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Muppet's Surgery

December 2nd 2008 2:51 pm
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Thanks to the wonderful Catster group, Muppet's Bucket, the beautiful Muppet will be having her much needed surgery tomorrow. You rock Muppetheads!!! We are so proud to be a part of this group and we will all be putting our paws together to purr for her tomorrow . . .
Smudge and family


How To Make Mom Feed You Again

November 11th 2008 4:05 pm
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As many of you know, my poor sister Sissel has been on a diet. Well, I am getting tired of her being so MOODY-so I have come up with a way to make our mom notice how moody she is and start feeding her normal again. She will want to give her real food after this! Here is what I suggest Sissel do to get her attention:
1.Eat four blades of grass and one lizard tail. Throw it back up on the kitchen table.
2.Steal one green bean from Mom's plate. Bat it around the floor until it goes under the refrigerator. Leave it there!
3. Catch a large beetle and bring it into the house. Play toss and catch with it until it is mushy and half dead. Allow it to escape under Mom's pillow.
4.Eat your breakfast voraciously. Walk from the kitchen to the edge of the living room rug. Promptly throw up on the rug. Step into it as you leave. Track footprints across the entire room.
5.Drink part of the milk from Mom's cereal bowl when she is not looking. Splatter part of it on the nearest polished aluminium appliance you can find.
6.Beg and cry until you are given some ice cream or milk in a bowl of your own. Take three licks/laps and then turn the bowl over on the floor.
7. Eat six bugs, assorted varieties, being sure to leave a collection of legs, wings, and antennae on the bathroom floor. Drink lots of water. Throw the bugs and all of the water up into the bathtub.
Now if this doesn't get Mom's attention, I don't know what will!


Sister For Rent/Option to Buy/Best Offer/Layaway/Will- Consider Trade

November 9th 2008 6:12 pm
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Anyone out there need a sister, a mean FLUFFY sister?? My sister Sissel is ususally so nice to me. But, every since she has been on this thing called a D-I-E-T, she is one moody kitty!!!! While I was eating my beautifully prepared breakfast this morning of tuna and milk, and she was eating her rationed breakfast of 3 kibbles, she reached over and slapped right along the side of the head!!! Hey, I can't help it if I'm not the one with "Spay-Sway"!! Girls, they are so wierd!


Stanley Steamer Strikes Again!!

November 3rd 2008 12:46 pm
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First of all, we want to thank the beautiful Hazel Lucy who contacted the police for us when she read our last diary entry. They must not talk cat--because they never showed up. Thanks for trying HL. Then we heard from Catster's Octavian and Odin, all the way accross the country in Michigan. Guess what?? Mr. Stanley Steamer broke into their house too---and got their carpets all wet!! Think how much trouble we cats get in even if we make a tiny wet spot on our carpet!! This Stanley Steamer guy really gets around!! But, he has got to be one of the dumbest burgulars in the country. Beside having his name written on his van, he also has his telephone number on it, 1-800-STEAMER!!!! Be careful Catster friends, he just may show up at your houses too. Don't let him blame you for the wet carpets he leaves!



October 30th 2008 3:28 pm
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Help! We are locked up in our room and there is a strange man outside making the carpet all wet!! Do you know what kind of trouble Sissel and I would be in if we made the carpet WET??? He even moved all the furniture and tables outside so he could make the whole carpet wet, we mean every inch of it!! Is he going to steal our furniture? Wait, now he's sucking the water back out of the carpet. Maybe we should call the police? Hey, I can see his name on the truck outside. Sissel, call the police. Tell them Mr. Stanley Steamer has broken into our house---tell them to come quick!



October 15th 2008 8:38 am
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While mom and the dogs are on vacation to the cabin, Sissel and I are on staycation, AGAIN!!! It's just not fair. When do we get to go to the cabin on vacation?????!!!!! Bears? Coyotes? Bring them on! I'm not afraid of anything!!
Hey, what are all those witches, ghosts,and scarey pumpkins doing in my front room? Run Sissel run, run for your life!! I want my blankie!!
Hurry home Mom!!


No Hurricaine In Maine!!

September 29th 2008 8:20 pm
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Mom is off to Maine early in the morning and we have been getting updated weather reports from our Catster friend in Maine, beautiful Maine Coon Maggie. It seems like Hurricaine Kyle missed Maine, which means there should still be lots of Autumn leaves on the trees. Maggie took a picture of some beautiful tress before the storm and sent them to us "just in case". Her mom has given our mom a list of fun places to visit while she is there. Thanks Maggie and Maggie's mom for being such a great Catster friend!! Yep, Maine, the way life should be . . . And Maggie, you did let mom know where to get the best kitty lobster, right?!?!
Love from Smudge


Hurricaine In Maine--nice timing Mom!

September 28th 2008 9:28 am
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Mom's headed for Maine on Tuesday morning, and for the first time in 18 years, a hurricane is hitting Maine tonight and tomorrow!! Does that mean that all the leaves will be blown off the trees and so much for seeing the "fall colors"? Nice timing Mom!
What we most hope is that all our Catster friends in Maine and Nova Scotia will be safe from Hurricaine Kyle . . . we'll be purring for all of you.
Love from Smudge


Welcome Autumn!!

September 22nd 2008 10:10 am
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It's finally here, our favorite time of the year!! AUTUMN!! It's also the time of the year that Mom gets her suitcase out and packs it for a trip to Maine. Yes Catsters, we admit it, our Mom is a known "LEAFER". That is what the people of the New England states call all the tourists that come to visit them during the fall to watch all the leafs on their trees turn beautiful colors. Oh yes, then there's the LOBSTER!! While we are here nibbling on our "cat food", she is out fine dining on Lobster!! Maybe just this one time, she'll bring us back some . . . She doesn't leave until next week, so we'll have to work on that request. Meanwhile, warm FALL wishes friends!


Americat Idol!!??

September 15th 2008 12:20 pm
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Friday was the day for my follow up with my veterinarian on my hurt paw. As ususal, I was in my crate crying (very macho crying of course!) as we traveled to her office. Mom turned around and asked if I couldn't "sing", instead, like my Catster pal Junior Fluffkins. For anyone who doesn't know who and what I am talking about, I hope you will go to his page and listen. I mean, we could be talking Catster's first Americat Idol here!!! I wonder if he gives singing lessons??!! Oh yes, my paw has healed purrfectly!

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