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The life of a warrior

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Eventful Day

September 16th 2007 5:56 pm
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Oh man today I did all kinds of new things. Mom has this handbag that is supposed to look like a purse but its really big because its meant for a dog. I hang out in there a lot so mom decided to bring me to petco in it. She never shuts the top because she feels like I would be squished but there is a little harness clip in there so I wont jump out.
So she took me to petco and I got a new feather toy, Two bags of treats and some jingle balls plus a brand new sparkly blue harness for me.
Then we went and visited Milo's house and I got to watch their pet birds for a while.
Then we went home and tried out my new harness with a leash and I got to go outside and walk in the grass. I felt like a real wild cat until the next door neighbor came home in his noisy truck and then I wanted to go in.
So that's all for now.
Lots of love,


So much has happened!

September 2nd 2007 1:21 pm
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So I have a few new stories to tell since the last time I wrote. I am getting bigger and bigger everyday and mom needs to get some new pictures up of me. She did add a new video of me though and you can tell how big I am getting.

Yesterday I was on my daily romp through the house and I flew up towards moms bedroom window and ended up flying right trough it. The whole screen came off and mom looked outside and there i was, sitting on the grass next to the screen. Mom jumped out the window after me and is sure the neighbors think she is crazy. Lucky for us it was on the first floor so it wasn't a very far fall. It didn't really phase me and I wasn't hurt or anything but it was quit an event.

Then today I got to go on my first stroller ride. It was so much fun! I just laid there watching the birds and played with the zippers. I was really relaxed and mom was happy about that. Ruben doesn't like strolling that much and meows pretty much the whole time so mom is trying to get me used to it right away so at least one of us use it.
It was just a short walk but it was fun.
Well I have to go play in my crinkle tunnel now. Sometimes mom hides treats in there for me.
Lots of love,



August 28th 2007 11:51 am
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My Video is featured on the home page which is really cool. Thank you everycat for your comments on it too and for rating it five paws.
Lots of love,
Baby Gordy



July 30th 2007 8:10 pm
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Hello! Today you will never guess what I got in the mail! Mom came in and was fiddling around with my collar and when I looked down there was a shiny new ID tag on my collar. I have been wearing one of Ruben's because it has the same information except for my name. So I got a pretty Sapphire spectrum ID tag from animal stars. Ruben has the Emerald spectrum one to match his eyes. has the coolest ID tags in the world. They really are as pretty as they look.
So now I have my very own Id with my name on it and everything. Everything has been going well here. Ruben is still being patient. He grooms me sometimes and mom thinks its really cute. He growls at me every once in a while but never bites or scratches.
Mom ordered me a cat tree special for in front of the window just like Ruben's since we don't always like to share. Mom has been going crazy with buying new things for me. She really needs to stop and start saving more money for her wedding.
Well I have to go
Lots of love,


My new brother Rubes

July 25th 2007 11:54 am
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So I have a new house, a new bed, a new life and a new brother who I call Rubes. He is a pretty cool guy so far. He did hiss at me once when I bit his tail and wouldn't stop but other then that he puts up with me. He even let me sleep with him in his bed. I bit his head and jumped on him and he just sat there. He is very patient and gentle with me and I appreciate it because sometimes I just get so excited I can hardly contain myself. Mom got some pictures of us together and is going to put me on my page soon.
I'm so excited to be apart of catster and make all kinds of new friends.
Lots of love,


Feeling Better

July 22nd 2007 8:01 pm
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Yesterday after I got home from the vet I took the longest nap EVER. Mom was worried about me even though the vet said i would be drowsy she just didn't think THAT drowsy. I fell to sleep while I was walking.

So me and Ruben have been getting a long well. We even played a little today. Mom makes sure to play with him and give him a lot of attention because she doesnt want him to feel bad or left out. She loves him very much you know?

My hangout spot is in the window and when Ruben comes to see me I always bonk him on the head. I don't use my claws its just a bonk. Ruben even slept on the bed with me last night. The first night I was here he slept under the bed.

Well I have to go take another kitty nap.


Coming home and the V-E-T

July 21st 2007 12:06 pm
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Hello! My name is Gordy and I'm so glad to be here on catster. I just came home yesterday and I am such a happy kitten. I have sooo much energy that mom cant even believe it sometimes. One minute I will be running around the house and then the next I wont even be able to keep my head p because I am so tired.

Today I had to go to the vet for the first time. It was really scary but they found out I had some yeast in my ear so mom has to clean it every day and put drops in it. We are just glad it wasn't ear mites.

I have a new big brother Named Ruben. He is so good to me and has so much patients with me. I bopped him on the head once and he just sat there and looked at me. I hope I can grow up and be just like him one day.

Misty is my icky canine sister (don't tell anyone but I kinda like her) I used my claws on her once and she ran to the corner with her tail between her legs but now I kinda cling to her for some reason.

So this is the beginning of my new life. I am looking forward to learning new things and growing up here on catster.

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