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5 Year Anniversary in Catsterland

August 7th 2009 1:03 pm
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With Mom on vacation and us on staycation, I totally missed my 5th anniversary in Catsterland yesterday!! I just wanted to say how much we enjoy all the wonderful friendships we have made here on Catster. We look forward to continuing our friendships and making many more new friends. Sure will be glad when Mom is back home in a couple of weeks. . .


Mom's On Vacation/We Have A Staycation!

July 7th 2009 10:31 am
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Mom is leaving today, with the dogs of course, for a vacation in the mountains for several weeks. She really wanted to take Sissel and I this time, but as I am an "escape artist", she has choosen to leave us at home with our cat-sitter Jenna so I don't get eaten by a coyote or racoon!! We will miss her, and boy will she miss us. So if you don't hear much from us for awhile, that is why. Have a great Summer everyone! We will miss all of you . . .
PS We will be purring for Muppet, Hooch, and Madi and really want to see them all well again. Thanks to Mupp's Mom too for helping us with our banners. Mupp's sure has one special Mom.


On Vacation Again!

June 9th 2009 1:23 pm
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Mom is leaving for our cabin again with my dog brothers, this time only for a week. She still has not sent out all the "thank-yous" I want her to send to all my friends who were so sweet to honor me with so many gifties when I was COTW. Please know that I appreciated every single one of them, more than meows can express.
Love from Smudge


Just Mom and me . . .

May 16th 2009 10:20 am
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First of all I want to thank everyone again for all the pawmails and gifts you sent me for both my birthday and COTW--it was so nice to hear from so many friends and you made me feel so very special. Mom has not been able to thank everyone yet and hopes she doesn't miss anyone. Please know that all was very appreciated!
Mom took both of my dog brothers and my cat sister Sissel to the groomer this morning. That means I have Mom all to myself for the next several hours!! And I guess Mom doesn't think that I need a bath. Or maybe she hates to take me to the groomer because I hide under her bed for a couple of days afterwards!?!? Whatever! I am just glad to be the "only child" today. Have a great week-end friends!
Love from Smudge


Muchas Gracias Catster and amigos!!!

May 5th 2009 10:10 am
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Hola amigos!! (hello friends!). Muchas gracias Catster!! (thank you Catster). I am so honored to be named Catster's Cat of the Week. Mi Madre esta muy contendo. (my mother is very happy). In honor of Cinco de Mayo, just a few words in Spanish. To have my birthday and be COTW all in the same week is quite special. I can't thank everyone enough for all the pawmails, rosettes, stars, and special gifts we have recieved. Mi secretario (my secretary) is going to be quite busy the next week or so thanking all of you. MUCHAS GRACIAS!!
Con gusto (with pleasure), to celebrate Cinco De Mayo, I will be having lunch today with the beautiful Senorita Rockita Anna (Rocky Ann). We had already planned a lunch of Camarone (shrimp) burritos and she will be bringing some Freson (strawberries) for desert!
Por favor (please) keep purring for my friend Muppett . . .she and her mom are very special.
Enjoy Cinco de Mayo and thank you again to everyone!!
Senor Smudge


Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

May 4th 2009 3:21 pm
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Sometimes my Mom can be just plain clueless. My dog brother Wesley went to our groomer (clue #1) Santee LOPEZ for a bath on Saturday. Santee always ties some ribbons on our collars after our baths. The ribbon colors will often match whatever holiday we might soon be celebrating. When she picked Wesley up on Saturday, Santee had put (clue #2) RED, GREEN, and WHITE ribbons on him. On the way out Santee said (clue #3), "HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO". As Mom looked at Wesley's ribbon she thought, "Oh my, Santee must not be able to afford new ribbon and is using left over Christmas ribbon". But that was OK, Santee always makes all of us look beautiful. Well, it didn't hit her until today when she was doing our Cinco De Mayo pages that the colors of the ribbons were the colors of (clue 4#) the MEXICAN FLAG!!!! Yes, CLUELESS Mom finally got it, the ribbon colors were to celebrate an upcoming holiday! Wishing all our friends a Happy Cinco De Mayo!!
Senor Smudge


It's My Birthday!!!

