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Squirrel's Adventures

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Got to keep up the energy!

July 11th 2011 8:45 am
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Mom is feeding us extra Fancy Feast so we have more stamina for mousing. We caught two already and have one hiding under the kitchen pantry. Kitcat told me there are still some in the basement. So we will be busy little girls.


Here it is! The mousing video!

July 9th 2011 12:54 am
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July Mouse


I can hardly wait!

July 8th 2011 10:03 am
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For Mom to edit our latest mousing video.
You will get to see how Kitcat was scared of the mouse! She actually ran away from it in one scene.
It was super fun and the mousie was okay and Mom let it outside.
Anyhow, she isn't sure when the video will be ready, but I will tell everyone when it is.
Mom was just watching TV when I came up to her with a mouse. She was looking around for something to catch it in but she decided to go for the camera first. So, you get to see us mousing! Then she trapped the little mouse and put it outside. You don't get to see it going outside as it was dark.
Lobo is looking pretty good this morning! He ate like a wolf and now him and Mom are going for a walk in the rain.


Phew! What a day!

June 14th 2011 9:01 am
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I was Cat of the Day yesterday and my mail box and page were flooded with messages and gifts from all of my friends. Mom sat with me for hours enjoying all the love I was getting from my groups and all the kitties, humans and even doggies! I made a few new friends and I had four special photos made for my day by four different friends. They are pawesome. We hope we managed to thank everyone. If we missed anyone, please forgive us as it was hard to keep up and we might have accidentally missed someone. Please know that we appreciate all of you.
Well, I think I deserve a leash walk!


I let Mom know!

May 24th 2011 6:56 pm
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I let Mom know that there was action at the bird house she built and put up a few months ago. We are having fun watching and listening to this little bird and its friends.
Bird Likes Mom's Bird House


This is what the marmot wanted to do...

May 14th 2011 1:01 pm
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Marmot FInds a Good Home


Okay, here is the marmot in moving video...

May 13th 2011 9:43 pm
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Mom consulted with our local wildlife rescue organization and was told to do what she did in this video. Kitcat & I were safe in the house and Lobo was crying on the other side of the fence because he wanted to chase it.
Evicting the Marmot
We think the critter is just fine now as there is a very large wild space right beside our carport.


Well, we are still hunting mice in our house but THIS is out- in our car port!!!

May 12th 2011 9:57 pm
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Our Marmot


I was right!

May 11th 2011 3:03 am
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It took me a few days but I caught the mouse that I was telling Mom about. I brought it up for her in the middle of the night, of course. She heard the commotion and got up and turned on a few lights in time to see it scurry behind some heavy bedroom furniture. Kitcat watched from a safe distance. Once I saw that Mom was awake and aware of the mouse, my job was done and I went to bed. She set out her trap and within a few hours, the mouse went into it. So tomorrow morning Mom will let it go outside. If it is smart, it will stay outside this time.


Houston, er I mean, Mom! We have a problem ...

May 8th 2011 1:24 pm
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Mom just got back from walking Lobo. I was at the door begging for my leash walk. SInce, I had already had one, and Mom needed to get ready for work, I didn't get a second one. Oh well, I tried. Then, I ran behind the entertainment unit. Mom thought that was weird. She went to the fridge to get my Fancy Feast treat and I came running for that. I gobbled it up and then ran behind the TV again. Mom has learned to observe us and trust our instincts so, she followed me. I was looking from her face to a spot in the floor (where years ago, mice tried to get into our living room and had started to chew mouse holes), and back again. She then got busy moving furniture so she could give me more space to work! I showed her about 5 more times that something was going on in between our upstairs floor and our downstairs ceiling. She totally believes me. We both wish I had my sister Lucky to help take care of this latest invasion. But, today, it will be up to me and that airhead Kitcat. So, for now, Mom set up her humane mouse trap and is counting on me to make sure things don't get out of paw (hand) while she is at work. The really cool thing is that Kitcat & I might be able to hunt mice in our own home! That was so fun for Lucky and I years ago. Mom made a video about our hunting mice in the house and saving us all from a mouse infestation.
Lucky & I Take Care of a Mouse Invasion
So you will all understand if we may be a bit busy for the next little while.
Happy Mouse Hunting Day? Woops, I mean, Happy Mother's Day!

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