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Hungry As A Roadrunner

April 16th 2014 3:24 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Alright, maybe I'm not hungry enough to eat a big creepy crawly lizard like a roadrunner would but I am hungry. Oh my yes. Woo Hoo!

Mother said I shouldn't write about this 'cause I could jinx things but I'm gonna do it anyway. She got an appetite stimulant from the vet to help me want to eat. My oh my oh my oh my. That tiny little pill, less than 2mg, made me ravenous. I've been eating like a little piggy since Monday night. Oh my yes. I only have to take it once every three days so that's not so bad.

The vet told mother the drug might make me seem a little spaced out at first but that didn't happen. It just makes me want to eat. So far so good. Paws crossed it keeps working.

Despite all the nasty things going on inside me I gotta say I'm not feeling bad at all kitties. I'm not showing any symptoms of being in any kind of distress or anything. Paws crossed this calm will last for a while.

Later kitties! Remember, every day is a gift. Oh my yes.



April 12th 2014 4:07 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I wanna send out BIG THANK YOUs to all my pals, both old and new, for their generous gifties, purrs, HUGZ, and well wishes for me. I really, really do appreciate this outpouring of support. Oh my yes.

I've been eating pretty well these past two days. Mother thinks that maybe it hurts somewhat for me to eat in the normal manner sitting in front of the food bowl and bending down. When I don't seem to eat a lot that way she waits until I'm curled up somewhere, in one of our cat beds or in the cat tree usually, then she brings the food bowls to me. When I'm off my feet I've been eating quite a bit when she does that. Breakfast and dinner in bed! Oh my yes!

Other than my out of whack eating I'm doing quite well. Mother gets a little panicky when she hears snuffling, snorting and wheezing sounds before she realizes they're just the normal noises that come from Kovo. Poor boy with that smushy face of his he gets a lot of stuffed up sinuses and boogers.

I was a DDP today! Thanks so much HQ! Thank you also to my pals who sent gifties and pmails of concatulations.


Later kitties! Remember, every day is a gift. Oh my yes.


All You Can Eat!

April 8th 2014 3:49 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother spent two or more years trying to get my weight under control. I finally got down to my target 10 pounds last fall. Now she says the sky's the limit. I can eat anything I want and as much as I want. Calories? What calories? Calories have no place in Miss P's world. Oh my no. I guess that's why I get offered my favourite Wellness Chicken and Herring every day now. Holy Catnip!

Despite all this new freedom I didn't eat any breakfast this morning. I even went on to give mother a proper scare at pill time. I wouldn't touch my beloved Cheez Whiz!!! Holy Catnip X 20!!! If I won't eat Whiz, there's no way to get my thyroid pill into me. Even though my thyroid is the least of my problems I gotta keep it controlled so my heart doesn't get any more damaged. Holy Catnip!!! I'm a mess, kitties!

Mother thought that maybe I was still not fully recovered from my vet visit yesterday and the sedation so she waited a little longer before offering me my Whiz again. Patience paid off! I did eventually gobble the Whiz up along with my little pill so mother was relieved. I do like to keep her on her toes. Mwahaahaa!!!

I spent most of the day snoozing on mother's bed with Kovo. Tonight I did eat quite a bit of my dinner so mother was kinda happy about that.

Later kitties! Remember, every day is a gift. Oh my yes.



April 7th 2014 2:29 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I sure don't want to write this diary entry but it's gotta be said. I'm gonna start out with a good thing first: I spent about 6 hours at the vet today. When I got home this aft I gobbled up a whole half can of Wellness Chicken and Herring! Yummy yum yum! Yay for me!!! And that's the end of the good stuff.

The primary reason I went to see the doc today was so that he could sedate me and look inside my mouth. Mother and I were hoping for a bad tooth. Well, the vet never did get a good look in my mouth 'cause the sedation didn't work well enough. I would need a complete knock out with a full-blown anesthetic in order for him to do that. Although my liver and kidneys are super-duper OK the vet found a heart murmur. He doesn't want to anesthetize me with a heart murmur. Sooooo, he decided to just do some x-rays for now since I was sedate enough for them. Now this is where everything goes downhill...

