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The life of a warrior

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So... I ate an ear phone

August 19th 2009 2:54 pm
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Yes friends you heard this right. When mom came home from work today she found lots of surprises. Vomit all over was the first indication something was up but who was it? Then she found me straining outside the litter box like I was trying to poop. I would never do this of course so she knew something was up.

In a panic she called the vet and got me in ASAP. Mom looked under my tail and I growled and hissed and she seen poop on my butt. Then Toby came by me and I hissed at him too. I was feelin pretty sick and mom kept finding me straining to poop all over the house. So off to the vet we went.

After about 4 hours of x rays, fluids and stuff they decided that the object is moving on its own and sent me home with observation.

I did end up pooping at the vets which was good. Everyone at the vet kept saying how handsome and gorgeous I was and they all said I was the perfect gentalman.

I threw up once since I got home so mom is going to keep a close eye on me. Hopefully I just pass the object soon so we can all move on. We dont know for sure that its an ear phone cover but dad is missing one and it looked like that in the x ray.

Please say a little prayer for me that everything goes well. If I dont pass it will need surgery which will cost a ton.

Lots of love,

P.S. Mom found one of dads earphones on the floor this morning and thought to herself, Gordy would probably eat that. She of course picked it up but the otherone is missing.


Work and Weddings

August 18th 2009 5:55 pm
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Mom has been gone a lot lately. It stinks for us because we miss her so much.

I know she would rather be with us though. Mom was in a wedding on Saturday so there were rehearsal dinners, Gift openings, early mornings, picking up tuxes and so on. Then this week she is working for someone so she has more hours then usual. Mom just cant wait to get back to her normal schedual and neither can we.

Hopefully next week we will be able to be on catster more.


Perfect by day, Naughty by night

August 13th 2009 9:37 am
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I am moms sweet kitty, The one she can hold and cuddle and kiss. Toby HATES being held and kissed unless it is on his terms. I am always ready for a good cuddle.

I am perfect during the day but at night I am by far the naughtiest. I meow all night long. Its not a loud meow but one just loud enough to wake mom up. Its almost like I am wispering, mom?...Mom?...MOM!

Dad never wakes up which is a good thing but I keep mom up all night some nights.

I am also the one who gets into things at night. Mom hears cupboards opening, Stuff falling off the tables, Clawing on the hamper and everytime she looks... there I am.

The worst thing is when I jump on her night stand. Its a tall night stand and when I jump off the whole thing falls, Lamp included to the ground making a huge crash.

Thats why I am perfect by day and naughty by night


I'm so Pretty, Oh so Pretty

August 12th 2009 11:41 am
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So I told you mom got those cat bath wipes from petco right? Mom says they work wonders. I had some dander and my fur was looking a little greesy even though mom brushes me every day. My fur is gorgeous, Dander free and the softest mom has ever felt it.

Toby and Melody get wiped down with them too and their coats are really shiny and soft as well. Mom has been using one a day on us and then brushing us about 15 minutes later.

I feel man pretty



Silly Mom

August 11th 2009 6:14 pm
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So Everyone who knows mom knows this women is obsessed with cats.

The people at her work think she is so funny because of this. Mom put up a picture of me behind the desk where the patients check in right next to all the baby photos. Its funny because more people comment on me then the baby photos (wouldn't you?)

So today mom was being trained in on something when she heard someone asking about me to one of the other girls at the front desk. Mom tried REALLY hard to stay focused on the training but the lady kept saying how beautiful I was and asking about what kind of cat I was and so on. Mom couldn't concentrate on the training anymore and slowly inched away to talk to the lady (the training person didn't even notice at first MOL...She just kept talking)

Then she pulled out her picture of Toby too and the lady raved about him. Mom being oh so proud of us told the lady everything about Snowshoes and Norwegian forest cats. The women was so impressed by us she wrote down our breeds to research.

