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Squirrel's Adventures

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A Special Moment

November 18th 2012 1:20 pm
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Mom was having trouble sleeping so she got up early and put on a movie. I got on her lap and kneaded and purred for her. The sun eventually came up and I perked up when I saw a big bird land in our maple tree. It was a pileated woodpecker. We had a really good look at it. Brilliant red markings. Mom wanted to get her camera but didn't want to uproot me. So we just enjoyed the moment together.


Birdie Rescue

November 10th 2012 12:43 pm
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A while back we mentioned that Mom rescued a little bird. She was supposed to make a video about it. She finally did. Auntie Lilian did the music for it. Here it is:
Bird Rescue 2012


Slide Show of Mom & Lobo's Trip

October 26th 2012 9:32 am
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Mom & Lobo drove a long ways to visit with our nephew who had been in a terrible accident on August 27th. He suffered a serious brain injury. He went on to make a miraculous recovery and Mom just had to go and see him for herself. Here is a slide show of the trip ...

Prairie Road Trip 2012


Mom & Lobo are home!

October 24th 2012 9:30 am
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Mom is back with Lobo. She was totally wiped out. Sick and tired and done in.
Lobo was sick for most of the trip. He had diarrhoea 8 times in the back of the truck. Mom's cold got worse during the trip, then she got the flu. And, it got cold outside and also snowed a lot on their way back. Lobo did get better before the return drive, but Mom didn't. She is still sick.
But, her brother took good care of them and they got lots of really good visiting done. Nephew is very well! He is his old self and was cracking jokes and teasing Mom about being old, etc. He is skinny! He lost 35 pounds and only recently has started eating solid food. But, he is out of rehab and home to stay now. He still has some recovering to do but all is very well with him now. He has two very young brothers whom he takes very good care of. And, a tiny nephew, whom he is really good with. (His sister's little baby.) Mom visited with both her sisters and both her brothers and her best friend since elementary school. And she had lots of cats to play with. Uncle has 4 beautiful cats. Auntie has two now and Mom made sure to visit with them just before she left for home.
Now, I am helping her type this. We missed her. Kitcat was all over Lobo when he came home last night. Kitcat & I both slept part of the night with Mom. She stayed in bed for almost 12 hours!


Tough Day

October 15th 2012 7:27 pm
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Only 2 more sleeps before Mom & Lobo go on their prairie road trip.
Mom brought home enough cat food to last 3 months! So, we wondered, "How long are you going to be gone for Mom?" She reassured us that it would only be one week. She bought that much cat food because they had a sale. If you spent over $100, you got $25 off.
Anyhow, shortly after, we learned that our cousin Buster (auntie L's cat) was going to the bridge that afternoon. He was 19.
Then, Lobo started having troubles. He isn't looking good. And this is only a few days before the big trip! He went from his new normal, to not being able to do the ramp, not eating, and not looking interested in anything - overnight. Mom is terribly stressed. She was already! but now even worse.
So, we aren't sure what will happen. Mom will see how he is tomorrow, and call the vet clinic.
Kitcat & I are doing pretty good. Not too happy about the possible, upcoming trip, but we sure don't want Lobo to not be well enough to go.
I'm almost an Olde Furt now so I can say, "It sure isn't fun getting old."


Oops! I was pretty bad today.

October 12th 2012 12:10 pm
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But not my fault.
I was on Mom's lap, early in the morning, and something spooked me. I really clawed up Mom's lap with my back claws as I took off! I'm still kind of feral, I guess. Mom has no idea what freaked me, but I heard a noise.
After Mom dressed her wounds, she forgave me. I used so much force in leaping from her lap, that not only did I claw her, but I even bruised her!
Later, I tried to get back on her lap, she didn't let me. She got up and did some chores around the house instead and left the chair to me.
I did hear her say that maybe after a week without her, I might appreciate her more? I guess that statement has to do with her and Lobo leaving us for a week.
I do appreciate her! When I freak like that, it is just feral instinct.
Mom has an irrational fear of some things, so she understands.


Birdie Rescue

September 28th 2012 12:25 pm
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We were sleeping on the couch and minding our own business, as usual, when BOOM! A birdie hit our window! Right above us!
Mom went out and saw the poor little thing not looking too good on our front lawn. She ran and got a shoe box and some rags, then ran back out there just before, the kitties that have been using our front yard as their litter box, got to the bird. She put it in the box and brought it in the house and put it in a warm spot, out of our reach.
About a half hour later, she took the box onto the deck (she let us watch) and opened the box. She wasn't sure if the birdie would be dead or alive. (She did take video, so maybe a Youtuber will follow.) The birdie looked better and flew over to where this picture was taken.

Little Birdie

It rested some more, in safety, then flew away!!!

As far as I am concerned, the more birdies - the better!


The Doppleganger

September 1st 2012 7:44 pm
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Mom came home from work, in the dark. She was distracted by many things including her nephew being gravely ill. As she drove into our carport, she saw a kitty on the doorstep. It was dark, but not too dark to see that it appeared to be me!
Her heart started thumping as she thought that I may have snuck out ten hours earlier, been out all evening, and was now patiently waiting to be let in. She approached carefully, fearing I would spook and run. But nope, as she bent over to pet this kitty, she leaned into the pet and seemed perfectly content. Then, as all cats do, as she stroked her, she stood up. Then Mom ran her hand down her back and up her tail, and there was no twist on her tail. The friendly little kitty looked EXACTLY like me! except for that. White bib, white tips on feet, eyes, feel of her fur, the way she leaned into Mom's hand for pets, etc. Mom was very thankful that I was still safe in the house. She gave this kitty extra pets and loving before she came in to tend to us. Phew! So, I have an almost identical twin living in the neighbourhood. Though, I'm sure this kitty isn't even one year old! I guess that means I look young?


Meows of thanks ...

August 2nd 2012 9:19 am
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I just want to thank everyone who has given me one of those cakes. We tried to thank everyone personally, but we just cannot keep track! The cakes don't stay in the same order when we go to my page. So we cannot just go down the line and respond to each one. We would end up missing some and thanking some twice! Anyhow, thank you to all my friends and know that it was appreciated.


I'm so very honoured!

May 29th 2012 11:55 am
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I just found out that I am TKC's Cat of the Week!
Thank you Twix for the beautiful flowers and telling me about it.
Mom is petting me right now and brought out my new toy for me to play with.

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