May 3rd 2009 2:46 pm
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Today is my 6th Birthday and boy has it been fun. First off all, Mom let me play out in the yard today, and even though I didn't catch one, I got to hunt for gophers!! What more could a kitty ask for?! I have received some very special gifts from Catster friends too. Muppet and her family sent me a Birthday Cake and a Cupcake!!! As Muppet would say, "Ooh-Ooh, Ahh, Ahh". I also received furever Earths from Wally Bear and family, Karma Kitty and family, and Niko. Angel Buddie and his family sent me a forever Star. I also recieved Party Hats from Oliver, Conner and family, Zoomer & family, Samoa, and Tate & family. Cupcakes from Louis Le Beau & familyand Princess Peach and family. NumNum Cupcakes from Misha and Piglet & family. Hazel Lucy sent me a Brussel Ball; Callie rose, Tulips; Oly and Luka, Kites; and Smokey a Blue Rosette. I even got some surprise Ballons from someone???? Thanks to all of my Catster friends for making me feel so special on my birthday. As soon as my secretary has a day off, I will make sure she thanks all of you individually. If we leave anyone out, we sure don't mean too. (grounds to fire my secretary!!).
Love from Smudge

I also have received a Kite from Greystone and family, a Sunflower from Alfie and family, A Bunny from Margo R.K.N., and Sir Sonny Bono sent me a Rainbow rosette all the way from Heaven. Thanks everyone!!


I Climbed A Tree!!

April 27th 2009 4:10 pm
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We have a huge, I mean HUGE, oak tree in our front yard. I usually just play at the base of it. But boy was Mom surprised today when she looked out the window and saw me half way up the tree!!! She screamed at me to get back down. Being the brave cat that I am, I was going to go all the way to the top!! But because I didn't want to upset Mom, I climbed back down as I knew she was scared for me. But not me, I was ready to conquer that big old oak tree.
I want to thank my very good friend Muppet for the early birthday present she sent me. Her and her mom made a beautiful birthday banner for my page (or my room as Muppet likes to call it.). Thank you sweet Mupps and know we are purring like crazy for you to get all better.


How Pets Can Go Green

April 21st 2009 9:27 am
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Earth Day is Wednesday and we decided to research how we can "go green" as dogs and cats. Here are some of the things we have found:
1. Use environmentally friendly alternatives for cat litter. There are alternatives such as natural wheat or corn based litter which are biodegradable. It is best not to flush cat litter as cats carry toxoplasmosis which is very harmful to sealife.
2. When picking up poop (like when walking the dogs), use biodegradable poop bags that won't cause harm to our landfills. Unlike cat poop, the best way to dispose of dog poop is to flush it. You can even find flushable bags for dog poop.
3. There are green toys and collars. Look for toys that are made of recylcled plastic and collars make from hemp.
4. Save birds from preditor cats by putting a bell on the cat's collar. This makes it very difficult for a cat to sneak upon a bird.
So that is some of the changes we will be making around here to honor our Earth on Earth Day! Hope many of our friends will do the same. Happy Earth Day!!!
We also wanted to mention we are purring for our precious friend Muppet who has been thru so much lately. She is so loved by so many of us . . .please send a purr her way.


Love To Be Vacumned

April 7th 2009 12:07 pm
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Having 2 long haired cats and 2 long haired dogs living here, Mom had been thinking about the Pledge Fabric Sweeper that has been shown here on Catster the past month. Well, she brought one home the other day and I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT!!!!! I intentionally sleep on both living room couches while Mom is at work, leaving lots of my hair all over. The first thing that Mom does when she gets home is to pull out the vacumn cleaner. And what do I do?? I lay right in the middle of the couch , and because I LOVE TO BE VACUMNED, I beg to have Mom vacumn me too!! Which she always does because she loves me and likes to make me happy. Well, no more! That Pledge Fabric Sweeper is all she needs now for the couches! It works good--too good!!! So while she is away at work tonight, I am going to hide that thing someplace she can never find it. And if you really love me Mom, do not bring another one home!!

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