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Squirrel's Adventures

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I'm Feeling Kind Of Bad!

February 26th 2010 3:16 pm
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Just as my evil plan is about to come to fruition, Mom is building us a super cool house out of cardboard boxes! Well, my plan really isn't that evil. But, I still felt a twinge of guilt as Mom labored away with tape and knife on our house. She is having to work around Kit-Brat who is into everything. Mom has to be real careful not to cut off Kit-Brat's toe while she cuts doors into our cardboard castle. Anyhow, enough about that. Mom is going to post our cartoon project on Monday! (We still need her for that.) Maybe even Sunday, but she says probably not because she has to work Sunday night, play hockey in the day and watch the men's Olympic Gold medal game!!! We are thinking it might be between USA and Canada. At least we hope our men make it to that game! Our Canadian women won their gold medal game yesterday. They played so well. It was just their day. The Olympics are like that. You have to be on your good day to have a chance. Anyhow, we hope all of you kitties appreciate what Kitcat and I did. Look for the posting from the Cartoon Group real soon. We hope some of you kitties follow in our paw prints and do the same. Time to stand up for ourselves.


Forget That Black Cat, Kitcat and I Are Working on a Secret- Project ...

February 24th 2010 1:18 pm
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First we have to wait for Mom to go back to work. She has been on days off. And, she has to leave the computer on. She sometimes does that. I came up with a pawsome plan and have located the materials to work on it. We need privacy, tools and lots of patience. I can't spill the beans yet. I can say it involves Kitcat and I working together creatively. And, it involves a bit of pay back for Mom and how she teases us. All will be revealed during the next posting of the Cartoon of the Week. Hee, hee!


He Is NOT My Boyfriend!

February 23rd 2010 8:23 pm
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Thank you everyone for reading my diary and saying such nice things about me. But I have to set Mom and everyone straight. That black cat is NOT my boyfriend! He runs around too free and loose for my liking. He probably has cooties.


I'm Not a Chicken

February 23rd 2010 3:31 pm
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I was on my daily leash walk on a cool morning. Mom spotted what she calls my boyfriend across the street. He is a jet black cat (with a white diamond on his chest) that lives at the house at the end of the block. He is always in my yard. Anyhow, she picked me up and showed me he was there. She thought I would get scared. Well, I immediately spotted him and growled my best growl while I struggled to get put down. Mom put me down and I started marching towards him. He didn't see me coming. He finally heard my mean sounding growl and looked up. Guess what he did? Instead of running home, he came towards me making cute little meows. Well, I had to retreat as Mom kept tugging on my leash but I kept up the growling all the way home while watching him out of the corner of my eye. Once in the house we watched him from the window. He was rolling on MY sidewalk like he owned the place. Then, Mom had the nerve to go outside and pet him!!! She thinks I like him. Well, he is kind of cute.


Dear Diary

February 10th 2010 2:13 pm
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First I want to thank Pigeon for my Valentine's photos. We are purring for Pigeon to feel better.

Now Mom wants to tell what happened this morning:
"I'm impressed with both my kitties. This morning they were in bed with me and having their usual scrap. As I'm looking, Squirrel swats Kitcat and gets one of her claws impaled inside Kitcat's nose! It was hooked right into the skin that separates nostrils. Like where they put the ring on a bull. I thought I was going to have a bleeding and sore little baby cat. She was squealing a bit. To my surprise, Squirrel held very still (her front leg out straight) and so did Kitcat with pitiful little meows coming out of her. They let me unhook Squirrel's claw as gently as I could. I'm sure there was a bit of broken skin, but no blood. If Squirrel had just pulled back, or Kitcat freaked out, her tiny nose would have got ripped. Good little kitties."


Holy Meow! Did we ever have a fun day today!