As an aside, do you kitties know how nice and clear today's digital x-rays are compared to the old style film type? They're very, very sharp. Oh my yes.

When mother came to pick me up this afternoon the vet showed her those nice clear x-rays. Mother kinda cried a bit when she saw them. She cried a whole lot more when we got home. She's still crying now...

Those crystal-clear-ever-so-revealing x-rays show that on top of my heart murmur I also have an enlarged heart. Now, that can be serious but the real super-duper EVIL inside me is that huge mass in my lung. The vet can't even say if it's the primary tumour. It may have come from somewhere else, maybe even my mouth. But none of that matters. It's case closed for me. There's no "maybe we can try this" or anything. It's done. It's hopeless.

I don't know how long I've got. It's that old familiar story - As long as my quality of life is good...

Later kitties! (I hope...)


Current Score: Pansy-1 EVIL-0

April 4th 2014 1:12 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I got my blood test results back today and they were purrfect. Pansy Purrfect!!!

I'm sure the vet meant this as a positive comment but it was such a RUDE thing to say: The doc told mother that my results were not only good, they were better than what you'd expect to see in a healthy older cat. *GASP* Older??? I'm barely legal!!! HISSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

While this is great news I'm still not out of the woods. I'm still not eating enough. *SIGH* Now that my kidneys and liver are functioning A-OK it means I gotta go back to the vet first thing Monday. He's gonna knock me out and check my mouth and throat. There are a lotta EVIL things that can happen there but I'm gonna think positive. Paws crossed it's just a bad tooth that's making me not want to eat so much.

BTW, my thyroid value is up a bit. It's gone from 24 in Jan. to 33 yesterday. That's still well within the normal range. The vet actually said yesterday he'd prefer if my T4 was a little higher, so now it's a little higher than before. Yay!

Thanks for all your purrs, kitties. I appreciate them muchly and they're working! Now, I just gotta pass the mouth inspection and find out why I'm not eating.

Later kitties!



April 3rd 2014 5:01 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I went to the EVIL vet place today and I still don't know what's wrong with me. I do know that mother was horrid to me. She gave me the stink eye when we got home. *GASP*

The vet squeezed and squooshed me and drained my blood. He wasn't able to look into my mouth 'cause he said I was fighting and crying too much when he tried. That doesn't usually happen. So...he says he'll have to sedate me to look more closely in there. He doesn't want to do that until me blood tests come back 'cause I'm an old, er, I mean, mature kitty. The test results should come back tomorrow. Mother has to see what the vet says about them. If it looks like my kidneys or whatever are sick we'll take it from there. But if everything looks OK blood-wise then the doc is gonna want to check out my mouth for sure.

The vet said he couldn't feel any masses, so that's good. Mother says she hopes it's a bad tooth. We'll just have to wait for the test results tomorrow.

When we got home from the vet, I made a bee-line for the food dish and wolfed down about a quarter of a can of Wellness Chicken and Herring!!! That's when mother gave me the stink eye. She was whining that she just spent 4 million dollars for an examination and super deluxe blood tests 'cause I won't eat!!!

After I ate she did pick me up and gave me head smoochies so I guess that was OK all told.

I only nibbled at my dinner tonight... *SIGH*

Until tomorrow!

Later kitties!



April 2nd 2014 3:12 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother is worried about me. She says it was like somebody flipped a switch and suddenly I'm an elderly kitty. What?? That is so RUDE!

Even though I've got the hyper-T I've always been just fine, until this past weekend that is. I seem to have lost my appetite and I've been throwing up the foamy stuff. Oh my. I know a proper lady shouldn't hurl but I just can't seem to help myself. It's just a little bit of foam, not a huge amount. My coat isn't looking as purrfect as usual either. Food just doesn't seem to excite me the way it normally does. Mother says she's worried about my kidneys. Oh my. Those nasty kidneys just don't like to get old, er, I mean, mature....

