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Squirrel's Adventures

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A Big Day for Me!

December 6th 2008 7:49 pm
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Letter to all Catsters...
Last night, while Mom was at work, Wilson J told us that I had won my category in the World's Coolest Cat Photo Contest! The sleeping cat category. Mom could hardly wait to get home to tell me. That was in the wee hours of this morning as Mom was on the late shift. We were very surprised as there were plenty of really good pictures. Many of which we thought were better than mine. But, we think, all of our friends helped me win. So we want to thank all of you very much. And we also voted for all of our friends in all of the categories while we still could.
We think all of the kitties and photos are winners. We wish the organizers could make all the entries run like a slide show as there are so many to look at, it is impossible to click on all of them and then keep changing pages. We are all special animals with wonderful people who appreciate us.
I want to thank all of the kitties who emailed me, sent me presents, voted for me and cheered me on. My Mom doesn't have a good memory so we won't even try to name you all. We really admire the humans and kitties that do that and even provide links! Wow!
Also, I just have to say this. Mom made a new main photo for me in honour of my photo winning the contest. I HATE IT! It makes me look so fat. Please understand, that what looks like a big fat belly, is just loose skin.
Love you all,


Lucky's Room

October 28th 2008 2:07 pm
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Mom is almost finished renovating Lucky's room. Step one was to rip out the carpet and put down laminate flooring. Mom wanted to replace the ratty computer chair that Lucky has slept on for years but ended up keeping it for her. Step two was Mom assembling the "loft bed" for use as a guest bed. So far, I am the only one who has been able to get up there. Mom hasn't seen how I do it yet. But she was worried about my having to get down. It is almost 6 feet high! So, she put furniture in such a way that we can go down in steps. Then, she put Lucky up there with me. Stupid Lucky didn't use the ladder or the steps to get down. She jumped! Mom didn't like that as she was afraid Lucky would break a leg! Of course, she didn't. I go up and down there all the time and Mom still hasn't seen me. But I don't jump down the whole six feet or Mom would have heard me. She should have set up a video camera to see how I did it the first few times before she provided those steps. I love the loft bed because I can see outside another window from up there now!
Update! Mom just checked on us and we are both up there! Lucky is under the covers and I'm on top! Looks like we both love OUR new bed!!!


It was brought to my attention ....

September 13th 2008 10:01 am
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That I haven't written in my diary in a long while. That is because nothing new has been happening. Mom and I are doing our best to dodge wasps in our front yard. We are anxious for winter so we don't have to worry about them for a while. Also, once winter comes, Mom can put out the bird feeder again. Hopefully the bears will hibernate on schedule. Around here, you never know. Once Mom and the dogs almost walked right into one on a walk around town on CHRISTMAS EVE! That isn't supposed to happen!
So that is about all I have to say on this day.


Mom and I sure had a scare last night!

July 21st 2008 2:42 pm
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I begged Mom to take me on a leash walk. She finally did around 8pm. I had just got out the door when I heard a buzzing noise coming from behind these "fake" window shutters on our basement window. I just came close to investigate when I literally SCREAMED and jumped 2 feet in the air. Mom saw that a wasp had got me. Right in the face! I was rubbing my face, sneezing and trying to get back in the house all at the same time. Mom just tried to keep up with me. She was trying to help me but I just wanted to be alone to nurse my wound. Mom had trouble even getting my harness off. She was very worried that I would swell up like our friend Rosie and maybe have trouble breathing. After about 2 minutes, I let her pet me. A few more minutes and I was okay. Mom watched me for the rest of the night to make sure that I wouldn't have a bad reaction to the venom. I was ready for some Fancy Feast just a few minutes later. Mom doesn't know exactly where I was stung because I never did swell up. It was on my cute little kitty cheek. We hate wasps. So do the doggies.



June 29th 2008 7:43 am
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I was tagged by Cassidy #707860, who has the cutest little nose freckle.

I need to tell six things I DON'T like, and then tag six other kitties to do the same. Be sure to notify your furbulous furiends that they have been tagged!!!

6 things I don't like are.......

