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Squirrel's Adventures

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I sure kept Mom busy!

March 16th 2011 4:22 pm
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Mom started out yesterday quickly realizing that she was going to have a hard time keeping up with all the pmails and gifts Lucky & I were getting for our birthday. Plus she had a long day of work ahead. So, she did a smart thing ... she decided to celebrate my birthday today!
Today I did get 2 leash walks, plenty of treats, and - just now - she let me have the easy chair and even turned it so I would get more sun from the picture window. And there is plenty of time left in the day. (I heard she is keeping a brand new white toy mousie for me for tonight.)
I want to thank the dozens of you who sent us birthday messages and gifts. You truly made us feel special and loved.
And we also have to mention our friend Hazel Lucy who had to go to the bridge today. We are very sad for her Mommy who is going to miss her so much.

My mommy wanted to say: Bless you Julie for having the courage to do what was right for your girl. You kept your promise. Hazel Lucy is blessed to have you as her best friend.


The Easy Chair

March 3rd 2011 2:04 pm
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There is a special chair in our house. It doesn't look very special. It is really old and threadbare. Everyone that sees it says it belongs in the dump. But, it is special because it is comfy and Mom always sits in it to watch TV. When the sun shines through our picture window, it becomes the most desirable spot in the house. But, when Mom is home, she is sometimes in it when I want it. So, this is how I work the plan - the plan of getting the chair to myself :

I am a smart kitty. I hang around and pretend I really love Mom and want to cuddle with her while she watches TV. So, I get on her lap and start kneading with my super sharp claws. I know just where the top of her pants are and the bottom of her bra. I aim for that spot where there is just a very thin T-shirt between her soft belly and my sharp claws. After doing that for a while, if she doesn't leave the chair, I pretend to settle on her lap. What I really want is the chair to myself, after she warmed it up. Yesterday, I got tired of waiting for her to have to get up and do something so I got up on the arm rest and looked her in the eye and meowed at her. That didn't work so I put my paw behind her shoulder and pulled at her! She took the hint and got up and watched as I quickly took possession of the chair. I think she is onto my tricks now but let me have the chair anyway and went off to do something else.
Then, today, I did all of the same tricks and got the chair. But, not according to my plan was Kitcat. She noticed the special chair in the sun that I had acquired through cunning and intelligent means. She decided it looked like a good place to be and bullied her way onto the chair with me so now I have to share it with her. Not only that, I had to groom the stinky girl.


You have got to have a Watchcat to keep you safe!

February 20th 2011 1:39 pm
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I asked politely, to go out for my leash walk. Mom said, "Are you sure? It is way below freezing out there right now." I said, "The sun is strong and warming the front of the house. And, I have not done my security patrol in a while. Let us go." So, she put my harness on and out we went. It was kind of warm as the sun was strong and reflecting off of our house. I walked along the front and then continued on past the side. I hadn't done that all winter as the snow had been too deep. Now, there were some bare patches for me to walk on due to earlier nice weather. I growled as I scented trouble. Then I sniffed at an object and looked at Mom and said, "Hey, maybe this is important?" She got down and looked and saw it was our security camera! The wind from Friday, had blown it down. She said, "Good kitty Squirrel! Thank you for finding that and showing it to me." She put it in her pocket and will see if it still works later. But first, I had to finish my patrol. Which I did and I am now licking my toes as they got a bit dirty and cold. Lobo is supposed to be our guard dog. Poor boy is getting old and losing his edge. I guess it is all up to me to keep us safe.


Thank you all my wonderful friends!

February 10th 2011 7:46 pm
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For all your concats and gifts on the occasion of my diary pick.
I have such wonderful friends. We are so happy! Mom loves her new mattress. I like it too but still find it most comfortable to sleep on top of Mom! Kitcat brought Mom a bed warming present last night. A toy mouse.
Mom had to work a long day today so we are just catching up on this great news of me being diary pick. She said that all she could think of while she was at work today was getting back to us and the new comfy bed.
Lucky for sure was the boxspring shredder. Kitcat & I have our moments but nothing like Lucky. I think I saw Mom place a water squirter next to her reading lamp.


