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Molly Madison: mews reporter

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Sad farewells to February

February 27th 2011 6:27 am
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Oh, my February was pawsome! For Valentine's day a very handsome ginger boykit gave me my first box of Valentine's candy.Swoon..I am going to save the box forever. The candy and nip inside however are almost gone :) Then, I was cat of the week. Two fantabulous things in a row. I got presents, trophies,flowers and nice messages and some new furriends. My gal pal Sissel and her mom decorated my page for Valentie's day and made a big cotw banner for me. I am saving that too. Thanks my furriends for making February the best month ever!!


Name the 5 most annoying things your human does.

January 30th 2011 4:57 pm
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I have been tagged by my furriends Timo and Big Harry to play the game: Name the 5 most annoying things your human does

1)Mum does not want to get up until 6 in the morning. Sleepy head! Macy and I try waking her up earlier but she won't budge. I have been trying for 10 years. humph

2)Mum won't give Macy away. He is annoying and yet mum keeps him and snuggles him and feeds him.He was cute when he was a kitten but now...

3)Mum vacuums the house with the sweep monster. I have to move because wherever I go the sweep monster follows. Annoying.

4)I am not allowed to wander outside. Inside only for years!Mum finally let me out the other day in the fenced in yard. But get this.. it was 20 degrees and there was snow everywhere.Annoying Mum!!!

5)Having to ask for food is annoying. We used to have a constant supply of kibble. Now it is stinky wet food twice a day and only a few kibbles for snacks. Whoops, I am sounding a little spoiled. er... I love my mum. purrr purrr...


Our beautiful wall paper.

December 1st 2010 6:26 am
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I want to thank aunt Tootie for making our catster pages so beautiful. She decorated for Autumn and now for the Holidays too. Thanks so much aunt Tootie! Misha,Macy and I love our new "rooms"
Happy Holidays everyone!


beatutiful page

April 24th 2009 10:43 am
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Hi everyone,
I just love the way my page looks today. It makes me feel loved and special. I have 3 special gifts and 5 rosettes and they are all different ! My pals made my page so lovely. Thanks good friends.


Got Mail?

June 7th 2008 11:01 am
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I am so excited! I got mail. Yes, I got two postcards this week. Addressed to me. Now that I am a "mews reporter" mum said I could join catsters around the world and send and get cards. Misha and Macy would be so jealous if they weren't too busy napping to notice. Should i go wake them up? HeHe.


Spring is here !

April 8th 2008 6:49 am
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Spring is finally here. We had the window cracked open and all those spring smells are so enticing. I just wish I could go outside. Mum says she will enclose the porch soon so we can go out there. We had a little screened in porch where we used to live and I loved it. Can you do it today Mum? Please? I see birds!


Game of tag

February 26th 2008 4:59 am
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I have been tagged by Samson! I have to tell 7 things about me.

1) I used to be a stray and lived outside
2) I had lots of kittens before mum caught me
3) I love to be brushed
4) mum calls me a firebug because i love to sit by the fireplace
5) I haven't met a kitty i haven't liked
6) I like to chase milk carton rings
7) I love cheese-just like you right?
I tag: Uboo, Homey, Chloe, Princess pumpkin patches, Shadey, Jasmin, Tinker.

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