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The life of a warrior

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May 18th 2008 4:11 pm
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Guess what?? Tomorrow is my 1st birthday! Mom cant believe how fast time went.
The first day home I was just a little fuzz ball. I slept on mom's neck the whole night. Now I am 15lbs and all grown up.
Thank you to all my friends who have left me rosettes, Stars and Gifts. I love you all and am so lucky to have you.
Lots of love,


Updated pages

March 24th 2008 10:24 pm
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We got new backgrounds on our page. Mom thinks they are pretty cool but so is the music. Check it out if you get a chance.
Lots of love to all my pals. Thank you for the rosettes and messages. Mom has been super busy with wedding planning and internships. Thank you sweet Tabi for my Easter card too. I am so lucky to have you cutie.


New Collars and ID tags!

March 2nd 2008 4:03 pm
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Woohoo Mom ordered our new collars and ID tags today. Mom is mildly obsessed with collars for some reason. She also likes to get new ID tags for us but has been ordering from which are gorgeous but EXPENSIVE. So she is trying a new place just to see if she likes them.
Pet tags!

We also like this place and may try it sometime
cat grace!

We just got Brown and black pawprints this time around since we have colored ones from animal stars already.

Then I got this collar
Classy Bronze silk!

and Ruben is getting this one

sassy Multi cats!

Mom took some more pictures of us on our Katimanjaro that she will post soon.
Life is good!
Lots of love,


The Tom Cats Club

February 27th 2008 9:58 pm
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So its been a long time since Ruben has done anything new to the Tom cats club. I decided to bite him in the tail and tell him to re open it for all of us guys.
If you are interested in some fun times hanging out with the guys you should join.
We are going to be adding some upcoming events soon too.
Well I have to get some sleep. Me and Rubes have been working all day on cleaning up the club.
Lots of love,

Here is the group if you want to join. We promise lots of fun.

The Tom cats club !


Oh how I have grown

February 24th 2008 10:53 am
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First I would like to thank whoever gave me so many treats today. I was just thinking that I better watch my treat intake because I only had two left. Now I can eat as many as I want.
Thank you to the sweet kitty or kitties who did that for me.

Today mom decided to watch my videos on my page again. Oh I was such a cute little fluffy kitten.
She remembers the day when she brought me home. I hissed at Ruben and I was scared of Misty. Mom set me up on the cat tree and showed me where the food was.

I was fascinated by the window and the cat tree.

Ruben was such a good brother to me. He only hissed if I was biting him and wouldn't leave him alone. He was very patient and excepting of me.

Mom remembers that the first night home I slept right on her neck and purred all night. I would get up and switch positions on her neck. It was the sweetest thing.

By the second night I was already being independent and I slept at the end of the bed.

Now I have turned into this big beautiful kitty. I am so much bigger then Ruben already. I tackled him today (poor guy) when he was scratching the cat tree. Just a full on football tackle.

Well I guess I have to go get into some mischief now.

Lots of love,


Baby Olivia

February 22nd 2008 8:46 pm
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Ruben already wrote about this yesterday but we are getting a new baby cousin.
Her name is Olivia and she is soo adorable.
She is a Maine coon kitten and coming home from the cattery in March. We are so excited about her home coming.
Meanwhile check her out on her very own catster page! There is nothing funner then watching a kitten grow up on catster.

Baby Olivia!

There is the cutest picture of her during a bath. What could be more adorable then a wet little kitten?

Lots of love,


Poo Pant and weird nicknames

February 22nd 2008 1:00 pm
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I was just thinking today that my mom calls us a lot of weird and sometimes gross names. Does anyone else have moms that call them something with the word poo in it?
Mom obviously thinks we are adorable but for some reason half the names she calls us has the word poo in it.
Does mom like talking about Poo? No
Do we smell like poo? Sometimes I do : ( *blushes* but that's beside the point
Do we look like poo? Ruben kinda looks like a poo pile when he is sitting *MOL* no just kiddin.

So whats with the poo names? Its not cute, its not flattering and it doesn't make any sense.
Mom cant you come up with something better? And I'm not talking about G00shy bear either cause that's just embarrassing.

Please tell me some of your parents call you weird names too.
Lots of love,


I wants my Katimanjaro!

February 21st 2008 9:52 pm
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Well we have been very patient waiting for our Katimanjaro to come. They are supposed to be working on it this week so that's good news. I know a few cats here on catster that have ordered from playtime workshop and are happy with their trees so we are trying to be patient. Hopefully it will come soon.

ANYWAY we have a new kitty cousin named Olivia. She just got a catster page. Stop in and check her out, she is really cute.

Lots of love,



February 20th 2008 7:38 pm
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Today mom packed me up in the pink (yes pink) and polka dotted carry bag she has. My head pokes out and off we go to our destination.
Mom said we were going to go and visit Milo's house since we are going to be brothers.
Long story short Milo got scared hissed and ran away. I guess I'm pretty intimidating.
Milo's Grandparents were there and they said I was the prettiest kitty. It made me feel pretty good.
Mom also let me put my paw in the snow. I didn't show much emotion about it though.
Still waiting for our Cat tree. The nice man said it was on his work load list for this week. Hopefully it will be here soon.
Lots of love,


American Idol

February 19th 2008 9:23 pm
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OK so to be honest this is the first year mom has watched American Idol from the beginning.

She really likes Robbie the best since she is a big fan of rock music and he has a great voice.

She also likes the guy with the dread locks and Micheal too.

The young kid (the one Simon liked) is pretty good but she fears that because there are so many teenie boppers that watch the show he will have an unfair advantage.

I guess we will watch and see

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