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The Writings of the Divine Miss P.

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January 20th 2014 1:17 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. This will have to be at least my penultimate diary entry 'cause I don't want my last one here to be about saying something positive about Say. Oh my no.

The first thing we did when the bad news came out about Catster was to cancel our auto renewal of Plus. We just renewed late in December but we weren't going to bother trying to get a refund. Figured it would end up being a hassle that we could do without. Well guess what? We got an email today stating that our subscription money has been refunded. Pawsome! We didn't have to do anything. We'll take it! Mother can use the money to buy me more Cheez Whiz. OMC!!! CHEEZ WHIZ!!!

Sooo...thanks, Say, for being expeditious with the refunds.

Later kitties!


Bad News

January 16th 2014 1:45 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I'm not gonna write what I'm feeling 'cause I'm a proper lady.

If any kitty out there wants to stay in touch via FB send us a pmail. We're very new to FB and we don't have anything there but our "name". We're not even used to logging on there on a regular basis but I guess that's the best way to stay in touch now.

I kinda hoped to go down with my Pansy Purrfect page on display. Guess I'll have to sink with our New Years 2014 one instead.

BTW, if any of you want to save your diary pages, photo book pages, or any other pages from Catster in PDF format you can do so using this online tool:

HTML to PDF Coverter

I find it to be very fast and doesn't have any page limitations.

Later kitties!


Good News

January 14th 2014 1:18 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I had to go to the vet yesterday for another blood test to check my thyroid level. Mother got the results back this AM from the doctor and, as he said, they were purrfect! Yes! My T4 measured 24 this time which is nicely in the normal range. Woo Hoo!!! Since things seem to be under control now I don't have to go back for another blood test for 2 to 3 months. Yay!

Did you hear that, EVIL Murray? Your attempt to do me harm by infecting me with your nasty thyroid germs has been thwarted by a tiny little pill. Mwahaahaa!!!

Mother says I'm very lucky in that this Hyper-T hasn't caused me any distress to date. I've felt fine the whole time. I just think I'm lucky 'cause I get CHEEZ WHIZ EVERY DAY! OMC!!!!

I see that it's Dogster's 10th anniversary today. Happy Anniversary, Dogster!

Later kitties!


Loose Ends

January 11th 2014 5:05 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. No, I`m not writing about *Ashlynne`s* poopie problems. I`m writing about my bro, Kovo`s. Loose ends. Get it? *giggles*

Kovo was so upset that I never wrote about what happened with his poopie problems from before Christmas. Everything was left open ended. He's worried that since Catster seems to be in its end times those problems will forever be associated with him. He wants his Catster legacy to be on a firmer footing, so to speak. *giggles* He was too embarrassed to write about this in his own diary so he bribed me to write about it in mine. Mwahaahaa!!!

So, Kovo had soft poopies and then mother gave him pumpkin and chicken & rice poodle food and then he stopped pooping altogether and then we had an ice storm and by then Kovo's poopies were all back to their very stinky normal selves. So that's the end of the story. Are you happy now, Kovo?

Later kitties!


Blame It On Texas

January 6th 2014 3:42 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Texas has officially replaced New Mexico as the most EVIL state in the USofA. Oh my yes.

That nasty ice storm we had a couple of weeks back was due to a warm front sent up our way from Texas. Last night we had another storm. There was snow, rain, freezing rain and then more snow. All courtesy of another warm front from good old Texas. Tonight and tomorrow they say the wind chill is gonna be -40C degrees. Holy Catnip! We're all gonna freeze!

I'm supposed to have a followup blood test this week so I can get my medicine properly adjusted. Mother says she's not taking me outside until things warm up. OMC! There's a chance I could get more CHEEZ WHIZ but I won't know until I get my test. Grrrrrrrrr! I blame this all on you, TEXAS! You will PAY!

Later kitties! Gotta go find a warm spot to snooze.


DDP and Half Price!

January 3rd 2014 4:35 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Today is my lucky day. I'm a DDP! Thanks HQ for the honour! Now get busy and fix that Fun Stuff bug!

Thanks also to all my pals who sent concatulatory pmails and left DDP concats comments. You're the best!

