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Squirrel's Adventures

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I Caught A Bird!!!! Sort of.

September 4th 2010 7:36 pm
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I bugged and bugged Mom to take me on a second leash walk. We just had a rain storm so she thought I would just look at how wet it was and then turn around. Nope. I went out the door and right over to a spot where there used to be a wasps' nest and now is spider heaven, including black widows. She doesn't like when I go there but she saw that I saw something unusual. It was a bird!!! It was all tight in a corner and its eyes were open but it wasn't moving. Mom thought it was dead. I tapped it lightly and it moved! Then Mom pulled me away from it. Then she brought me back in the house and got her camera. We both went back outside and I played with it gently while Mom got some video. Then we both went back inside and Mom got a box ready for it with a warm sock inside of it. She went back out and the birdie tried to hop away. It was a baby and was probably just looking for a good place to nap. So, Mom made the place safer with cement blocks and put it back where it was with a warm sock. Pretty exciting for me! And, there will be a video showing how nice I am. I don't hurt mice and I don't hurt baby birds.


My squeaky clean image has been tarnished.

August 27th 2010 5:34 pm
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As some of you know, Mom has been complaining about Kitcat's poopy bum. Well, a few days ago, Mom went down to the basement and almost stepped on some poop that was right in the door way. She yelled out: "KITCAT!!! You pig!" Then when she went to clean it up (it was very fresh and she almost stepped on it) she noticed there was grass in it. Busted. I had been out eating grass on my leash walk. It was my poop, not Kitcat's.
It was an accident! The grass kept the poop from staying in the litter box where I dropped it. So, I thought I was done and walked away. I didn't realize I had a piece of grass with poop chunks attached (like beads on a string) hanging out of my butt. I guess my poop shadow dropped off right at the door to our basement. Come to think of it, I was kind of puzzled when I turned to bury my poop and it wasn't there.
Mom apologized to Kitcat. It was shortly after that that Kitcat and I drew this cartoon: CATSDRAWCARTOONBUMFINAL.jpg


It was close!!!

July 5th 2010 10:40 am
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I almost caught a bird. Mom was taking me for my daily leash walk. She was half asleep, but I wasn't. I led her to the cedar bushes and nosed around in there. Then, all of a sudden, a little bird popped out! I even touched it! I swiped at it as it flew by and touched it!!! I threw it off enough that it landed a dozen feet away before hopping around a bit and then finally flying up to a tree squawking at me the whole way. Mom thinks it was a baby bird and not that good at flying yet. Well it sure learned how to fly today!


A Sad Day for Me

June 27th 2010 11:13 am
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It was a year ago that I lost my dear sister Lucky. Mom wondered why I didn't beg for my morning walk and just went back to bed after eating breakfast. Then she remembered. We watched some videos of Lucky last night. It is still shocking to think about how suddenly we lost her, without warning. She was so nice.
Okay, enough being sad, I'm ready for my walk now and I think I will chase Kitcat around the house.


I was a Catster Diary Pick Today!!!

June 10th 2010 9:35 am
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I must have sensed it as I started working on getting Mom out of bed to give me a treat at 3:30am. I washed one side of her face. Then, when she turned over, I attacked her feet (she hates that). Then I turned on her lamp. Then I washed the other side of her face. Then I meowed in her face. I took turns doing all of these things until she finally got up at 4:30am to give me a little bit of Fancy Feast. Then she tried to go back to sleep. Around 7am, she woke up to find both Kitcat and I sleeping on top of her. Once she moved, Kitcat and I had a wrestling match. So, she carefully got out of the way and I ran to the fridge, for, yes, a second helping of Fancy Feast treat. It was after that that she found out I was diary pick. So, I had a third helping of Fancy Feast treat and then a leash walk. Now Kitcat and I are running around and playing.
Thank you everyone for the concats, the presents and for picking me!


Mom Hates Ticks

June 6th 2010 8:44 pm
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I saved her from one yesterday. I was minding my own business when I basically pointed one out for her. It was on the floor and I looked at it and backed off in disgust. Mom came to see what it was that grossed me out, and it was a tick. She thanked me for showing her it was there. We think Lobo brought it in. But, Mom had one on her today after her walk with Lobo, so, could be her, could be him. Wasn't me or Kitcat.
We are a bit sad because we haven't seen my boyfriend, er, I mean, that black cat in a while. We are afraid something bad happened to him. We don't know the people who he belongs to well enough to ask. But, we went from seeing him every day to not seeing him at all. Purrs and prayers to him. He was a very nice kitty.


Our Visitors

April 29th 2010 3:54 pm
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Here is a funny, true story that Mom just heard from her brother:
Our uncle, who has 7 cats, was at his doctor getting a check up. The doctor was having him breathe in and out while listening to his lungs with a stethoscope.
The doctor then asked, "Do you have cats?"
Uncle got very scared and thought perhaps the doctor heard something bad in his lungs that had to do with cats. Like asthma triggered by cat dander. He was even wondering if his lungs were full of cat fur or if he had a hairball! and the doctor could tell.
He said, "Yes, I do. Why do you ask?"
The doctor said, "Oh, I just noticed a lot of cat hair on your shirt."
Mom and auntie and all of us had a good laugh over that story.


I am the Tabbie in the Spotlight Today!

April 27th 2010 7:08 am
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Thank you everyone!
I am also having a great week with my auntie and uncle. Uncle knows how to take me out on my leash walk. They both say that I am really cute and nice. They also say that I am way more outgoing than the last time they saw me.
Kitcat and I have been letting them sleep at night without being too pesty. We cuddle with Mom at night.



March 16th 2010 3:36 pm
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You must know that it snowed here just last Friday. Well, after bugging Mom for my 2nd leash walk of the day, out we went. What did we both almost step on? A wasp!!! A nasty wasp!!! Just like the one that stung me a few summers ago. Mom did a little freak out dance before she stepped on it. Yuck. Then I ate a bit of grass before Mom hauled me back in the house.
Lucky and I had a very nice birthday. Mom isn't organized enough to thank everyone here, in my diary, but we tried to thank everyone as each message and gift arrived. We hope we haven't missed anyone.
I don't feel any different being seven. Little Kitcat is anxiously awaiting her first birthday. I say little because she isn't a big cat. Mom was sure she would be a giant cat because of her super long tail. Well, it doesn't look like she is going to grow into it. Good thing for me. I still outweigh her.


Phew! That was close.

March 11th 2010 9:52 am
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Well I finally had some extra excitement on my leash walk. Mom had just come in from walking Lobo so she thought the coast was clear. I barged out the front door. Mom turned to shut it when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. A dog ran right up to me!!! I fluffed up. Mom tried to grab the dog but it didn't have a collar. She let go my leash so I could run if I had to. But, the dog was a friendly little thing and was more interested in Mom than me. I did go for a little run but Mom picked me up and carried me back in the house. She thought she might get clawed if I panicked but she didn't care. She just wanted me safe. Once Mom picked me up, the dog growled at us. Stupid dog. Actually, Lobo (who was up on our deck) spotted the little dog by then and was barking at it. So that is probably why the little dog growled. But it also took off then. So good job Lobo. The little dog was part poodle. Mom petted it and said his fur was real nice. But he is loose way too much. Someone might dognap him because he is real cute and friendly. Once Mom opened the door I ran in the house real fast and up the stairs with the leash dragging. Kitcat was wondering what in the world had happened. So, after Mom took off my harness I told Kitcat all about it.

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