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Squirrel's Adventures

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A Strange Day at My House...

November 3rd 2009 1:29 pm
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First of all, our food bowls were hidden last night. I had to wake Mom up at 2am to feed me, and again around 6am. Both times, she first locked up Kitcat in the bathroom before she fed me. Weird.
Then, she took down our cat tree. Hmmmm.
Then, she forgot to feed Lobo.
Then, she took Kitcat away in the small box that she calls a cat carrier.
Later, when her and Lobo got home, some strange men came into the house. They were working on our furnace. Mom locked me up because I was getting in the way and she didn't want me to get out.
I am waiting for Kitcat to come home again. Mom is going to call about her in a half hour.
At least I got to bird watch a bit and I got my leash walk.



October 23rd 2009 7:04 pm
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It was an interesting few days. Mom moved a bunch of furniture around to make room for a chair that she inherited from her Mom. Her Granpa made it from antlers from his early pioneer days. It is almost 100 years old: andpaschair.jpg

Anyhow, this chair is in the spot where our food and water dishes have been for a long, long time. Talk about catfusing! I keep going there for nourishment and then remember, oh yeah, we are over by the dog's bowls. Yuck.
Anyhow, that is how my week is going.


Mom Has Days Off!

September 1st 2009 4:03 pm
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We have had a fun few days around here. First, our cat tree (you can read about that in Kitcat's diary) then, Kitcat got to go out in my cat run (you can also read about that in Kitcat's diary). She was so scared in the cat run that I thought Mom might have to drag out the litter box so she could .... well, you know what.
Anyhow, that was super fun.
Today, just now, we had a thunder storm roll in. No rain, unfortunately, but, anyhow, Lobo barged in the house because he was scared. He settled down on the living room floor and then Mom sat in her chair and then I settled on the couch beside her. Kitcat jumped on Mom's lap but soon ended up right next to me. It was a special moment with all of us close together like that. Kitcat and I had a moment where I groomed her and we were calm and enjoying each other's company. Mom took a few pictures. Kitcat is okay, I guess. We are actually getting along real well. I hate to admit it, but I think I like her.


How To Cope With A New Kitten

August 22nd 2009 12:07 pm
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Hi everyone. It has been just over a month since Kitcat invaded my house. At first I was very upset at having this little fur ball in the house. I thought it was temporary so I hissed and growled and made a big fuss whenever I saw her. Eventually, it became obvious that she was here to stay. So, I changed my tactic and decided to observe her. This was hard because when she spotted me, she would come over to bug me. I would then run and hide. Eventually, I learned to just swat her and hold my ground. Now, what I have recently learned, is to be pro-active! I walk right up to her and wrestle her to the ground and pin her down. So that is how to handle a new kitten in the house. Pin her to the ground while you still can!!! Don't hurt her, just out muscle her and show her who is boss. Then, later, when you are both feeling sleepy, it is nice to have a cuddle with a warm kitten. And, when you are feeling energetic, it is fun to chase around the house and practice catching a fast kitten and, at other times, practice avoiding being caught by a fast kitten.
Love to all of you that have had to put up with new additions to your house. I sure understand now why Peaches wasn't too thrilled when Lucky and I showed up.
I love it when Mom brings Lobo in the house. The kitten completely quits bugging me and goes over to him and annoys him. It is funny to see this big dog being bothered by this kitten. Lobo knows Mom doesn't want him to hurt her, so, he keeps moving to a different place in the house and Kitcat follows him. Eventually, Mom has to either put Kitcat on time out or put Lobo back outside. Otherwise, in his frustration, he might step on her.
One thing I like is that I still go on my leash walks and Kitcat has to stay in the house. Mom had to train her to stay in the house and not charge the door by squirting her with a water pistol. I must admit that she learned fast even though she is just a baby. She watches in envy as I go out the front door to roll on the step and eat grass and catch grasshoppers.
She does bother me at times but I am starting to like my new baby sister. She is fun.


I Feel Mature

August 15th 2009 1:24 pm
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Wow, that Kitcat is a bratt!
I feel very mature and privileged. Mom gives me special perks. I get my leash walks while Kitcat is made to stay in. I get to go in the cat run, while Kitcat has to stay in. When I attack Kitcat, she freezes and doesn't fight back. Right now, Kitcat is locked up in the bathroom while Mom and I check our Catster mail. There are good things that go with being the top cat in the house. Just now, I jumped up on Mom's lap and am having a cuddle session while she types my message. I know, from experience, to quit jumping on the keyboard!
Life is good ... Even after a really tough time.


