Melody sleeps in the little basket.

Lots of love,
Gordy >^..^< Meow


Moms Morning surprise

July 21st 2009 3:01 pm
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Last night mom woke up and did her normal shifting around to get comfortable again when she realized that I was sleeping right next to her head under her pillow. Mom was sooo excited because I am her little shadow but I normally dont sleep on the bed by her.

Well she went back to bed and when she woke up this morning I was STILL there. My head was under hers under the pillow so she freaked out that she had been squishing it all night but I was fine.

Then it even got better when Toby jumped on the bed and we started grooming eachother. It was the sweetest thing mom had ever seen, Her boycats grooming eachother like good Brothers.

Anyway It was a great start to the day.
Lots of love,


My fight with the green flower catnip pillow

July 16th 2009 12:07 pm
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This is where the fight began, as you can see from the picture the pillow was taunting me. Mom told me it had been saying bad things about me all day. It was very intimidating but no pillow will be talking about me that way.

The fight!

Next you will see me bunny kicking the pillow. Catnip was flying everwhere dear friends.

The Bunny Kick!

Next I went in for my death bite move and took control over the fight for good.

The death bite!

The final resting place of the green flower catnip pillow. I hope all of the remaining catnip pillows will remember this day.
Resting place!
and then I took a victory nap : )

The Victory Nap!

Overall is was a pretty good day

Lots of love,

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