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Squirrel's Adventures

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The New Toy

May 27th 2012 7:35 am
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Yesterday, Mom bought us a new toy. It is a little stuffed animal filled with catnip. It also makes crinkle sounds when you squeeze it. She gave it to me and I love it! I would throw it really high in the air. Almost to the ceiling! I played with it until I was tired, then I let Kitcat play with it. Well, she had it for only two minutes before she started to wreck it. She is really rough with toys. She was doing her best to rip it apart with her teeth. By the time Mom noticed, she had almost decapitated it. Mom didn't want to spoil her fun, but she wanted the toy to last a little longer, so she took it away from Kitcat. She put it in a cupboard to dry and just sewed it up this morning and I got to play with it some more. In fact, I was in Mom's way while she was trying to finish the repairs.


I agree with Kitcat ...

May 21st 2012 4:25 pm
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I HATE IT when Mom writes in my diary ... Here she goes again:

I was trying very hard to get some sleep before a very stressful day at work. Squirrel started attempting to wake me up early, around 4am, by attacking my feet. I shooed her away with the threat of the water pistol. About an hour later, I heard her running like a crazy fool. She came flying up the basement stairs, ran all over the house, over my bed, up on my dresser, then back throughout the house again. By this time, Kitcat cautiously joined her. There was more running and a bit of hissing going on. Eventually, Kitcat came back to bed and Squirrel came too and they both settled down. By then, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up. I hadn't turned lights on yet but saw something on the floor right at the bathroom door. It looked like a big beetle at first glance. I turned on a light and still couldn't tell what it was. So I put on my eyeglasses and saw that it was a cat turd with some grassing coming out of it. It was then that Squirrel's crazy race throughout the house made sense. She was trying to out run her cling-on. The cling-on she got from eating grass earlier in the day.

Now my turn ... See why we don't like it when Mom writes in our diaries? How about a bidet for us? Or at least TP? How would she like it if she had poop chasing her around the house?


Why Does Mom Have to Wash Oil Off Our Window?

May 9th 2012 10:34 am
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Mom and I were chilling by our computer. I was sitting by her right hand and crowding her computer mouse. I suddenly looked up towards the window. She thought that maybe I spotted a hummingbird at our feeder! We've only seen one so far this spring. Then she heard a sound that put her into panic ... the sound of a wasp. She almost knocked over her computer while jumping to her feet. Sure enough, there was a huge wasp inside our house! It had buzzed up right behind her head when she was still sitting at the computer. It was now buzzing at our window. I was going in for a closer look when she pulled me away and yelled NO! (I got stung by one a few years ago and it hurt like crazy.) She was hoping I would remember that and stay away from it while she went for something to kill it with. I was still curious so Mom really yelled at me and pulled me back. She was acting so strange that Kitcat woke from a deep sleep to see what was going on! Mom rolled up some newspaper and was going to squash it with that. But she was afraid to miss and just make it angry. So, she ran for a can of W-40 and just prayed that us kitties would leave it alone while she got her wasp killing supplies. She needn't have worried as Kitcat and I hid under a chair as Mom was behaving so strangely. (She has a phobia about wasps.) Anyhow, Mom came back to the window and sprayed the wasp with WD-40. The oil coats its wings and it drops and cannot fly. Then she went crazy smashing it with the rolled up newspaper. It did take several swings to kill it. So she was glad she chose the oil method before just swinging at it with the newspaper. I heard her mumble something about it being one of the only times she misses her ex-husband. He dealt with bugs for her.
Anyhow, so now she has to clean up all the WD-40 oil from the window, the wall, and other parts of our kitchen breakfast nook/computer table.
Wish we could run a video camera as you should have seen her!!! Talk about freaking out!
Kitcat & I are just going to give her some space for a little while.



April 25th 2012 5:42 pm
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Mom came home from work real tired and not counting on taking me for my leash walk this late in the day. But, I was super cute so she relented. Once leashed up, she opened the door and that INTRUDER CAT was in our front bushes!!! It went hightailing out of there. Of course, I growled real loud before getting back to my business and eating grass. Hrumph. What does a girl have to do to keep intruders out of her yard???


Get Off My Property!!!

April 24th 2012 12:03 pm
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Mom warned us that for the next 3 days, we will be on our own. She has to work overtime. But, for today, we got up early (so Mom could get used to really early mornings) and were just chilling at our picture window. Sun wasn't even up yet. Then, I saw it. An intruder! A young tabby cat, in MY yard, and pooping in it!!! I ran from window to window to try and get a better look at it. Mom went to the picture window and saw what I was all upset about. She banged on the window and the cat looked up. I growled so loud and menacingly that the young cat heard me, even through our double paned windows, spotted me, and then ran full tilt away from our house and down the block. Hrumph. I sure showed that trespasser! Mom said it was really cute. How dare she?


