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Squirrel's Adventures

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Mom Spoke to her Sister ...

December 27th 2010 5:43 pm
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She is feeling right about what she did for Panda and thanks Mom and her brother for their support. Mom wants to thank all of you because the support she gave her sister came from you.
Here is a photo of a quilt that Mom's Grandma would have made in the early 1900's and, a medallion Mom had engraved a while back of me, Lucky and Lobo.
Engraved Pendant of Lucky, Squirrel and Lobo


This is a painting ....

December 27th 2010 2:14 pm
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Years ago, my auntie painted a picture of Panda. Mom loved it and said so. Auntie gave it to Mom and it has been hanging in our living room ever since. This is it:
Panda Painting

Of course, Mom will ask auntie if she wants it back. She will most likely say no and that she is happy that it is hanging in our house.


Our cousin Panda has gone to the bridge ...

December 27th 2010 11:54 am
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Buster, Suzie and Sammy are her kitty siblings. Buster came first, then Panda, then Suzie and then Sammie. All rescues. Anyhow, this is what auntie wrote about dear Panda:

She was incessantly curious. I could not assemble or build anything without her getting dangerously in the way. Or else she would run away with small parts. Even painting, she'd be sitting on the stool I had reserved for myself, and watching over my shoulder. She would hide beans and bring the dried remains out once in a while to play with. She loved peas. When I brought her home in that same purple carrier, she erupted into a volcano of spits the moment she spotted Buster and she ruled him from then on, even though she was only a kitten half his size. When she was spayed, she leapt to the top of the fridge only a couple days after. She adopted Suzie and groomed her mercilessly. Maybe Suzie will be able to grow her eyebrows now. I used to make her purr on the phone to Mom. She would purr so loud, Mom couldn't believe it. Her decline started so gradually, I didn't really notice and I attributed it simply to aging. A certain difficulty jumping up onto things, increased napping. Less time spent checking out the birds at the feeder. Aggressiveness towards Sammy who retaliated and made me so mad because I thought he was bullying her--but often it was she who provoked him. Even the usual morning cuddle with me, she wouldn't settle but preferred to remain standing.

But last night she joined us all in the big bed--like I said. I was surprised because I thought she was going to stay downstairs like she had done the previous nights. And she stayed the night. When I fed the other cats this morning, she came to have some water and gave a negligent look at the food tin. For a moment, I thought she might bring herself to sample it but she didn't. That's about the time I phoned the vet.

Then I had a lot of time to reconsider until he called me around 11:30. This morning, I felt I had waited too long. On the way to the vet I felt I was pulling the plug too soon. Perhaps that signifies I picked it about right. She hadn't yet dwindled into a pitiful state, but she was heading there. There was nothing more I could think of to do--in fact all my attempts seem to be increasing her distress rather than alleviating it. So I gave her a long guitar serenade. I brushed her. Gave her water. And then she had a quiet end with a kind vet. Maybe humans would sometimes like that option for themselves too.

A gallant, happy little soul. You could never chastize her or make her feel guilty about anything. She would just talk back to you and do whatever she wanted. She was fearless and held her ground before vacuum cleaners, Sammy and intruders. She loved to visit everyone. The only thing that ever made her run away, was one sniff of the horrible fermented rotten herring the Swedes call "sewerstrumming".


It is a sad Boxing Day ...

December 26th 2010 9:46 pm
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Mom is crying...
She was on Skype with her sister and it looks like my cousin Panda will be going to the bridge. She has kidney cancer. Auntie was asking for advice on what to expect. Mom did her best to explain how it happened with Peaches & Tasha. After, she just couldn't stop crying. I will wait for her to settle down and then cuddle her in the night.
I did hear that Punkie is doing okay after his vet visit and peeing troubles. So he is okay for the moment.


Merry Christmas!

December 25th 2010 3:27 pm
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I don't know if Mom was too impressed, but I woke her up twice overnight and would not leave her alone until she got up and gave me some soft Fancy Feast treat from the fridge. She mumbled something about how I should consider that my Christmas present. I did give her a few massages and face washes along the way.
She was in a forgiving mood when she finally woke up for real and I was on top of her keeping her warm and Kitcat was beside her head keeping her company except for Kitcat had the wrong end pointed at Mom's face.
We are concerned about our cousin Panda. She isn't doing well and will probably be going to the bridge soon. And our other cousin Punkie, has just today started having troubles again with his peeing. We are worried about them as they also come from a small place where there is not such thing as 24 hour vet clinics. At Christmas everything is shut down even more so than the average weekend.
So we are thankful for how we are doing and purring and praying for our friends and family.
Time to bug Mom or my leash walk before it gets dark.


I'm sorry Kitcat, but this is just too funny...

November 21st 2010 4:25 pm
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Mom has been all happy snappy with her new camera and just happened to catch these two photos in one afternoon .... tcat-Poop-Bum.jpg

(For some reason, a space always appears in the link, so you will have to delete the space after the "i" in Kitcat for it to work.)

Hope you think it is as funny as I do.



Happy Hallowe'en!

October 31st 2010 4:33 pm
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Mom brought in some leaves for our display and set up our crow. You can see this as my main photo for a while. Kitcat and I got to play in the leaves outside and inside!


Big News

October 27th 2010 3:26 pm
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Mom washed our picture window today. We are all having so much fun looking out at our new feeder and our maple tree in fall splendour, that she brushed off the spider webs and brought out the window washing tools. She hasn't washed that window since 19... "SQUIRREL! Be quiet." Uh, 19 something. Anyhow, we were having trouble seeing the birdies through our nose prints, paw prints and years of dust. Also, there was bird poop and smudges on the outside of our window from the birdies crashing into it about 3 years ago. That is why Mom says she never washed our window. She said keeping it disgustingly dirty kept the birds from crashing into it accidentally. That is her story. But today, she did a bit of sweating and cleaned off our window. It is glorious. Just wait until you see our next video!!!


I Showed Kitcat How to Hunt...

September 28th 2010 5:33 pm
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Mom brought in a grasshopper for us. We don't get many in our cat run because it is in the shade. They love sunshine. I have experience with them on my leash walks. When they are little, they are very hard to catch. This one was medium and quite fast too. Mom had to catch it first, then she brought it in the house for us. I was on it right away. Mom had to call a sleepy eyed Kitcat to come and see it. We played with it for a while but she didn't know what to do. I eventually ate it as they do taste pretty good. Goofy Kitcat is still looking for it. It is in my tummy.


My Newest Video!

September 6th 2010 10:25 pm
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This is the link to the video of me and the bird I found:

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