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To The Frog Pond!!

September 2nd 2008 1:28 pm
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Sometime's our best weather here is in the late Summer, it's 86 degrees here today!!! Mom is getting ready to take the dogs for a swim at a place called the "Frog Pond". Hey, how come I don't get to go???? Maybe not such a good idea, I mean it's not because of the frogs--I'm obviously not afraid of frogs--it's just because I don't swim!!!! By the way, my dog brother Wesley told me I would be so welcomed there by the "locals". What does he mean by "coyote bait"????
Love from Smudge


Proud Brother

August 31st 2008 5:57 pm
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Even though I give my little sister Sissel a bad time about being "fluffy" and short legged, I must admit I am awfully proud of her today for being picked as Catster's Cat of the Day. I hope you enjoy your day in the spotlight little sis . . .
Love from Smudge



August 12th 2008 8:53 am
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Mom is headed off to the cabin again on another vacation--with those pesky dogs as ususal! This way she can watch the Olympics 24/7. That means Sissel and I will have the house all to ourselves. Our kitty-sitter will be here to take care of my paw and give me all my medications---and she always brings us lots of catnip toys! Mom will be back on August 23rd, so we will purr to you then!
Smudge and Sissel


Olympian in training--OUCH!!

August 9th 2008 5:19 pm
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Well pretending to train for the Olympics the other day, (the Fence Vault of course), as I was Cat-A-Pulting over the fence, I must of hooked a nail right on the fence and tore it partially off! OUCH!! So off to the hospital I went for a little surgery. I just want to thank my special angel Buddie for watching over me during the surgery. And the first place I went when I got home---right to my tranquility blanket knitted by the beautiful Hazel Lucy. She lovingly knits the Power of The Purr right into those blankets!! Thank you Hazel Lucy and Buddie--you sure make a good pair! Of course we all knew that already . . . I'm feeling much better, thank-you.
Love from Smudge


Thank You Friends!!

August 4th 2008 1:05 pm
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On behalf of all my Catster family, I just want to say how very grateful we are to all our friends who have sent us our beautiful Febreze collars---so many of you have been so sweet to take the time to do this for us. Mom has been so very busy with work and hasn't had much time to help us send some back out. We just want you to know that we really do appreciate each and everyone of you for being such wonderful friends to all of us . . .
Love from Smudge (Sissel and Smokey)


Not so Grumpy Gopher!

July 23rd 2008 11:42 am
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I did it again, I reached down into one of those holes in mom's lawn and came up with another one of those creatures called a GOPHER!!! But this one didn't come chasing after me like Grumpy Gopher did. Instead, she just sat there and looked at me. So like any couragous Norwegian Forest Cat would do, I meowed and meowed for Mom to come outside to the rescue!
She heard my cries and came out to see what was going on. And like she did Grumpy Gopher, she scooped up Nice Gopher and took her and released her in the same big empty field. Maybe Grumpy Gopher and Nice Gopher will meet in that big field and share stories of the great gopher hunter named Smudge. Of course Grumpy Gopher will have the best story to tell . . .and there goes my reputation!!


Proud Viking Cat

July 12th 2008 1:45 pm
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IT STARTED WITH THE VIKINGS. With little farmable land and abundant fishing grounds,it is no wonder the Norwegians turned to the sea. The necessities of offshore fishing soon evolved into more distant voyages seeking peaceful trade and violent conquest. As they roamed the ancient world, the Norsemen became the world’s greatest shipbuilders and the undisputed master sailors of the open sea, centuries before Columbus. And of course they needed to protect their goods from shipbound rodents---so the Vikings took with them , to no surprise, a few Norwegian Forest Cats !! Wow, I sure wish I could go back and live in those days . . . .


The True Story of The Grumpy Gopher, AKA Rambo Gopher!!

June 2nd 2008 12:07 pm
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OK, it's time I tell the REAL story of "The Grumpy Gopher" as we have been getting so many pawmails about him. If you have read my sister Sissel's diary, lets just say you have got the "girly" version of the story. I will now give you my version, the real story. Yes, it is true that after staring down one of those holes in our lawn for many months, I finally did get my paw on one of those gopher creatures. But I wasn't going to give it to Sissel for her birthday, I was going to sacrafice it to the Viking Gods of Rodents. I was going to show off my natural hunting abilities passed on down to me from my ancestors who hunted the Forests of Norway and traveled on Viking ships on "varmit patrol" many years ago. Now Sissel called him a "Grumphy Gopher". I happened to have my camera with me and quickly took a picture of him (please see above). Now, in my opinion, he was more like "Rambo Gopher"!!! As Rambo Gopher started chasing Sissel around the yard, his mouth open, his long fangs showing, I was about to come to her rescue, when out of the corner of my eye comes our big dog Wesley. Yes, he literally stuck his big nose right into the middle of everything! Next thing I knew, Wesley was spinning in a circle with Rambo gopher attached to his nose!! (It is true, he was not happy!!). Again, I was about to rescue him from Rambo Gopher when Mom jumped into the scene and pulled Rambo Gopher off of Wesley's nose. My chance to be a hero slipped away again!! She ran into the house with Rambo Gopher . . .and Rambo Gopher has never been seen again. But not to worry Viking Gods of Rodents, I will hunt again, I shall bring you a gopher!!. Now that's my version, the real version. . . .



May 26th 2008 3:39 pm
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Several days ago, Laurel Jaffer, a beloved member of the Catster/Dogster family, passed away unexpectedly in Florida. She left behind her dog Noelle and cats Tess and Aldo. There were no immediate family members to give these guys a home. But what happened next is extrordinary. With Catster Hazel Lucy in charge, members of the Catster/Dogster community organized raising money, rescuing Noelle from an animal shelter, hiring trappers to catch Aldo and Tess, putting up lost posters and offering a reward to find the lost kitties. Dogster's Mollie's mom bailed Noelle out of the shelter, took her to a veterinarian, got her on an airplane, flew her to New Mexico where she is now living in her new forever home with Dogster's Ziggy Stardust's mom. Aldo was captured and is now living with Catster's Ele's mom and will eventually be taken to his forever home in Baltimore. More extrodinary efforts have been made to trap Tess with Catster's Ashlye and Tyler's moms driving hundreds of miles this week-end to go to Laurel's home to apply their skills to try to find Tess. Every effort will be made to find her.
We are so proud to see what the Dogster/Catster family will do to take care of "their own", both two legged and four legged family members. We give everyone involved in these heartfelt rescues "4 paws up". We are so proud to be a small part of this wonderful family and so grateful for all the good friends we have made here.
We doubt that Laurel had any idea about the love she would find on this site when she joined, but we are sure that she now knows . . .
Smudge, Sissel, Smokey, Wesley, Sunny, and Dekker



May 15th 2008 3:39 pm
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We have the nicest mail-lady named Iris who has been delivering mom her mail for several years. When she came to deliver the mail today, she knocked on our door. She handed mom a postcard addressed to me---SMUDGE---and also handed her a form to fill out for the "new resident" of the house. Mom said that no one new was living here. She than asked "well who is this Smudge guy that is getting all the postcards lately?" Mom laughed, picked me up, and said to Iris "Meet Smudge"!! She just laughed, being a cat per herself, walked away, taking the form with her. And the postcard--it was my "Catsters Around The World" friend Leah, sending me a postcard all the way from Canada!! Thanks Leah---I wonder what is coming in the mail tomorrow???

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