1. I don't like when Mom sneakily tries to trim my claws.

2. I don't like when Mom makes me wait for my leash walk.

3. I don't like when Mom makes me go back in the house too soon when on my leash walk.

4. I don't like when I just get settled on top of Mom at night and she moves or gets up to go the the can.

5. I don't like when Mom tries to sneak extra food to Lucky. She says Lucky doesn't get her share when I am around.

6. I don't like when Mom has to go to work.

Here are the 6 furiends I have chosen to tag to tell what they don't like!

You gotta see this youngster's beautiful fur.

The cutest photos ever can be found on his page.

My new friend with the same name!

My nephew. I love you!

Mr. Boots
With the cute white paws! Look at his photos of him walking in the snow!

Smart cat who can open cabinet doors to get at food!!!!

Have fun!!!!


I've been tagged ...

May 31st 2008 9:01 pm
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I've been tagged by Alfie.

Here we go:-

5 fabulous things about me:

1. Mom first thought me and my sister were squirrels playing in the ditch.
2. I am smaller, but braver than my sister Lucky.
3. I have a corkscrew twist at the end of my tail, and a funny shaped body.
4. I really love my Mommy and my sister Lucky. We are together as much as possible.
5. I can catch my toys in mid air.

I tag my following friends to play. I'll be sending them a p-mail to tell them they've been tagged.

1. Boogers
2. Honey
3. Oskar
4. Hobbes
5. Tabitha


Note to self ....

May 8th 2008 8:43 am
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Chew your grass better.
I have had a turd chasing me all around the house this morning. Mom wondered what my problem was until she saw me trying to drag my bum. Then she knew. She couldn't catch me to help me, but I finally rubbed the tailgater off on the livingroom floor. Not one of my finest moments.


Cat run nearing completion.

April 27th 2008 2:23 pm
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Since I last wrote, a lot has happened.
Mom had another emergency trip to the hospital. She was there for a few days.
She started working on our new and improved cat run.
Lucky and I are once again involved in taking care of another mouse infestation.
Our bird watching has been awesome.
Mom just finished working on a new video about me. It will be on Youtube real soon. It is called "A Day in the Life of a Cat Named Squirrel".
And Lucky and I made many new friends on Catsters. Also, a cat named Boudin has a father who is in the business of teaching guitar! Mom signed up for his on-line course and has been totally improving her guitar playing. It is at "". You can try it out for free. Mom could already play a bit, but just self taught. This course is helping her a lot. Trust me, I have small, but good ears.


A Fine Morning

March 31st 2008 1:28 pm
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We all got some rest and recovered from the mouse invasion. When we got up, it was snowing! By the time I got Mom to take me on my leash walk, the sun was out and the birds were singing. A stellar jay came and perched on the tree that was only a few feet away from me. I chatted at it big time. Then it screeched at me! I was so surprised I shut right up! Then I walked to the base of the tree and that bird was less than six feet away from me. He looked pretty mean and had a partner nearby so, I walked away and inspected the cedar bushes where the neighborhood cats hang out. Mom got impatient, she was getting cold, so she picked me up and brought me back in the house. I growled the whole way. Not at Mom. But at the cats that are leaving their mark on MY bushes.


More about the Easter Mouse

March 24th 2008 6:07 pm
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The Easter Mouse
Part Two
After it became light outside, Mom opened the living room blinds. Us kitties were just chilling up there while Mom was watching TV. Lucky was chirping at birds for a while. Then, I growled a big growl. Mom looked out and saw what I was growling at. It was that nasty black cat that thinks he owns my yard. And, he was playing with a mouse! My mouse! Mom grabbed her binoculars and saw what I already knew. She said she wasn’t sure, but thought it was indeed the mouse she had released 4 hours earlier. So, without taking me along, she went out to save the mouse yet again! But, to my displeasure, she talked to and petted the intruding cat. She said he is a nice kitty. I say otherwise. Anyhow, she put the tired little mouse in a box and moved it to a spot in our back yard that is not accessible to dogs or cats. She said she wasn’t sure how it was doing as it looked pretty dopey, and is very young. Anyhow, she went to check on it later, and it was gone. So it must have survived and scampered away. That poor mouse must have had just as sleepless of a night as we did! Later in the day, Lucky, Mom and I took an afternoon nap ... all together in Mom’s bed. Doesn’t happen very often that all three of us are in one bed together at the same time.

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