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The life of a warrior

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Hi Pals!

October 7th 2009 5:04 pm
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So I haven't posted in some time now which makes me sad. We still check catster everyday to see whats going on. We have just been busy again. We are moving to a two bedroom apartment in early December which is really good news because we finally will get our cat room : ) Mom has been waiting for this day. Not that we wont get the run of the house anyway but now all of our goodies can be out.

It will be a lot more room for us to run around in too. Our apartment now is only 812 sq feet and our new one is 1126 sq feet and the best part is that it is only two doors down from the one we are in now. Mom and dad plan to live here until he finishes with school and then maybe start looking at houses so for now its a nice place to live.

We still will get direct sunlight too!

Anyway that is why we have been so busy plus birthdays and other reasons too.

Mom has to get our Halloween pages up soon.We have a super cool hat from Hazel Lucy that we got special for this Halloween.




September 17th 2009 7:59 am
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Mom posted the video of me with my head stuck in the empty soda box even with all my protesting.

Mom says please ignore her annoying voice. She always tries not to talk in our videos but this time she did.


Always up to something

September 13th 2009 12:52 pm
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Yesterday mom heard a bunch of racket out in the living room but she ignored it. Then all of the sudden I come bursting through the bedroom door with a empty 24 pack of pop on my head.

Mom knew I wasn't in any pain and she choose to take a short video instead of help me get it off (how rude) It was pretty funny to her I guess and Toby just kept walking around me.

I did end up getting it off though. Then my not so smart brother Toby decides he is going to try and stick his head in the hole too. His head was to small to get stuck though.

Mom will put the video up soon. I tried to talk her out of it but I know she will do it anyway.

I am fine now though and I took a nice nap to recover after.



Beautiful weekend

September 7th 2009 9:16 am
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This weekend has been so beautiful which we are thankful about. Mom was gone almost all day on Saturday and we weren't happy about that.

Toby was really needy when she got home too. You know the little ones need lots of attention. Mom always makes sure to give us all lots of attention though.

One thing that has been bothering us is the amount of kitties mom has been hearing about without a home and living outside. Since Friday she has heard about 2 cats. A lady came into her work and said she was looking for a home for a kitty she found outside and she couldnt keep her because she already had four kitties of her own. The lady said she would not bring her to the shelter because she has a friend who works at a shelter and says euthanasia rates are up to 80% there. I wasn't aware of our local shelters being that bad. Most of our shelters are no kill.

Then my grandma told my mom about a kitty that was meowing in the early morning and she thought it was Ruben so she ran out and called Rubens name and he came running. Then she looked outside and there was kitty in the yard. Grandma said the kitty was really pretty but you could tell in his eyes he was suffering so she gave him some food and water and he ate it all. Then he went away. Grandma is going to keep watching for him to make sure he is getting food and water.

Mom can promise one thing, No matter what we will always have a home.



Looking up >^..^

September 3rd 2009 2:47 pm
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Well the geese are starting to fly. We have a big park with ponds by our house so we usually see a lot of geese but now they are really starting to move. There have probably been about 7 geese flocks fly over our place today alone.

Man they are loud too. Whenever we hear one coming we jump up on the cat tree and watch. Its pretty entertaining.

Well mom finally got our new fall pages under control from yesterdays mess. Mom didn't know there were going to be any updates made so she kept thinking she was doing something wrong. Mom probably worked for a good hour and a half just trying to figure out what she did wrong to my page when she finally decided to check and see if anyone elses were messed up. Just her luck that she would be updating our page at that time.

Hope all is well with all my friends.


Weekends over

August 30th 2009 6:15 pm
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Mom says the weekend is over and she has to go back to work tomorrow. This does not make us happy at all. What are we going to do without her all day? We always have to wait till she is home from work to have our wet food. If she would just teach us how to open it ourselves we would be good.

Mom says she is jealous of us in the mornings because she has to get up and go to work while we lounge around all day. What a great life we cats have. Watching birds, Napping, Free food whenever we want and lots of attention. Mom should be jealous of us.

Hope everyfur had a great weekend



Whats in a name?

August 28th 2009 7:39 pm
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Well Mom was looking through the forums today and came across this post from one of our pals isadora. ad/627195

So we figured we would post how we got our names.

Mom knew she was getting a kitten and went through tons and tons of names narrowing it down to a few favorites (naming is a big deal you know)

Going through them I think a few were
-Mom has always wanted to name her cats after Joseph and his brothers in the Bible since Ruben but clearly that didn't happen.

Bear- Still one of her favorites

Then she came across Vinnie and loved it. Mom wanted me to have a tough mobster name. Her friend had three cats named Vinnie, Loey and Dominik and she thought that was so cute.

Anyway when she went to pick me up she had her heart set on Vinnie but then she seen a graduation sign that said "Congratulations Gordy" on the way home with me and thats how I got my name.

All that work to find the perfect name and then she finds it on a graduation sign.
MOL I guess thats the way it goes.


Beautiful day

August 24th 2009 11:42 am
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Its a gorgeous day here today. A little breeze, sunny with puffy clouds. Its just purrfect for napping next to the window.

Well I went to the bathroom finally. All is well although mom didn't see anything in my poop but she figures she may have missed it. Mom will keep an eye on me still though.

Mom has finally gotten my rear end cleaned up from the whole thing too. I feel clean and handsome again. Mom is a little mad at her vet office though. First they never called her back the day after she brought me in when she had a bunch of questions. Then I am a little mad that they were talking about my weight (saying I am fat) Dad said he heard them talking about it in the other room. I am purrfectly plump. Mom better not get any ideas about putting me on a diet.

Now mom is sick though. Mom had to stay home from work today and everything. We think she has some kind of stomach flu which is no fun at all. Toby and me are making sure to keep her company though.

Well I hope all is well with my pals. We have been so busy with things these last two weeks mom has hardly let us come on. This week her work hours are back to normal so we will be on more.

Lots of love,



August 21st 2009 6:37 pm
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Ok so mom seperated us yesterday but I did not poop. The problem is that we live in a one bedroom apartment and its really hard to keep us seperate since there isn't that much room anyway.

So mom is pretty sure I went poop. I haven't been acting in pain, I have been eating, I have been playing and acting like my normal self again.

Mom also has been inspecting all of our poop (MOL the things moms do) and has come across some strange shaped poop which makes her believe it is mine. Didn't see an earphone but definitly suspicious.

Mom will keep you updated. As for now I am acting like healthy Gordy again but mom is watching. Mom will FINALLY be home for a few days so she can keep her eye on me.

Thank You agian for everything! We love you so much!


Feelin better

August 20th 2009 3:01 pm
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Well I have yet to go to the bathroom but I haven't thrown up since I ate this morning which is good.
Mom is watching me very closely though. I am playing and acting normal so thats also good news.

Mom had to lock Melody and Toby up in the bedroom today to see if I would go potty. I think they might be mad about it.

Please keep praying that I pass this thing so we can move on with life.
Thanks so much for all the purrs, comments and gifts.
We love you

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