January 30th 2010 7:16 pm
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It started with us having a scrap on top of Mom while she was sleeping. I won and Kitcat left the bed for a short while. I got to stay on top of the mountain, er, I mean Mom. Then Kitcat came back and settled for a while, right next to me. That makes almost 20 pounds of cat on top of Mom! I was starting to get hungry but didn't want to give up my spot. Then, the phone rang! That got Mom up and moving and got me my morning treat. Kitcat hasn't been eating her morning treat lately so I get it all to myself. Kitcat is more interested in bugging Mom while she tries to use the washroom and tries to make coffee with that brat constantly in the way.
Anyhow, shortly after that Mom played laser with us. That was fun. Kitcat goes nuts for that. Then Lobo came in for his breakfast. I got up on the first level of the cat tree and gave him a friendly tap when he walked by. When he went back outside, Mom pulled out our new, furry toy mice. Kitcat and I had a good game of mouse for a while. Then, I was getting kind of sleepy but Mom started moving furniture. We both had to stick around to see what that was all about. Then she fired up the Roomba vacuum cleaner.
Kitcat had never seen it in action before because it had a dead battery. After Mom saw that other cat, Max on the Youtube video, riding one, she ordered a new battery. It was charged and ready today so she started it up. I remembered it. I'm not scared of it but I was smart enough to just watch it from the cat tree. Kitcat was a bit afraid of it but not enough for her to join me up there. She watched it, followed it, got chased by it, smacked it, ignored it, etc. She was quite cute if I do say so myself.
There, that should have been enough fun for a day. But, it was snowing big flakes and Mom thought we should go outside and see that. I went out in the cat run for one second then back in. Been there, done that. Kitcat stayed out and played in it because Mom had the video camera going. She is a ham. Later, Mom took me out on my leash in the front yard. I find that more fun. Plus it had stopped snowing by then.
Now, we were both exhausted but Mom had one more trick up her sleeve. I think she was trying to make up for being at work for most of the last month. Anyhow, she pulled out this super fast, giant, robotic beetle! Wow could it ever go! Kitcat and I chased that around for about 20 minutes. I had never seen anything like it before. Of course Mom took some video of most everything we did today.
Then, finally, Mom let us rest and took Lobo out in the woods for a long, soggy walk.
Today was sure a fun day. I felt like a kitten again.


Where is a camera when you need one ....

January 13th 2010 4:11 pm
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Yesterday, I was perched part way up the cat tree and Mom threw some toys at me. She through 5 different toys and I caught them all in a row. First a cork, then a small pillow, then a crumpled up piece of paper, then our mini teddy and then a bottle cap. I would catch one in my front two paws, put it in my mouth and then drop it on Kitcat's head (she was watching from below) and get ready for the next pitch.
Another cool thing I did last week was when Mom came home from work, she couldn't find Kitcat. She asked me where my little sister was. She thought I would ignore her and just head to the fridge for my treat. Instead, I walked over to a cloth bag and basically pointed to it. Kitcat was hiding in there. Mom said I was a super smart kitty for showing her where Kitcat was. Then, Kitcat jumped out of her hiding place but Mom already knew where she was because of me.


Kitcat is a brat.

December 22nd 2009 7:39 pm
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Kitcat is a brat ...
Mom bought some jeans last week. She didn’t get around to laundering them until now. Luckily she looked at the tags before she removed them. She had accidentally bought too big of a size. The label on the hanger must have been wrong. So, she went looking for the receipt. She found bits and pieces of it on the floor. Kitcat did it. Then she found the original bag and folded the jeans and put them in the bag. She is hoping that she will be able to exchange the jeans without a receipt. Moments later, we heard rustling in the bag. By the time Mom got to it, Kitcat was in there and had already chewed up and removed one of the tags. Now, Mom is hoping she can return them with a ruined tag. What a brat that kitten is!
Squirrel, the angel


I am thankful ...

November 26th 2009 10:07 am
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For the birdies that hang out in my yard. My Mom. My Catster friends. For having 6 good years with my sister Lucky. And, I guess, Kitcat and Lobo. And leash walks with some grass to eat along the way. And, I like our cat tree.


Wow! What a crazy few days ...

November 8th 2009 10:24 am
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Somehow, I was named Catster's Cat of the Week and then my mailbox bulged with mail from my friends old and new! I have already had concats and gifts from over 100 kitties! We tried to respond to each and every one. We hope we didn't miss anyone. The special gift section is tricky because they keep moving around. If we did miss anyone, please forgive us.
Anyway, I am very honored by all of this. Mom is proud of me as is Lucky(RIP). Kitcat is wondering why some of the attention shifted from her to me! Ha, ha! No, not really. She is a good natured little girl and recovering from her spaying. She is doing very well now.
Now I must go on my leash walk and eat some of the last grass of the year.

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