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The life of a warrior

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April 21st 2011 4:46 pm
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Thank you so much to everyone who gave me messages, Gifts and comments for my DDP. I have the best friends ever.


New brother

April 17th 2011 5:36 am
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Well our new baby brother came home yesterday. He sure is a cutie. I was the first of the kitties to meet him. Mom keeps him in their bedroom but let me in because she trusts me the most.

So I went in and the little guy hissed and arched his back the whole time I was in there. Then I would lay down and watch him for awhile but everytime I moved he would hiss and arch his back at me again.

Anyway he still isn't too fond of me but I am working on it. Mom thinks I really like the little guy. I haven't hissed at him once. I am just being my usual sweet self.

Toby came in and met him this morning and he was pretty good too. The kitten seemed less scared of him (Maybe cause his mom was kind of the same colors and short haired) but Toby hissed once when Cole scared him.

Melody has shown no interest yet. So far so good mom thinks though. Toby was so differen't when he was a kitten. He just wanted to play and he wasn't scared of anything. Now he seems to be a HUGE scardy cat around little Cole.

Anyway please keep purring that introductions continue to go well.



New brothers Catster Page

April 15th 2011 12:20 pm
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Please check out my new brothers catster page. We get to meet him tomorrow. Mom got some pictures from her cousin who went to visit the kittens.

He is a real cutie


His name will be Cole for sure now. Mom is busy getting everything ready for him.



A New surprise!

April 14th 2011 3:35 pm
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So over the last month or so mom and dad had been talking about getting a new kitten. Well it turns out that this weekend we will be getting a new family member. Mom found out that she will be allowed to have another cat in their during all of the hubbub with the lost cat that they found.

This whole thing came about when her cousins cat had kittens (they cat has since been spayed...Thank goodness!) Her cousin desperatly needs to find homes for them or they will go to a shelter : ( Luckily all but two have found homes and Now mom is able to take one of them.

Its a little gray boy who is named Coal. Dad likes the name but I dont know if we are going to keep it or not yet. So mom will be making a page for him soon.

Meanwhile here is a new picture of my little brother : ) Toby will finally have someone to play with and he wont have to pick on me anymore. Puurrs that we all get along. We have had cat visitors before and haven't had a problem before so mom is thinking we should be ok.




I'm Chipped!

April 11th 2011 5:18 pm
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Thats right! I was the only one in our family that wasn't Microchipped and Mom took me in today to get it done. Now if anything ever happens where I get out I have a microchip.

I was a good boy too! Didn't need my crate. Just sat on moms lap the whole time. Then mom brought me to the car to sit with dad while she payed. It was so funny when she came out dad was napping in the drivers side and I was just sitting there in the passenger side where she left me looking out the window.

Hope everyone is doing well




April 5th 2011 7:55 am
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Hello! Well I feel like I haven't been on in awhile. Last time I was talking about my family maybe getting another kitten. Mom really, really wanted one but it wasn't a smart choice for us as we would have been over on the amount of cats allowed in our apartments.

Other then that we have been just hanging out and watching the new aquarium. Mom finally got fish in it this weekend. So far they are all doing well.

Spring is finally starting to show itself around here. The sun is out and the snow is melting.

I hope all of my friends are doing well


Catching Up

March 12th 2011 2:14 pm
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Hello Friends! Its been a couple weeks since we have been on. We hope we didn't miss anything : (

Mom has been sooo busy these last few weeks. Grandpa was in the hospital for a weekend, Then last weekend mom went out and bought something called an aquarium. Mom has always been into fish keeping but when she got married she had to leave her aquarium at home. So now we will get to watch fish again.

Mom also got a smaller 2 gallon tank for her betta...boy that was a chore for mom to figure out a place where we wouldn't be messing around with it. Fist she put it on a table where Melody constantly tried to push the tank off (it was too heavy) then she put the table in a corner where we couldn't get it as easy but he finally ended up on the kitchen counter.

Mom came home yesterday and my nose was practically pressed up against the glass MOL. Dad said i was on the counter all day like that. Our betta (Sammy) doesn't seem bothered by me though so thats good.

Other news is that mom is still trying to figure out what is causing my itchy skin. Mom has been giving me about 2 baths a week and that seems to really be helping. Toby gets a bath when I do too just to make me feel better. My scabs are going away too. Mom is wondering if I could be allergic to something on my skin. I am off the prednisone for now while the baths are seeming to work.

Wow this got long but I had lots to catch up on
Lots of love,


Happy Valentines!

February 14th 2011 10:02 am
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Just wanted to say Happy Valentines day to all of my pals. Hope you get lots of love and kisses today.

Be mine

Love always,



January 29th 2011 7:29 am
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I was tagged by two friends
Skyler and Norman

5 Things That Humans do that Bugs Me!!!

1) I hate when mom trys to comb my beautiful fluffy pants. Just leave them alone...I promise I will take care of them.
2) Face Kisses...need I say more?
3) Those dang Paparazzi! (mom)
4) When I am woken up from a nap because mom thinks I look too cute and she needs to cuddle me.
5) Humans locking away the extra food and treats.


Cute pose of the day

January 23rd 2011 11:24 am
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Hello Kitties!

Everyday I seem to find a way to make mom find me even more adorable then the last. Usually its when I am sleeping or sitting around she takes out the camera and takes pictures of me.

Well Here is my Cute pose of the day AND it doubles as a great stretch for kitties too.

Stretch of the day

After a nice nap you can do this to stretch out those leg muscles.

It works really well if you lean into it like this

stretch with Lean

Well thats it! Hope all of my friends are having a wonderful weekend with their family.

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