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The life of a warrior

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Check out my new video!

December 16th 2008 3:29 pm
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Hey friends! Mom posted a new video of me playing in the sink. It was super fun : )
Hope everyone is having a great holiday season


My new sister Melody!

December 13th 2008 5:25 pm
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Hey friends!
Mom made a page for my new sister Melody.
Check her out if you have a chance


Neato Burrito

June 27th 2008 8:07 am
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I am diary Pick of the day! On the day that mom made me post her engagement pictures. Didn't we look handsome though?

Mom wanted me to say that she knows they are kissing a lot in the pictures but they are not usually all about PDA.

Anyway cool that I am diary pick of the day! Now cats can see my patriotic page too.

Thanks Catster for making me feel super special today!

Thank you to all of my pals leaving me gifts and Rosettes too. I really love you kitties.



Engagement photo shoot!

June 25th 2008 7:19 pm
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Well we did it! We got through the engagement shoot. Check out the pictures if you have time.
There are a few with us but Ruben started getting really crabby so they had to stop.
This is the link to the pictures and then you will obviously see the ones with us in them.

Engagement pics!!

Click clients on the far right
and its the first one that says Sarah and Joe.
We are on the third page


Today is the big day!

June 25th 2008 8:28 am
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Engagement pictures with us too! Mom is starting to freak out a little.
Wish us luck!


I wont shush up!

June 21st 2008 8:08 pm
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So mom has been taking me outside almost everyday now but now I wont shut up when i'm inside. Whenever she comes home I run to the door and meow constantly.
Mom says that I do it while she is away and Grandma and Grandpa are home. They are getting annoyed with it.
Mom cant decide what she should do. Should she stop bringing me outside on my leash completely? I love it so much but they cant take the meowing anymore!
Is there a solution to this problem?
Mom has created a monster
Well lots of love,



June 17th 2008 8:50 pm
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I am so glad summer is finally here. Mom took us outside again today. I chased bugs and Ruben chased my leash around. I gotta tell you I dont think he is all there but I love him anyway.

It was really nice out today but we only got to go out for a little while cause mom had to work at her internship all day. Mom tells us she graduates from college on Thursday whatever that means. Next she has to find a career.

Well I am at the tip top of my Katimanjaro ready to drift off so I better go.
Lots of love,


Outside Adventures- New videos!

June 15th 2008 5:47 pm
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Today mom brought us outside again. Mom took some video's that we put on our page if you have time to watch them. Just some random creatures I encountered. There was one very angry squirrel on the video too.
The other video is of me and Ruben. I was chasing a bug around the yard.
No music or anything but mom thought the natural sounds were pretty.

Hope you watch them if you get a chance.


Bad weather

June 14th 2008 8:05 pm
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Oh no! Tonight we are having bad weather. Me and rubes were just chillin by the window tonight and all of the sudden it got VERY windy. Mom came over and shut the window and in a few seconds she was lugging us down stairs.
Rubes and me are always moms first priority when it comes to bad weather so she brought us downstairs and locked us in the basement
: (
Mom always keeps my leash and harness and Ruben's cat carrier out in the basement in case a tornado comes and she needs to transport us safely.
The first round is over but I guess we are getting another round later tonight.
Say some purrs for us to be OK tonight OK?


Love it!

June 4th 2008 9:46 am
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I just have to say I love the new advantage commercial with the orange cat playing outside to In the Jungle.
Super cute man!

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