Mom is always happy to talk about us. Most of moms co-workers are Dog people and dont like cats which makes mom mad. Oh well they dont know what they are missing. One of her co-workers even had the guts to say while looking at our pictures "ew you like cats? I cant stand them". Needless to say Mom had to hold her words back, Smile and say " Yes! I love them like their my children"
Lots of love,


Storms and pillow hogs

August 9th 2009 7:21 pm
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Last night was not a good night. We had tornado warnings and storms all night. Nothing bad ended up hitting us but we did have rain and lightnig.

Mom got up in the middle of the night and hit her knee really hard on the bed. Then Toby took my pillow so I couldn't sleep by her and make her feel better. I ONLY go on the bed if I am the first one on there. Mom was really craby though after she hit her knee. Mom wouldn't even let Melody run up and down her body because of it. I dont understand why.

Well hopefully tonight I can claim my pillow again


Another surprise for mom

August 8th 2009 10:11 am
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This morning when mom woke up she realized that she had no pillows left. When she looked up she seen both me and Toby sleeping all cuddled up on her pillow. Well that of course put an end to her having a pillow the rest of the night.

Mom has never seen us cuddle like that. It was so sweet! Toby had his neck laying across the top of my head. Mom took pictures and will add them later.

So mom got a rough night of sleep but we slept quite well which is really whats important right?

Lots of love,


What is that Banging?

August 6th 2009 11:19 am
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This morning was so peaceful, watching birds, feeling the wind on our fur by the window.
Now all of the sudden someone is banging. Mom says they are fixing the roof of one of our garages.

Around here I am pretty much the big shot, the dominant one, the king if you will... but this banging is freaking me out more then anyone else. I am all the way back in the kitchen as far away from the window as possible. My not so smart sister is sitting right next to the window cleaning herself (whats wrong with her?)

Toby is hanging out by me but I think its because he wants to play. Play at a time like this? My ears are going in all differn't directions trying to figure out what this noise is.

When will it stop?


Super cool Cats

August 2nd 2009 10:52 am
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Ok so I told you once that by some crazy chance mom ended up getting me and Toby from the same lady who had posted an add in the paper.

She does rescue work through a vet clinic and also finds kitties who need places to go in a hurry.

Well now that cat family is on catster. The very cats we got to hang out with when we were babies. They all have such cool stories because she does rescue work. They are just beautiful cats and she also has some very cool doggies too.

Casey Jones!
- Wegie!
Chandris sterling!
-mom has pictures of Toby with this kitty : )

Cary Grant!
- Snowshoe
- Pretty Snowshoe

- Beautiful Maine coon

- Stunning Markings

-mom is totally in love with this cats mane

-Kitty with a sad story but a happy ending


This family has a wonderful mom. Without her who knows where we would be. I lost my mom at birth and I was bottle fed until I was healthy enough for her to find me a home.
Toby was born into a home where they were not supposed to have any cats and so they were forced to get rid of the kittens too early and she took him in and got him healthy too.

We love her!




August 2nd 2009 8:31 am
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Wow I am a daily diary pick today. I feel so special to be honored that way. Thank you catster for making my day : )

So yesterday mom came home with a petco bag which usually means something good. We all gathered round and what she pulled out was not treats, not toys, not any type of wet food but a box of cat bath wipes.

Now friends there is usually not a time when a petco bag comes into the house that we are disappointed but yesterday when mom pulled out the first little damp cloth and started wiping my fur with it I was disgusted.

Mom knows a cat on another website (not nearly as cool as catster) that has the most beautiful fur she has every seen and his mom uses these on him after she brushes him everyday. I think my fur is just fine but mom thinks I have dander which this stuff is supposed to help.

Well at least Toby and Melody got a cat bath too and neither of them were too crazy about it either MOL. Toby kept shaking his feet around. I dont get why cause it is just a little damp cloth and not like he fell into a big tub of water. I think he might be a little bit crazy though.

Oh the things our parents put us through.

Thanks again for making me DDP!
Lots of love,

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