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Tail from Under the Dresser

Thank You, Catster Cat!

July 18th 2007 9:35 pm
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First, the Catster Cat gives me a slice of watermelon. Then she gives me a Blue Star! I've never seen a Blue Star before - how pretty!

Thank You, Catster Cat!



June 26th 2007 8:13 pm
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Late, but here's my account of the Safari I went on with Navin and Buds:

Navin got me a wallaby to ride on. The wallaby (Bruce was his name), was warm and soft & cozy and quite sure-footed. I was so comfortable riding on him.

We wandered and walked and safaried and saw so many wonderful animals!

But - at one point in the trip we stopped to watch a herd of zebras drinking at the water hole. It was so nice and peaceful. Then suddenly, a young lioness bolted out and began chasing a baby zebra. The poor zebra screamed and ran and ran and ran! The lioness seemed to be teasing the zebra, making it think it might get away as it dashed to and fro. But all the while, the lioness seemed just a leap away from getting the zebra.

I was very worried, my tail poofed out, and my teeth chattered. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Navin whisper something into Chelsea's ear. She smiled and nodded and Navin flew over to me.

{side note: Mommy always pictures in her mind that Navin flies like he has "droopy drawers"....with a big heiney hanging down while his wings beat furiously trying to keep him airborne. This is NOT true! Navin is totally a graceful flyer, and can even do loops and swoops and backflips too!}

Navin landed next to me, gave me a tender headrub and told me to keep watching. He draped his tail over my back to offer even more comfort. I started to softly cry, but Navin shushed me and said I would be pleasantly surprised if I only kept watching what was happening.

I know Navin wouldn't let anything bad happen on this safari, so look I did. And I am glad I kept watching. For when the zebra couldn't run anymore, he stopped and leaned up against a tree. The lioness snarled, reached out her paw to swat at the zebra and yelled, "Tag! You're It"! and then she ran away laughing. The zebra, renewed with a sudden burst of energy screamed and laughed, "no fair"! and began chasing other animals at the watering hole!

I was so relieved and everyone on safari began laughing! I gave Navin a quick nose touch of thanks and, just as he began flying over back to Chelsea, I reached out and tagged him as "it" myself!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful safari day! I can't wait until our next trip!!

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