A Great Weekend!

April 22nd 2012 8:57 pm
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We had a super fun weekend. It was Kitcat's birthday and she was in a great mood! Lots of friends pmailed her and gave her gifts.
Mom had the weekend off and I got leisurely leash walks and we both got time in our outdoor cat run. Also, these robins are still coming to our front tree and attacking their reflections in our picture window. That is so fun to watch.
And, these cute little birds with yellow on them are flitting around in our maple tree. Mom isn't quite sure what they are but will try to figure it out with some help from her sister.
When we go in our cat run, a couple of magpies get real angry at us. We can't get at them as our cat run has a top, but they sit there and scold us non stop. Mom tried to get video, but as soon as she comes out, they fly away. I guess they think her camera is a gun? Then, as soon as she goes back in, they start bitching at us again. It is kind of funny and annoying at the same time. They must have a nest nearby and are telling us kitties to not even think of messing with it.
Anyhow, we are very thankful to have had such a nice weekend as Mom is going to be working a very long week.
Happy spring to everyone! Or fall to our friends down under ...


Mom about our Vet Visit tomorrow ....

March 24th 2012 10:39 am
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I'm starting to feel guilty about spending all of that money on Lobo's health and nothing on my cats. So I think I will bring them in for checkups and shots. Also, Squirrel needs her teeth cleaned. For that, they have to put her under. So, I thought, while she is under, they may as well trim her claws and maybe they could do a surgery on her tail to straighten it? I checked into it and they said they could. But she might not have feeling in the last few inches of it. But she will look a lot better with a normal tail.

Squirrel's Mom

My Twisty Tail

Now this is Squirrel taking over my diary entry...

If you know me and Mom at all you will know that the above is entirely not true. It is our April Fools joke to you!

Love & purrs,


Happy Birthday Girl!

March 15th 2012 12:36 pm
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I want to thank all of my friends for thinking of me and my angel sister Lucky on our birthday. We really appreciate all the pmails, well wishes and gifts.
I was very lazy this morning and got up about an hour later than usual. I still did get my leash walk, but barely as Mom had to go to work. She also tried to sneak me some catnip, but KitBrat sensed it, woke up, came running, and butted in. I just now had some Fancy Feast. Also, Mom said, that for my birthday some little sparrows are making a home in our bird house. So, hopefully, I will have some good bird watching from our kitchen window. She also refilled our living room window bird feeder and the birds are going crazy out there. This was my birthday present from Mom. Mom had actually forgotten about our birthday until my friends reminded her. But you know how it is, birthdays are mainly for young ones. There is no toy that I need. I'm not all that interested in food. I am generally happy with how things are. But these extra bird watching opportunities are quite nice. That and leash walks and eating grass are my priorities.
I think Lucky sent those sparrows to make a nest in our bird house.
Lucky, happy birthday sweet sister ... I miss you. We sure went through a lot together. I hope you are celebrating our birthday with Peaches & Tasha & Fuzzy.


My Baby Sister Has a Seventh Sense

March 13th 2012 4:14 pm
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Mom plays with us whenever she can. Usually, I sleep in and Kitcat plays with her in the early morning. Later, Kitcat joins me for a nap. Then, I usually get up and get some one on one time with Mom later in the morning. Well, somehow, if Mom plays fun games with me, instead of just my usual leash walk or lap time, Kitcat senses it! If Mom throws toys for me, Kitcat comes running with her eyes still half closed and butts into our game. Today, Mom and I tried something quiet. First, we went and checked on Kitcat and she was sound asleep. So Mom and I went and started a game. She was playing with me with a nice, long, pink ribbon. There is no way Kitcat could have heard this quiet game. But somehow, she sensed it and came running and I had to share the ribbon with her.
Kitcat is the same way when Mom opens a little used cupboard door or goes to the bathroom. She comes running after waking up from a deep sleep. But she sure does look funny with sleep wrinkles in her ears and squinty eyes.


A Kitty Finds a New Home

March 3rd 2012 10:53 am
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Mom has a friend that she only knows over the internet. Her and her roommate had a kitty who just passed from, basically, old age. Mom was hoping they would get another kitty but didn't say that in case they weren't ready. Well, yesterday, they rescued an adult cat from a shelter and brought her home. Her name is Tammy and she looks like a Norwegian Forest Cat. She was a very unhappy cat after being given up by her people just because they started having a human family. She had been at the shelter for 8 months and barely moved from a corner of her lodging because she was so depressed and didn't get along with other kitties. Well, Mom's friend's roommate, after searching several shelters for her furry soulmate, connected with her and she now has a wonderful home with two loving humans to look after her. She has settled in nicely and is enjoying lap sitting, snooping and playing. Oh, and she has just the longest whiskers ever! I thought I had long whiskers ... Here is her picture:

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