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Calgon Take Me Away!

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In the Doghouse!

June 2nd 2010 10:06 pm
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My Chihuahua dog sisters just got a new doghouse shaped like a red barn! Well, take a look at the first photo on my webpage to see who is loving it! Once again, proof that living with dogs isn't always such a bad thing! Not to mention being in the doghouse isn't always so bad either!


I Have a Secret!!

January 1st 2010 11:01 pm
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You read that correctly. I have a secret!! I've been napping in my Chihuahua sister, Tinker Bell Forever's bed!! MOL!! I LOVE her bed. The second she climbs out of it, I take it over!! It is super comfy!! Did I mention that Tinker Bell is the princess of the house?! She would not like me sleeping there at all. So this secret is just between me and all of my fellow catster members. Dogs aren't allowed to read catster diaries are they?? Well let's hope not. Also, I am feeling daring today; for your eyes only, I posted a picture of myself chillin' in her special bed. I'm even next to her favorite stuffed plushie-Wubby!! MOL!! Take a look! Picture #1!! Shhhh!!


Christmas Tree=Fun!!

December 22nd 2009 9:56 pm
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Today was a great day for an adventure. So I decided to explore under the Christmas tree!! Boy did I ever create some havoc!! First I almost knocked the entire tree down, when I jumped onto the table where it was standing!! I'm not a big cat so I attempted to squeeze my way underneath it, between a couple of presents!! Oops!! I was fatter than I thought!! One present dropped to the floor!! That is when my mom figured out what all the racket was!! The dogs did too!! They decided to start running in circles, while barking ... at me!

I loved being under the Chrismas tree!! Twinkling lights, sparkling tinsel, and dangling ornaments!! Can you say giant cat toy?!! So when my mom told me to get out from underneath the tree, I didn't listen to her!! You can't really blame a guy for having fun can you?? Well, my mom was afraid I'd get hurt. She decided to bribe me with some food! I'm more of an eater than an adventurer, and so you can probably guess I bolted from underneath the tree in about two seconds!!

My adventure was fun while it lasted!! I love Christmas trees!!


Thank You, Catster!!

November 2nd 2009 5:55 pm
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I am the diary pick of the day!! This is so exciting! Thanks, Catster!!

Congratulations to all of the other diary picks of the day today, too!!

Last month, I received three Halloween cards from some of my new Catster friends in my new group (pen paws). Those were the first pieces of mail I was ever sent! So that was exciting.

Now, this month, I get to be one of the diary picks of the day! So I really am having a great time!! Oh, my mom also put some white lights on my cat stroller! And I got a few new patches for it, too!!

So things have been going well for me! Next thing I have planned is to make out a Wish List for Christmas, since I already saw my mom writing my name down on her Christmas list!

Take care all of you Catsters!!

Thanks again, Catster!!


I Kept Scratching My Mom!!

October 23rd 2009 9:49 pm
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Last night, I was sitting next to my mom's legs on the couch, and well, I kept scratching her!! Not too hard, but enough where she could feel my claws!! I'm not a scratching-type of a cat, so my mom thought maybe I really wanted attention. Well, she would pet me, but then I'd scratch her again!!

My mom was really shocked! It just wasn't my normal behavior! Well after a LONG while, my mom realized she had ties on her capris!!! So I wasn't really trying to scratch her, but I was trying to bat at the strings on her capris! MOL!!


My Biggest Fan is Sick!!

September 25th 2009 2:28 pm
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Oh, no!! My biggest fan, who is my auntie, has been sick her whole visit!! I have hardly seen her, because she has been lying down in her room! Sadly she is leaving tomorrow (Sat.)!

The first evening she was here, she was giving me lots of attention. That was the only time during her visit she wasn't sick; she just felt run down. So luckily we spent time together then. I even showed her my stroller!

She hadn't seen me for over three years!! And guess what? She said I look better than I did the last time she saw me! I was really impressed with that comment!! It must be the strolling!

Well, maybe tonight my auntie will spend some time with me. If not, I guess I will have to wait for her next visit!

Oh! I forgot to mention. My auntie said I am quite a little gentleman! She said I was the quietest and politest cat she has ever seen!

-Apollo Cream


My Biggest Fan!

September 21st 2009 10:47 pm
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Tomorrow my biggest fan is coming into town! It is my Aunt! When she comes to visit, she loves taking my picture and petting me! She is obsessed with me! She makes sure to take pictures of me at all angles even! The last time she took photos of me, and she downloaded them onto her computer! Then she kept telling her boyfriend to look at all my pictures. She said it so often that he even got upset, saying he had seen them all already! Of course we all know he was just jealous!! So I still love him!!

Hope all catsters are doing well. Please stay healthy and safe!
-Apollo Cream


Stroller Rides!!

August 25th 2009 8:49 pm
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I'm getting regular strolls once again! My mom's arms haven't been working too well since the beginning of the year, but now they are getting stronger!! My mom can push me for a while now! I LOVE my stroller, and I LOVE my mom being my stroller limo driver!!

Now my Chihuahua sisters are getting jealous again that they can't ride in my stroller!! I like to be in it ALONE. I already have to share the couch with them. So my mom says I don't have to share my stroller, after all I am the special, only, boy-cat in the family.

I will post a picture of me hanging out in my stroller! I'm still obsessed with it indoors and out.



August 19th 2009 9:55 pm
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My mom is fine, and it was an accident, but I tripped my mom down the stairs!! She was walking down the stairs, and I jumped up on the staircase through the side, then ran right between her feet! I am fast when I want to be!! My mom skidded down two stairs, then caught herself!! I was unscathed, and my mom was too!

Please be careful on the stairs!! You don't want to hurt yourself or your parent!!


My Birthday is Today!!

July 27th 2009 11:09 am
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Today is my birthday!

I was really looking forward to receiving a new black stroller with flames, but that gift idea didn't fly over too well with my dad. Maybe one day my mom can sneak one in the house without my dad noticing.

Until then, my mom and I are trying to revamp my pink stroller into a super macho machine. She went to the fabric store to buy me some patches/appliques for my stroller the other day. Well, the fabric shop obviously doesn't know too much about macho, because my mom had the hardest time finding me some manly patches! She came out of there with a pirate skull patch and a black race car patch. There were no fire/flame patches!! So we are both on the look out for some more patches to beef up my stroller.

As for other presents, I got a laser light toy!! I haven't had one of those in years! I LOVE chasing laser lights!! My chihuahua sister likes it too. My mom is going to get me a black towel to use inside of my stroller, and she said she will buy me one more toy today.

Well, everycat, have a great day!

-Apollo Cream

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