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The life of a warrior

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My Adventure

January 21st 2011 2:42 pm
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Thats right! I had an adventure today. They were testing the fire alarms in our apartment building today and so mom brought me to Grandma's house to spend the day while she was at work.

Guess who I got to see??? Ruben! It was so weird seeing him again since we used to live together. He hissed at me a lot but I didn't care. He is all talk but never actually makes a move.

Grandma said I sat on the desk and watched ruben nap for a while and then I went out and visited Grandpa and even got to hang out in the basement.

When mom came to get me she called my name and I came running. Then she scooped me up and back home we went.

Now I am just getting ready to nap on my table.

The bad news is my itching came back. I am trying half of a pill once a day this round and really hoping that the food helps.

Anyway hope all is well with my pals


Day 2 of no Itching

January 17th 2011 9:45 am
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Thats right! Day 2 of no prednisone and there is no more itching. Mom is sooo happy! Either it wasn't a food allergy and whatever was bothering me is out of the air or changing the food worked super fast. I still have scabs but mom is hoping they will go away.

I have been feeling so good I have been playing with my Ball with the bell in it.


Me and myBall

We are just so happy that I am not itching anymore. Now we just want the scabs to go away.

P.S. I am trying to do a picutre a day in my diary entrys. Mom takes sooo many pictures of us that it would be impossible to fit all of them on catster. Plus its a good way to keep kitties updated on what I am doing.



January 16th 2011 6:07 pm
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Well today I didn't take my prednisone pill and I am not itchy too much. Here and there mom notices me itching but not like I was before.

Mom switched my food to a grain free food so we will see how that goes. Our pal HL introduced us to a food we are interested in trying too so we are going to order some of that.

Mom was thinking about when I was a baby today. Oh how cute I was. The first nigth mom brought me home I slept on her neck all night MOL. I remember mom was going to name me Vinnie but decided to name me Gordy after seeing a sign saying congratulations Gordy. The name suites me well.

Its hard to remember what I looked like when I was that young

Here is my favorite baby pic


Anyway so far so good with the itching. Mom is still going to pick up the refill of prednisone to keep in case I start itching like crazy again but paws crossed that we can figure it out.


Warm Fuzzies

January 15th 2011 5:01 pm
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Hello Friends! I haven't wrote a dairy in a while so I thought I would give an update on my life.

I am still on Prednisone for my itching. Mom is going to start the process of switching my foods and seeing if we can figure out what has been causing my allergy.

Other then that I have been
Doing a lot ofThis

As you can tell I am a tad rotund but mom says I look so cute and cuddly. Mom's go crazy for the fuzzy feet too MOL.

Anyway Please Keep purring that we can figure out what my allergy is. Mom doesn't want me to be on prednisone long term but doesn't want to see my itching my skin off either.



Oh the Itching

December 16th 2010 6:36 pm
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So I finished my prednisone for the month last Monday and mom was hoping I wouldn't be itching anymore. Well... I am going crazy with itching. Mom just doesn't know what it could be. The vet said I should try eating ground Chicken for a month and see if I stop itching. If I dont it is probably not a food allergy. The vet also said that she doesn't like seeing such a young cat have to be on prednisone long term so we are going to try and figure it out.

They did give me enough prednisone for the next month because mom cant stand seeing me going insane with itching. So she will start mid january switching my food up.

Anyway thats an update on my skin issues.

Merry Christmas!


I ate a fly

December 4th 2010 2:48 pm
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And it was awesome!!! Mom showed it to me and i caught it in less then a minute.

I know a lot of my friends are good fly catchers too. Mom really didn't think I would get it though. I went back and looked for another one but it was lucky I found just one in this weather.

Well thats about it. Pretty boring around here. Just taking lots of naps under the tree.

Hope all my pals are having a wonderful Christmas season


3 down 25 to go

November 23rd 2010 5:08 pm
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Well mom got out the Christmas Decorations on Sunday night. It was quite the spectacle you know? Boxes everywhere, Strings of lights, branches, glitter and of course ornaments. Everything mom wouldn't want us to get a hold of.

I was a pretty good boy. I only got a hold of one of moms zip ties for a moment and then after she took it away and I hunkered down in an emptied box.

Toby was thrilled with the aspect of licking the christmas tree branches over and over again until he started gagging. I mean that cat was over there licking the tree for about 10 minutes strait before he started hacking. Mom ran over and inspected the situation but nothing was wrong with him. Sometimes I dont know what is wrong with him.

So now to my Diary title.I spend most of my time under the tree during the holidays. Its the purrfect cozy place to nap. Last year mom had a tree skirt with little red balls on it. Well...I chewed EVERY single one of those balls off before the season was over. So this year mom got a new one that she thought wouldn't catch my eye. Mom was wrong because I already chewed off three of the 28 buttons.

3 down 25 to go before Christmas



Feeling a little better : )

November 10th 2010 4:01 pm
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Well today mom called the vet and since my vet wasn't in talked to another one.

They basically said to watch me and make sure I am doing everything normal and I dont have discharge from my eyes or nose. They said it should pass within a few days. Since mom has been home she hasn't heard me sneeze one time so thats good.

I also want you to know that mom thanks you for your kind word about her Aunt. Its been busy around here but everything is going smooth with the funeral arrangements. Mom has a wonderful family and that makes a world of difference.

Lots of love,


Still sick and a tough week

November 9th 2010 6:22 pm
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Well I am still sick and my sneezing just seems worse. Mom put a call into the vet but her vet works part time so hopefully she will be getting a call back tomorrow. Meanwhile mom has the humidifier set up right by the table I always sleep on and it seems to help me. I dont sneeze nearly as much.

Mom has been gone a lot this week because her Aunt passed away yesterday at age 53. Her aunt was diagnosed with Gallbladder cancer on september 30th and it was too agressive for any help. Her aunt had been in and out of the hospital ever since. Mom and all of the family got to be in the room for her last moments. She passed peacefully and we are thankful for that. No more suffering for her now.

Mom has been sad even though she knows that her aunt is in a better place. I slept on her tummy all night last night even though I kept waking her up with my sneezing fits MOL.

Anyway please say a prayer that my sneezing gets better so that mom can finally get a good nights sleep.

Lots of love,


Itchies + Sneezies

November 6th 2010 2:51 pm
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Hey Friends! Well today I woke mom up with a nice shower of Cat snot. Mom was actually dreaming she was taking a shower and then finally she woke up to me on her pillow sneezing over and over again. I was just trying to remind her that i needed my prednisone pill and it was past the time she gives it to me.

Well I hate taking the pill although I am a really good boy and get it down in one try. The good part is that after I get treats so its all worth it.

Other then the sneezing I am acting normal. Playing, Eating, and of course a lot of naps. As I mentioned in my last diary I really like the shoe closet but my other favorite spot is under the chair in the corner right next to the heat vent.

I cant believe I am wishing this but please let there be a good freeze soon so our allergies go away.


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