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The life of a warrior

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June 21st 2011 4:23 pm
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Yep thats right! I am pretty good at Bugging when I want to be. Last night Mom was trying to sleep and I was bugging her by meowing constantly.

Ever since mom and dad got home from Vacation I have been super needy. I just dont see how Mom can think its ok to sleep when we still haven't caught up on our quality time together since she has been gone. Finally I settled down on her pillow but I made sure to wake her up several times by licking her hair and then getting it stuck in my mouth and hacking it up.

I am always coming up with new ways to Bug. Its something every cat should be good at.



Sneeky, Sneeky Boy

June 20th 2011 5:33 pm
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I have been VERY Sneeky Lately. We have a small hole in the edge of our screen on our patio door. Mom has been keeping it blocked so no one sneeks out until they get the tool to fix it.

WELL... Guess who has been found out on the patio twice today when they weren't supposed to be out there??

This Guy!

Mom thought the first time I slipped out when she was putting up a humming bird feeder. She is very careful to close the door right after she leaves but I watch for that perfect moment of escape.

Guess what I am looking at? That plant with the birds in it. Now mom has to get that tool this week to fix the door so she can keep it open again.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer weather.



Who was it?

June 11th 2011 7:27 am
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This morning mom got up and Dad was sleeping out in the living room by the sliding glass door. No they weren't fighting but sometimes when dad is up late or its really hot out he will sleep out there because there is a good breeze (Weird I know)

Anyway Mom ALWAYS yells at him to not leave the sliding glass door open because there is a tiny hole in it where the door and the screen connect on the furthest edge. Of course Dad says "Oh No none of the cats will get by me while i am sleeping. I will feel them walk over me".

Well this morning she looked out and who was out on the porch??? Me of course! I managed to sqeeze my big body through that hole and i was pacing the deck. Mom yelled at dad and he finally closed the sliding glass door.

Who was right??? Mom of course. I just had to prove her point for her.

Well tonight I will be going to chill with Ruben for the week. There are so many smells I will have to investigate. It should be an exciting week.



103 Degrees!

June 7th 2011 6:25 pm
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Oh my it got up to 103 today. We go from below zero in the winter to 103 degrees in the summer. Its supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow thank goodness. The funny thing is usually with a change like that it means a big nasty storm but they said no storms in the forcast. Hey we will take that!

I have been staying inside in the air conditioning. Mom let us out on the deck while she ate some ice cream but me and Toby gladly went in after about 5 minutes. Now we are just lounging around again.

This weekend Mom and Dad are going on vacation and I get to go stay with Ruben (Grandma and Grandpa are going too) because we don't want him to get lonely. Dad's Mom is coming to take care of all of us. They will be gone 5 days. Mom is super excited but she always misses us so much.

Anyway hope everyone is keeping cool


Boo Hoo

May 31st 2011 7:10 pm
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Hope all of my friends had a wonderful Holiday weekend. We got to spend some time with mom and dad (our favorite pass time) and enjoy the open windows. Luckily we didn't get any bad weather that was forcasted. Mom took down all the plants before bed and then slept strait through the night. We dont even know if there was any rain but everything seemed to be ok.

That catster article on the main page in Cat news has got mom down. I mean she is happy the bad guys got convicted but its just unthinkable to her that someone could hurt a living creature like that. This world seems worse every day : ( It just makes mom love us even more. At least she knows we are safe and sound, Have full bellies, Lots of love and attention and major spoiling.




May 18th 2011 4:09 pm
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Its my Birthday today! Mom totally messed up on my banner and wrote May 19th.

Anyway thank you so much to all of my pals for my Birthday wishes and gifts. I have the best friends in the world.

Lots of love,


All is well

May 7th 2011 6:15 pm
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Well It seems the Daylily did not affect me. Thanks to my friend Zeeke for the comforting advice on Daylily's as well. It really helped mom feel better.

Everything is pretty good around here except Toby has been acting a tad strange still. Mom made a vet appointment for him on Monday. He is eating,drinking, playing and acting normal except he started Drooling in his sleep.Last week it was he lost his meow but that came back now and this started happening.

The weather has been nice these last few days too.

Happy Mothers day to all of your mom's. Make sure to give them lots of love and attention.




May 6th 2011 11:01 am
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So today mom called the vet just to see what they thought about me chewing on that daylily leave yesterday. They said just to watch for me to act weird, Throw up, Dizzyness, loss of appetite and stuff like that. If I am acting normal there is nothing to worry about. I am acting normal and i ate a big breakfast this morning and played with my feather toy so mom is hoping everything will be ok.

Thanks for the purrs


Weird 24 hours

May 5th 2011 7:54 pm
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Well mom says she feels very uneasy about the last day or so. So last night I wrote about those kitties that made her really sad. Then today she woke up and it was raining really hard. It rained from about 2 AM on. Well when mom got up this morning to get ready for work mom first thought of those poor kitties in the rain.

Well one of her neighbors just got a brand new sports car with a convertable and when she looked out of her window she seen that they had forgot to put the top up last night. This was at 7:30 in the morning. It had been raining ALL Night. Mom felt so bad for them.

Then tonight dad brought home a new plant for outside that I decided to chew on. It was a daylily which is poisonous to cats. I am not acting funny and it has been about 3 hours since I chewed on it. I didn't eat any but oh man! Mom is going to by up watching me all night. Most websites say that they are poisonous but some say that its a common misconception that they are but they are actually okay. Some say cats have to consume a ton of the plant to be sick and some say even brushing up against the plant can kill a cat. AHHH this has been an aweful couple of days.

Please purr that I remain ok. I sure hope there isn't an emergency vet visit tonight. Mom read that most of the time if there is a problem it happens within the first 1-2 hours. Stupid Internet! Who knows what to believe.

Lots of love,


So sad

May 4th 2011 7:58 pm
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So tonight when mom was getting the bed ready she looked out the window and what did she see? Two cats in the parking lot right outside her window.

So of course mom dropped everything and went out to see what was going on. There was no one around or anything. One was a black short hair (very fat looking) and the other was a large long hair classic tabby (stunning) kitty. Mom remembered seeing a flyer about a lost cat in her building so she carried the large tabby that looked a lot like the cat in the picture to her front door but the flyer was gone : (

So she set down the kitty and he ran over by the black one. He was meowing to sadly mom felt aweful. So she went inside and got some food for them. The large one walked over and just looked at it and then the black one ate but when the tabby came back to eat he howeled at the tabby. Then the tabby walked around meowing again. Mom didn't know what to do. She picked up the food and spread it around on the ground so they could both eat but the tabby still walked around meowing.

Mom cant have any more cats : ( she really wanted to at least take the tabby inside as he seemed the most friendly but with us there she cant risk our health and happiness. Plus with having baby cole there it was even a bigger risk.

Mom looked outside and the tabby was walking around meowing and then she seen a big orange kitty by him. What the heck is going on??? Three kitties from no where in our apartment parking lot? I don't even know if they knew eachother because the tabby was acting very weird around the other two and they would hiss when they got too close but yet he ran up to the black one when i let him down.

Animal control is closed and its 10:00PM or mom would go around knocking on doors. We can't take them in. Mom's heart is breaking.

Please purr for these kitties. The most recent peak out mom took they were no longer in the parking lot so mom is hoping they found a safe place to go.


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