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The life of a warrior

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She just doesn't get it!

November 4th 2010 6:22 pm
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Mom doesn't understand me sometime. We have about 9 cat beds for 3 cats. We have a cat room with a cozy couch in it just for us. We have 2 morgans beds, one is cat sized and one is Dog sized. We have hidaway beds and heated beds. We have many fleecy blankets to cozy up to and 3 cat trees with perches and houses. Where do I choose to sleep on cold nights? In the coat and shoe closet on the bare floor among the dirty shoes. Why? Mom has no Idea. Mom even put a cozy crate pad in the closet for me since I like it so much but when she checked on me tonight of course I was laying right next to the crate pad curled up on the floor.

Mom can always find Toby and Melody in the cat room curled up in one of our Morgan's beds which are their favorites but I always choose the coat closet.

I guess mom is just going to have to accept that I like the cold floor. Maybe its because of my big fuzzy coat or something but I just dont care for fuzzy, fluffy, stuffed, heated, warm or cozy places MOL.

Lots of love,


Itchy Itchies

November 3rd 2010 5:45 pm
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Well I got the itchies and I dont like it. Remember awhile ago when mom took me to the vet for my scabs? Well I was on prednisone for two weeks for my itchies and this week was my last week. Mom was supposed to give me a pill every other day this week but on the days she didn't give it to me i itched and chewed like crazy. So now I am going to have to get a higher dose and take it every day for a month. This means mom is going to have to shove a pill down my throught every single day this month.

Mom feels so bad to see my itch and be uncomfortable so its worth it to give me a pill. Hopefully after a month it will be ok. Allergies have been so bad around here this year. I have the skin allergies and Ruben has the eye allergies. Humans got it bad too.

Anyway I hope all my friends are well


oooh Cool!

October 29th 2010 2:43 pm
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I just noticed that when you go into your friend or corral activity and click on a picture that has been added it takes you right to that picture instead of the whole page so you can comment.
I likes this!

P.S. I just realized that you also can see the diary entries that I commented on. Cool but... When you click on those diary entries it brings you to what would make it look like i wrote the entry. It in no way shows who actually wrote the entry that I can see.
So I went to see an entry my friend Riley commented on but it showed all of his pictures on the side. I only knew that it was my friend Tullys diary because his name was in it. I just could see this being very confusing for some cats and for new cats. I am sure they are working on it.


Halloween Week

October 25th 2010 5:35 pm
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Hello Friends! Wow its Halloween week and all my friends are all dressed up and ready for treats.

Mom says we will be staying inside (we do anyway) but she always gets nervous around this time for the kitties. You know there are so many dangers for us out there especially at this time of the year.

Mom has already seen one bad headline involving be-headed cats, goats and birds and its not even Halloween yet.

Anyway please friends be careful. I hope you all get lots of treats and goodies.


I stole some more hearts today

October 23rd 2010 1:56 pm
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Well today mom took me to the vet for the scabs I have around my neck. They have just been getting worse and now they are on my sides too.

Mom had Grandma bring over my crate from her house. Well when mom got my out to the car she realized that Ruben must have peed in it when he went to the vet. Grandma didn't even realize. So she decided to carry me into the vet.

I was such a good boy. I just cuddled in her arms the whole time. The waiting room was full and everyone was smitten by me. I was just sitting on moms lap all cuddled up to her looking around the room. Then a door opened really loud and I threw my little arms around her neck and barried my head under hers. All the people ooohed and awed over me. They said they could tell I trusted her with all my heart.

They all thought I was a handsome boy and talked about my big fuzzy feet. Mom had to put me down because I weigh 18 lbs and her arms couldn't take it anymore. I ended up just sitting next to her on the bench. I was really good in the exam room too. I even played with some stuff on the walls.

Overall i think I did my job of stealing hearts.

Lots of love,

Oh and I just have a skin allergy that i need to take a pill for. So it wasn't anything really really bad. Thank goodness for that.


Bath and A Butt Cut

October 13th 2010 4:28 pm
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Tonight when mom got home she scooped me up and gave me a bath. I was totally not expecting it either. Then mom was able to see my fur better and gave me a nice trim around my butt. Hopefully this will help with the poopy pants issue (Newman knows a lot about this)

Also mom noticed that my scabs still haven't gone away. That was her main reason for giving me a bath. Mom wanted to see how bad they were and if they looked like they were getting better. Everything online says flea bite but mom has not seen any fleas, Has not noticed any of us scratching, and none of us are allowed outside. The other thing said food allergy and mom did recently change our food but the scabs formed before that.

If they dont start getting better by the weekend mom is going to take me to the vet. She hasn't noticed me acting weird or itching at all which is the weird part. She still thinks that maybe Toby scratched me in a play fight and then itchy scabs formed which caused me to claw at my neck which made them worse.

Anyway we will keep you updated.
Lots of love,


oooh Boxes

October 5th 2010 6:15 pm
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Well mom knows that one thing that makes me happy when I seem bored and that is boxes. So when She has been gone at work an extra lot she pulls out the boxes from the storage closet and I get to play in them. I stuff my big body down as far as I can in the box and wait for one of the other kitties to walk by. I could play in a box all day long.

Yesterday Melody kicked me out of my box though : ( Mom had to go get another box for us.

Mom has been gone a lot lately cause she found out one of her aunts has cancer : ( Dont worry I have been comforting her. They found out that its Gallbladder and that can be removed so thats good news.

Otherwise I have just been bird watching like usual.

Lots of love,


Fuzz is flying

October 1st 2010 6:08 pm
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Well I have been shedding a lot lately and mom is finding it all over the place. I have successfully managed to destroy the Vacuum with all my fuzz. Mom got a new one last week even though we hate the sound.

Otherwise things are good. Mom has been keeping her eye on my sore. She washed my neck fur today too. Mom still thinks Toby is to blame for my sore. He can be such a bully sometimes. I mean we love him to death and he can be super sweet too but when he wants to play he gets very pushy. Poor Melody screams when he pins her down and mom has to go out and pick her up before Toby leaves her alone. They usually get along very well though.

Does anycat have a member in their family like this? What do you do?

Lots of love,


My Hair!

September 30th 2010 5:36 pm
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Well just an update on my scab situation and that its getting much better.
The bad thing is that the ointment mom is putting on my scab is making my beautiful Ruff of neck fur Greasy. You know I work and work to keep my fur perfect and then look what happens.

Hopefully there will be no more scabs in my future.


Oh NOs

September 28th 2010 5:48 pm
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Mom was petting my big beautiful furs when she noticed That I have a huge scab on my neck where my collar was. My mom took my collar off a couple of days ago cause she noticed I was itching. Maybe the collar was rubbing or I got a scratch from one of my kitty siblings and it itched.

Anyway Mom is putting some ointment on it. Luckily it is on the back of my neck where i cant lick.

Anyway mom got nervous when she felt it and then when she looked at it it looked like it had been bleeding.

I seem to be fine other then that though.

Lots of love,

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