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Lucky the gentle wildcat

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March 14th 2008 8:10 am
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I surprised Mom again. I came to bed for our one-on-one time while she reads. Then I went to have a snack and a walk about. Then I came back for even more petting! Mom was surprised as this was the first time I have done that. She was so sure it was Squirrel that had jumped up that she didn't even look. When she saw it was me, again, she petted me lots and lots.


A New One for Me

February 8th 2008 4:55 am
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Up until last night, I did not like having Mom's face near mine. Last night, when I came to get petted while Mom reads, I head butted her face a couple of times. And this morning, while I was up on the counter, she leaned in and I kissed her. I think I made her happy. So I guess even after almost five years, a feral girl like me can still get better.


The Birds

January 24th 2008 1:07 pm
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Today was shaping up to be just a regular day when .....
Have you seen the Hitcock movie: "The Birds!" Well, that is what it was like here this afternoon. I'm sure a video will eventually be made about it but our whole front yard was full of hundreds of birds going crazy!! Squirrel and I just sat and watched. Mom took some video and pictures. Earlier in the day, she had walked Squirrel and Squirrel got scared by sheer amount of them and ran back in the house. Yeah, Squirrel, the mighty huntress. Ha, ha!
I think I shall copy and paste this into my diary. Who knows, I might be diary pick for one of my groups one day.


Kitty Grass

January 11th 2008 7:33 am
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I am a very easy to take care of cat. So I don't understand why the one special thing I want is so hard for Mom. I like kitty grass. But when I am almost finished eating/trashing a batch it takes Mom forever to notice that it is done and grow me some new stuff. So today, when she went for her coffee, which is near my pot of grass, I rubbed up against the coffee pot and the kitty grass pot. It worked. She finally got the hint. So I supervised as she prepared some new stuff. But now, I have to wait a week for it to grow! During that time she puts it way out of my reach. I don't know why as I have never knocked it over. Peaches was the one who used to do that. She was real rough with kitty grass. I just gently nibble at the grass. As I said, I am a very easy to take care of cat.


It Was Cold and Dark!

December 23rd 2007 7:27 am
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Yesterday, Mom went to work at 5am and did not get home until 4pm. She did not know it, but while she was at work, someone took the ditch on the slippery, snowy roads and knocked down a power pole at about 9am. This caused a power failure at our house but not at Mom's work place. When Mom got home, she got home to a completely dark neighborhood and house. Us kitties were starting to get real cold as the furnace had not been working all day! The house was down to 10 degrees (that is 50F for our American friends)! First Mom gave us our Fancy Feast treat (priorities, right!) then Mom let the dogs in and then found a flashlight. She called her brother and talked with him using her cell phone. Later she lit candles and went and got her Canadian Tire power box. That ran the TV for 90 minutes but it conked out just before the end of the hockey game we were watching. Squirrel had just gotten comfy on Mom's lap when a neighbor knocked on the door to ask if Mom knew why the power was out. Then, Mom took a hot bath. It is my job to be the bathroom cat, so I watched over her and got my pets when she got out of the tub all warm and clean. Then, she played her guitar for a while. Then she turned on her laptop and looked at photos of us until the power finally came back on around 7pm. Finally, the furnace was working again. Good thing it wasn't a really cold winter day. It was about -2 outside (30F). If it had been -40 (-40F) like it can get, that would have been terrible. We don't know if the people belonging to the vehicle that knocked down the pole got hurt bad. We don't think so.
So, that was Saturday's adventure.


Bad Patch Over

December 7th 2007 12:42 pm
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If you read Squirrel's diary, you know we went through a rough patch. Mom had to go to hospital for a week. When she got back, she was sad to see that I was upset enough that I no longer would come to bed with her like I had been doing before she left us for a week. Well, last night, I decided to try it again. I cuddled her for an hour while she tried to read and petted me. She and I were very happy.


I'm a happy cat.

November 17th 2007 1:45 pm
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Squirrel and I have had a special week. We are in the finals for the photo contest! Who would have thought that.
Mom has a few days off, so that means extra attention for us. We like that and so does she.


Mommy's Girl

October 18th 2007 7:52 am
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Mom says she is very pleased with me. A while back I started coming to bed with her and snuggling while she reads. Well, I’ve been doing that for longer now and actually napping right beside her book. And for the last 2 nights, I’ve actually crawled under the covers and slept with her for the whole night! Mom says that proves that even after 4 1/2 years that I’m still getting better and still learning to trust her and appreciate her more. I’m glad I’m making Mom happy.
Then later, Squirrel comes to bed and we have a Mommy sandwich! Me under the covers on one side, then Squirrel on top of the covers on the other side. And Mom squished in between us.


Another Mouse

September 30th 2007 6:53 am
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Mom finally put some pictures of me on here with a mouse! We caught our fourth mouse in two weeks last night. It took Mom an hour to catch this one because she had to move a lot of heavy stuff to get near it. Once caught, it was released unharmed into the yard.


Cat Tunnel and Mouse

September 23rd 2007 9:30 pm
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Squirrel goes on and on about her mouse catching abilities. But WE caught another one today. Squirrel brought it in the house and upstairs to show Mom while I waited for others. Mom was very pleased partially because we are such good hunters and partially because we don't hurt the mice we catch.
Mom even bought us a cat tunnel today! She put it on the floor in the sunshine, and we played with it while she snapped a few pictures.
Life is good.

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