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Squirrel's Adventures

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It just keeps on snowing!

February 24th 2012 9:19 am
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We had yet another dump of snow. It has snowed a lot in the last week. Anyhow, I was on Mom's lap when the snowplough came by. It is VERY loud and Mom braced herself expecting me to get startled and possibly accidentally scratch her and make her spill her coffee. I didn't even wake up! So Mom relaxed. But she forgot about the snowplough's return trip to do the other side of the road. This time I jumped up and dug into her lap and launched off of her. Her coffee spilled all over me, the chair, her arm and shoulder and the floor. Stupid snow plough.


We Don't Like Being Ignored ...

February 7th 2012 10:34 am
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Mom has not been giving us kitties enough attention lately. All her time is spent trying to keep an eye on Lobo and taking care of him. Or, working and trying to sleep. That dumb dog had better get well soon.


Our new video!

January 25th 2012 8:10 pm
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This is a video showing how we had fun over the holidays without getting anything new:
Box and Bags


Is this abuse?

January 22nd 2012 10:44 am
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Well, after the long cold snap, I finally went out for a leash walk. I was surprised to see that there was no grass available. All was covered by snow. Also, there was barely anywhere to walk that wasn't covered by snow. But, I found a narrow walkway and managed to go for a short walk and roll. I was all set to go back in the house, with dry toes, when Mom picked me up and put me down in some snow!!! She made me step in snow! I grumbled, she laughed! Then I ran in the house with wet toes and her laughing behind me. She said she just wanted to see my cute little kitty paw prints in the snow. I say she was being mean. But, I forgave her and am almost sitting on the keyboard as we type this. Oh, wait! Birdies at the feeder! Gotta go, meow at you later!


If you read Kitcat's Cheez Whiz diary entry ...

January 15th 2012 9:38 pm
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It is a true story ...
But that Kitcat sure doesn't know how to properly groom herself. Maybe Mom should smear some Cheez Whiz on her bum! So now, Kitcat has a little quarter sized area on her chest that is clean ... thanks to Mom and her working on that spot. But what about the rest of her? She is a little piggy. I try and help her keep clean. I try and show her how it is done, but she just doesn't get it. If it weren't for Lobo and I, she would have mats despite being a short haired cat. She is a short haired cat but her fur is very thick, dull and wooly. Not sleek and shiny like mine.


Strange Human Behaviour

January 6th 2012 1:11 pm
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Does your Mom or Dad do this?
When we yawn, Mom sticks her finger in our mouths. Because, when we yawn, we close our eyes and don't see what she is doing. Then when we close our mouths, we are surprised by by having something weird in it. So then, we kind of gag. For some reason, she thinks that is funny. She is lucky that we don't chomp down on her finger. We do the opposite. We try and push it out of our cute little mouths with our cute little tongues. Like, blah! She says it makes up for all of the cat hairs she finds in her eyelashes every morning when she wakes up.
Humans can be soooo strange.


Happy New Year Everyone!

December 31st 2011 9:29 pm
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We drew this cartoon. It is just a cartoon. Kitcat and I are not mean to each other, so don't be offended. It is just for fun.

Happy New Year!

All the best to all of our wonderful friends.


Busy Last Few Days

November 12th 2011 4:56 pm
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First, I clawed Mom's leg. She was sleeping too long so, I attacked her lower limbs, under lots of blankets, but I got through and drew blood. Thus, I am still living up to my Slasher Squirrel name.
Then, Mom found out that the nasty squirrel that has been haunting us all year, did some major damage to our shed and was setting up a huge nest in there. She bought a trap and got it right away!
This is the nasty squirrel, NOT ME!
She took it way far off and let it go. She left it a pile of peanuts to help make up for all the work that it has to do to prepare for winter.


My Brilliant Leash Walk

October 30th 2011 10:31 am
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Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous, so Mom took me and her camera outside. I chased a few grasshoppers and played in the leaves. Of course I ate grass. And, before going back in the house, I caught a another grasshopper and brought it in for Kitcat to play with.
My Brilliant Leash Walk


Those Two Should Get a Room ...

October 28th 2011 10:49 pm
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Kitcat loves Lobo

It was a nice afternoon with the sun streaming into our living room! Auntie Lilian sent us the music to put on the video.
Good to see Lobo feeling well enough to let Kitcat the pest bug him like she does without getting angry.

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