What the ...

February 9th 2011 3:15 pm
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I was minding my own business, lounging on the back of the futon and looking at birdies, when Mom snatched me up and put me in the spare bedroom and closed the door. Moments later, she opened the door. I thought she had come to her senses and was letting me out! But NO! She shoved Kitcat right in my face and closed the door on both of us! We then heard all kinds of commotion. Men's voices. Heavy boots coming up and down our entryway stairs. We could smell the cold fresh air from the front door being left open. We heard plastic bags being rustled. Interesting. What seemed like hours was only ten minutes and then the front door closed with a final thud. Mom let us out. I remained in the spare room as I have wisdom and am cautious. Kitcat rushed right out to see what she could see. Eventually, I followed and we discovered the reason for all of this excitement. We got a new mattress & boxspring!!! We immediately inspected it and Mom gave us the evil eye and said, "You two had better not shred this one!" Whatever. I hope the new mattress is as comfortable as the old one.


The Latest Game of Tag

January 31st 2011 12:12 pm
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Mom wasn't going to let us play but then we read Kibbles' diary and saw that he just made his list but didn't tag any five kitties in particular. He just invited everyone to play. That took the pressure off of Mom (as she cannot remember who tagged who already), so here is my list of the top 5 annoying things that she does:

5. Sometimes she won't get up in the middle of the night to give me some Fancy Feast.

4. She can get a bit lazy when it comes to keeping our litter box clean.

3. She watches far too much TV when I am wanting to play.

2. Often, as soon as I get comfy on her lap, she decides she has to get up and do something.

1. She won't take me on leash walks whenever I want. Sometimes, she says, it is too cold. Or, she says she saw a loose dog. Or, she saw wasps hanging around. Or it is too hot. All I get are excuses.

So, just like Kibbles said, feel free to play if you have the time.


I really think I should win diary pick!

January 15th 2011 8:30 pm
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I think diary picks should involve action and drama. Well, if you read my previous entry, you would see that there is plenty of that in my mewsings. Now, we add visuals ....
Big Deal.
Just a tiny little scratch.


You have to take the good with the bad.

January 15th 2011 8:42 am
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I woke Mom up this morning by accidentally scratching her foot. I thought it was a giant mouse moving under the blankets. But as it turned out, it was her bare foot. I left a 4 inch slash on the top of it. Oops. That was the bad.
Later, this is the good, I tried to make up for it by getting on her lap and being cuddly. This I did for a half hour before more bad happened. Kitcat, the pushy little cat, tried to get on Mom's lap with me! This has never happened before. We NEVER share Mom's lap at the same time. But, being a good sport, I let this go on for a while. But, Kitcat would not sit still. I even groomed her and tried to get her to settle. But she kept leaning into me and trying to bully me off Mom's lap. I wasn't going to take it so, yes, I did start a scrap with Kitcat right on Mom's lap. Mom was still reeling from her slashed foot so she put a stop to our cat fight by getting up. I think I might have scraped her lap with one claw as I leaped off of her, but not too bad.



January 8th 2011 2:40 pm
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Mom finally bought us our Christmas present! Just in time for Ukrainian Christmas. She said she had been to five stores and none of them had the toy mice we like. Our old ones are lost or in pieces. Partly because Kitcat is rough on her toys and partly because Mom keeps stepping on them. Anyway, Mom finally found some and brought home three. One for each of us, and a spare. We are having a blast with them right now.
Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year.


Happy New Year!

January 1st 2011 7:15 am
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We all had a warm and comfy sleep last night. We didn't even stay up until midnight. We hope things warm up out there, but even so, I want my leash walk! I went out yesterday even though it was very cold. So my New Year's Resolution is to have my daily leash walk.

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