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The Writings of the Divine Miss P.

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July 19th 2008 7:34 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Things just keep getting worse! Boogers won't give me back my Cheez Whiz and now *Diego* has abducted my lamb!!! Oh, the horror! Is there no end to the EVIL here???

Diego says my poor little lamb is going to be processed into a new Tiki cat food flavour. Yikes!!!!

Please help me save my lamb!!!

Later kitties!


I Can't Believe It

July 12th 2008 1:41 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I just found out that Princess has been taken into custody and all her hostages have been freed!!!

I've been following this story very closely. Princess is so beautiful and brilliant. Only the skulduggery of that EVIL Boogers could have led to this sad outcome. Policeman Boogie and Wizard Fido have NO jurisdiction in New Mexico. I will help Princess launch an appeal immediately. This is a false arrest! This is a ginormous miscarriage of justice!

Later kitties!
~Darn, how am I gonna get my Whiz back now?~


I'm Innocent

July 7th 2008 3:56 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I don't know what has got into EVIL Boogers. He's having some problem with a cat named Princess and is accusing me of doing her deeds! *shock*

I admit I truly admire this Princess. She's very, very beautiful with gorgeous natural blonde hair. She also has Boogers on the run. Seems she catnapped Tiki Cat and made her forget the recipe for Tiki cat food. Ah well. Boogers will just have to do without his beloved Tiki food just like I have to do without my Cheez Whiz.

Bravo Princess! You go girl!

Later kitties!


Semi Furminated

June 28th 2008 1:23 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother came home today with a nasty surprise. She was at the pet store and saw their display for the Furminator and went and bought one.

Mother says I shed a lot and the regular comb and brush weren't doing the trick on my beautiful thick coat. I do not shed, mother. I just like to leave some of myself behind wherever I go. Keepsakes for my fans, you know? She wasn't buying that and proceeded to go to work on me with the Furminator.

Let me tell you kitties, I do not like being combed and brushed. Period. However, I confess, I did purr a little bit when the Furminating began. I quickly remembered myself, however, and was soon making those beautiful low growlie sounds that I can do so well. Mother backed off, as I have her well trained. She did seem pleased, though, with the load of fur she got off me during the session. Pleased enough that I know she's gonna try it again on me. Better be careful, mother...

Later kitties! Gotta go plan some anti-Furmination strategy.


Say It With Chicken

June 24th 2008 7:15 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I'm floating on cloud 9 right this very second.

I received a declaration of love from my handsome Robert tonight. Oh...I feel so giddy and faint... His passionate message came wrapped in a chicken hat. Oh...I'm gonna swoon...Does it get any more romantic than that???

Later kitties! I need to lie down. My little heart is palpitating so...


Birthday Pawty for Bob Today June 15!!!

June 15th 2008 6:27 am
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Oh my oh my oh my. My wonderful boyfriend, Robert, a.k.a *Bob* turns 13 today!!
We're throwing an all day birthday bash in his honour. Please drop by and wish him a Happy Birthday!

The pawty is *HERE*

Happy Happy Birthday, my handsome snookums!

Later kitties! Gotta pawty to attend!


Boogers' Wedding and Bob's Birthday Pawty

June 13th 2008 3:48 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Such an exciting weekend coming up!

My bestie, *Boogers*, is marrying the lovely, *Eve*, tomorrow, June 14. Then on Sunday, June 15, there will be an all day birthday pawty in the Party Time and Virtual Playdate forum for my Robert, who most of you know as *Bob*.

I've made a beautiful new pink dress for the wedding and have a perky new pawty hat for the birthday pawty. Oooo, I shall look divine! Oooops. Oh my, it's not about me is it? *blush* *giggles*

Can't wait! Love ya Boogers! Love ya, my Robert!

Later kitties!



June 9th 2008 6:23 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. The weather here has been so strange this spring. Up until late last week it was pretty cool for this time of year. Then, suddenly, it got really, really hot and humid - around 41C with the humidity factored in.

Yesterday evening while mother was listening to the radio an announcer broke in with a bulletin saying a tornado warning had been issued for our area. Yikes! We don't get tornadoes here!!!

Now mother is clueless about what to do in real life when a tornado hits. However, in the movies, the ma and pa always put the young-uns in the root cellar, while they themselves don't quite make it down there in time. They get blown away leaving the young-uns orphaned.

Well, we don't have a root cellar, so mother put me and Sullivan in the basement hoping that was the right place for us to be. She of course went outside to see if there were any funnel clouds nearby. Mother isn't quite "all there" if you catch my drift. Fortunately it turned out to be much ado about nothing. The skies got really dark, there was a little bit of rain and then the whole thing was over. Ho hum.

Later kitties!


Year 2 Begins

May 27th 2008 7:34 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I want to thank all my friends who dropped by and left me wonderful messages, rosies and gifties for my first year adoption and Catster anniversaries. You're all the bees knees. *giggles* I hope you all enjoyed the cake.
My Robert even stopped by to get his extra icing. Oh my yes.

I've had so much fun this year on Catster, playing and making new friends. I'm looking forward to another fun year here too. Oh, and the battle with EVIL Boogers is sure to continue but I will prevail! *giggles*

Later kitties!


I'm Getting Cake!

May 26th 2008 1:40 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my! Tomorrow is my first anniversary on Catster which means I'll be getting a big yummy cake! Everykitty is invited over to have a piece or two or three. Boogers is invited over to watch us eat it. MOL MOL MOL!!!. Just kidding. Love ya Boogers. You can have all the cake you want, too.

Robert, if you drop by, I'll add some extra icing to your slice. *wink* *giggles*

Today is my adoption anniversary. It's been one whole year since I moved into this place. It's been pretty good here, except for Sullivan, of course. Guess a kitty can't have everything. Mother didn't get me a present because she says I have too much stuff already. *SHOCK* Excuse me mother, I believe we need to discuss this further. At least she gave me my favourite food for breakfast - Wellness Chicken and Herring. Turkey used to be my favourite but my tastes change. Besides, a proper lady should never be predictable.

Later kitties! Gonna go dream about cake.

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