Another pawsome thing that happened today was when mother went to the store this afternoon. CHEEZ WHIZ was on sale for half price!!!! OMC!!!! CHEEZ WHIZ!!!! I LOVE MY CHEEZ WHIZ!!! EEEEEEeeeeeeeeee!!! Mother only bought one jar 'cause she says it lasts forever. It wouldn't have to, mother, if you gave me way more with my pill. Hint. Hint. OMC!!! CHEEZ WHIZ!!!!

Later kitties!


Make Or Break Time

January 2nd 2014 4:32 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. As the oh-so-handsome Big Daddy B says in his most recent Diary entry (Dec.31,2013): "Don't touch those bio fields!"

There's a new bug that's wiping out the entries in the Fun Stuff Bio Fields. Don't try to update your pages or anything in the Fun Stuff Bio Fields 'cause it will be wiped out when you try to save your changes.
STAY AWAY FROM THE "FUN STUFF" until HQ has fixed the problem.

Oh my. The current owners of Catster have a poor record of fixing Catster bugs. We love the Community and ability to make pretty pages. If this Bio Field bug isn't fixed in a timely manner then there's no point in us staying around 'cause half the reason for being here won't exist. We'd hate to leave but this is a deal breaker. If we can't make pawsome pages we're leaving. Oh my yes.

Later kitties!


Ice Storm

December 24th 2013 12:36 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. We were hit with an ice storm on Saturday night. It knocked out hundreds of thousands people's hydro in the province including ours. We didn't have power for almost two days and it was COLD!!!

Mother brought out blankets and an old comforter and tried to make little caves for us cats to sleep in on the sofa. We didn't cooperate, of course. We liked sleeping on top of all those soft, comfy things. We can keep nice and warm just by curling up, thank you very much. Oh my yes.

Mother was going stir-crazy 'cause it was sooo cold and she couldn't go anywhere because all the ice outside and falling trees were just too dangerous. About half the maple tree on our front lawn has broken apart and fallen down. Trees are down and streets are blocked with debris everywhere. We're only three days into winter! Oh my.

We got our power back late yesterday so we're all nice and warm and back to our regular sleeping spots today. Paws crossed that our hydro stays on!

Merry Christmas everykitty! Hope Santa is good to you all.

Later kitties!


Nothing! Zilch! Nadda!

December 20th 2013 1:09 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Kitties, I hope if you ever get sick or aren't feeling quite right that you NEVER have to have mother look after you. Oh my no.

Although she was just following the vet's instructions mother did manage to almost completely turn off my thyroid machine with the pills she is giving me. She took me from too high to way too low. Now she's done the same sorta thing with poor poodle, Kovo.

A few days ago poodle boy was putting out the soft poopies morning and evening. Yesterday morning, after a couple of small meals of chicken, rice and over-priced pumpkin the previous day, Kovo put out a better formed yet still somewhat soft poopie. Mother gave the boy another couple meals of the pumpkin concoction yesterday also. No sign of poopies of any quality since. Poodle boy hasn't pooped for almost a day and a half now. Zilch! Nadda!

OMC!!! I wonder if Kovo is ever gonna poop again?!?!

Later kitties!


Soft Poopies!

December 18th 2013 3:08 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I just know that some EVIL cats out there who are jealous of my beauty and purrfection are rubbing their paws with glee 'cause they think the title of this diary entry refers to me. Well, it does not! My poopies are wonderfully flawless thank you very much. Those softies belong to none other than our new poodle, Kovo. Mwahaahaa!!!

Yesterday morning mother noticed Kovo leave a soft deposit accompanied by some fartacious sounds. He repeated that again yesterday evening. Ditto this AM. She said that Kovo better not be sick 'cause she's already blown the yearly vet budget on me with all my pills and blood tests. Well, excuse me, Grinchy lady! She's just cranky 'cause she has a cold. Mwahaahaa!!!

Mother got Kovo a can of chicken & rice poodle food and a can of pumpkin. They only had "organic" pumpkin so she had to pay twice the price as the regular stuff. Mwahaahaa!!! Kovo was given a mixture of poodle food and pumpkin for dinner and miracle of miracles the little piggy ate it all up. Fibre, do your thing!

Oh my. Kovo better show signs of firming up soon or you know where he's going next despite mother's whining. You bet - back to the poodle doctor place where he got his buzz cut.

Later kitties!

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