I almost missed it!

August 1st 2009 8:33 am
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I was a diary pick a little while ago, and just because Kitcat is such a brat, we almost missed it!!! She just won't let Mom be at the computer without being a total pest.
Anyhow, thank you everyone for the thank yous and thank you to whoever chose me!
I'm starting to show Kitcat a few things. Yesterday, I was at my favorite spot on the back of the couch. I was looking out my picture window. Kitcat thought she should bug me. Well, I decided I was having none of that, so when she tried to sneak up on me I bopped her a good one. She went rolling across the seat of the couch and onto the floor. Well, not one to give up easily, she tried it again!!! "Bop"! And she went rolling off the couch and onto the floor. Mom was laughing. Kitcat decided to go do something else and went to bother the dog. Ha, ha!


Phew! That was close!

July 27th 2009 10:58 am
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After thinking about if since Thursday, Mom decided to cancel my vet appointment. I have been quite well since Thursday and Mom decided that I didn't need more stress in my life. So, unless something changes for the worse, I won't be going there right away. I am on Mom's lap right now while Kitcat is having a time out in the bathroom. Mom says she will keep a close eye on me but thinks she is making the right decision. I sure do!!!


I had a good night

July 24th 2009 11:44 am
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I slept normal last night but started hacking at 6:30am. But, I didn't puke. I ate a little bit ( including dry food for the first time in a long while). I went for 2 leash walks and Mom let me eat just a tiny bit of grass. I played with little cat and am now napping on Mom's lap. Soooo, that means Mom won't take me to the vet today. She will keep the Monday appointment as there is still something affecting me. Mom borrowed a larger pet carrier from the neighbor to make Monday easier.
If ever Mom gets some spare time, she will post some videos of the little cat and me and the little cat. I showed her some 'tude today.


Okay, She is Cute!

July 23rd 2009 11:02 am
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Mom left Kitcat and I both loose in the house while she worked last evening. When she rushed home after work, I took my time to show up. She petted me. Kitcat slowly showed up with sleepy eyes and I sniffed her butt. No hissing. We actually got along! Mom found only a few minor things knocked over.
Since then, Mom twice found us sleeping together. I learned that if she is bugging me, I just have to hiss at her or give her a swat. Mom gives her time outs so I can relax a bit.
We have sort of even played together. Mom is getting a lot of this on video but is too busy to process it yet.
On the down side. I am having troubles eating. I cannot eat my dry food (Mom gives me all the Fancy Feast I want) and am puking lots. I even puked up a bit of blood on Monday and on Wednesday. I kept Mom up all last night begging for food, but when she gave me some, I didn't want it. I really want to eat grass, but that makes me puke, so Mom won't let me eat grass today.
Mom made me a vet appointment. That is a huge deal because Mom doesn't know if she will be able to stuff me in a carrier. And this will be my first time in a vehicle for almost 6 years. Plus, at the vet clinic, they may have to put me under to examine me because I am semi-feral and will for sure freak out. Mom worries big time about the stress of a vet visit for me.
Our vet can't get me in until Monday. That also worries Mom. That is a long way off if I continue to have these troubles.
Anyhow, I am still very active, bright eyed, responsive to Mom's pets and cuddles, and very interested in Kitcat. If I take a bad turn before Monday, Mom will barge me into a vet clinic no matter what.
Mom will probably look for a larger cat carrier, before then, to make it a bit easier to stuff me in. We need prayers for that day as both Mom and I will be on super duper high stress alert.


Me and the New Kitten

July 21st 2009 12:09 pm
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Well, I've got to see her running around like a fool. I find a safe place and watch instead of runing away. When she gets too close, I hiss at her and she backs down. I had to laugh when the little cat saw Lobo and was scared spitless. Mom has been giving me extra leash walks and lots of breaks from the little cat. I am on her lap right now. Mom thinks we can be friends. I don't know. At least I know Mom still loves me. She locks little cat in the bathroom for a lot of the day so I can feel free to be with her without being bothered by the pest. And at night too, so I don't have to worry about sneak attacks from crazy cat.

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