I'm going to the vet tomorrow, although mother doesn't think I know she is taking me there. I had to go anyway to get my thyroid levels checked but now it looks like I gotta get the whole enchilada of tests to see what's bothering me. *SIGH*

Later kitties!


There's Just No Pleasing Them!

March 22nd 2014 2:11 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Why did I have to end up here in a house full of whiners? Yesterday it was mother. Today it's my stinky bros. Good grief!

Sully and Kovo were complaining non-stop 'cause they couldn't change their New Year's pages. When I put my beautiful birthday page up they were absolutely howling 'cause they didn't want pieces of my BD page showing up on theirs. Well, now I've got us all new pages. We're all in sync and generic and everything. Now those stinky boys are whining 'cause their pages look too girly. WELL THAT"S JUST TOO BAD SULLIVAN AND KOVO!! DEAL WITH IT.

Little, stinky ingrates! Grrrrrrrrr....

BTW, when are these new owners gonna be revealed? I want my old Catster back!!!!

Later kitties!


Good Boy? Bad Girl?

March 21st 2014 3:10 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. Mother continues to be ever so cruel to me. She's horrid! Absolutely horrid!

Kovo and I had the barfies today. I've been shedding like crazy this month and mother can't seem to keep up with my coiffure. Good grief! I have to do all the work around here myself. She is soooo useless! As a result, I've been hurling the hairballs more than usual. Oh my. Kovo did a plain upchuck. No hair involved.

Here is where the injustice occurred. I hacked up my slimey hairball on the carpet. When I did I was greeted by mother with that whiny "Oh Pan-sy!" exclamation and a stink eye. Well ex-CUSE me, mother. A little later she heard Kovo making those "I'm-gonna-barf-and-I'm-gonna-do-it-right-now" sounds. Well, mother turned around just as Kovo let go. When he was finished she praised him to the sky. "What a good boy" says she. What? No whining? No stink eye? Of course not. That scheming little mama's boy barfed directly into the plastic trough of his turbo scratcher. Mother had it all cleaned up in seconds. The carpet I had graced with my hairball was still wet from the cleaner mother used.

This is all just so NOT RIGHT!

Later kitties! Gonna go pout some more.


Birthday Girl

March 17th 2014 1:38 pm
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Oh my oh my oh my. I celebrated my 16th birthday this past Saturday. I'm 16 years old and ever so sweet! Oh my yes.

I was completely floored by mother. She actually remembered it was my special day and had my favourite breakfast ready and waiting for me on Saturday morning. Lately she's been forgetting these special occasions. Oh, how I love my Wellness Chicken & Herring. Yummy yum yum! I think I love it almost as much as I love ME!

I want to send out BIG THANK YOUs to all my pals who helped celebrate this landmark BD with me:

- Angel Hazel Lucy & Hazel Mazel, for the green birthday hat *giggles*
- Ashlynne & Beepers, and Angels Lola, Scooter & SooLing, for the sparkly BD diamond
- Big Daddy B, for the yummy nasty-thyroid-germ-free BD cake *SWOON*
- Boogers, my bestest bestie, for the pretty BD balloons *SMOOCH*
- Cody, for the beautiful emerald green BD emerald *giggles*
- Dakota and his entire earthly and angel doggie and kitty family, for the big BD hugz
- Murray, for the BD Spam (no doubt tainted with nasty thyroid germs) *giggles*
- Keisha and handsome Sylvester, for the red heart and pawsome BD pic
- Sawyer & family, for the BD cheese. Would you cut the cheese for me, Sawyer? *giggles*
- Minuette & Penelope, for the pretty BD lucky shamrock
- Dusty the Puppycat and his doggie and kitty sibs, for the beautiful emerald and cool BD pic
- Newman the Brat, for the big BD hugz and smackaroos. Oh my.
- Mugsy, for the BD greetings comment on my main pic
- Teebo, Callie, Rose & the little ones, for the tasty sushi roll
- PJ, for the yummy sushi

You're the best!

Later kitties!

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