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Tales of a Biscuit Maker

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Aluminyum Foil

February 3rd 2009 5:28 pm
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Mommy grilled chicken last night. She wrapped the pieces in foil so they wouldn't burn but they would still have that good grilled taste. Last night I got into the trash and ate the foil. It was yummy. Mommy didn't know which one of us did it although she thought it was me because som cat had vomited foil and I was standing nearby.

Mommy decided it was a good idea to take both of us to the vet. The vet was busy, busy. There were dogs there and cats. They even had a horse that they called "a mastif." I hissed and spit and growled but not nearly as much as Marina. I dealt with it all day and was fine. When mommy came to get me I finally vomited and it had foil in it. The vet, well, not the one that treated me today, told mommy that we have to observe me carefully for the next day or two but she thinks it's all over.

The vet that took care of us all day got bitten by Marina *stifles a giggle so Marina won't see* Marina just couldn't take it any longer. It was kind of a raw deal being around all those sick cats and dogs all day and Marina is perfectly fine.

Mommy said I may have to go back to the vet tomorrow if it looks like I'm having any problems. Thankfully Marina won't have to go with me.


Good News, Bad News

October 21st 2008 5:09 pm
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The good news is there is no medical reason I keep peeing on mommy's bed. The bad news is there is no medical reason I keep peeing on mommy's bed. Mommy was hoping for an infection that could be treated with an antibiotic we haven't tried yet. Quick fix, everyone is happy. Well, that isn't the case. Now mommy has to find a way to get me to stop peeing on her bed through behavioral modification. I don't know though. I really like peeing on her bed.

Today I wanted to show her how much I love her so I brought her my favorite treat...a two inch big fat green grasshopper. She didn't scream but she walked away. I ate a little bit of it and left the rest for her to clean up. She swept it into the garage. Now she has the shakes. She said next time I better bring in a mouse or bird but no more bugs. If it has more legs than me, it's outside only.


A Summer of new Flavors

September 21st 2008 5:39 pm
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This summer hasn't been very adventurous except with tasting new things. Bacon was great, quail wasn't so great. Today I tried Coca-Cola. Mommy wasn't worried when I was sniffing it. She remembered how much Marina hated it and she knew it wouldn't be a problem for me to sniff it. Guess what? I liked it. I took a lick and mommy let me. Then I took three more licks and she made me stop. Caffeine is not good for kitties in any amount. Who knew a kitty would like Coca-Cola. I also like iced tea. Mommy learned earlier in the summer that she has to keep me away from tea. Every kitty has its quirks. I guess mine is liking foods I'm not supposed to have.


Mommy had whiplash and you won't believe how...

April 17th 2008 8:15 pm
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Two days ago mommy got whiplash. "How?" you ask. She was hit in the head with a cat. MOL!!

There is a shelf above mommy's toilet. When mommy gets ready for work I sit on the shelf and watch. Tuesday was no different. I was rolling around enjoying my morning pets. Mommy bent down to get some tissue. While she was bent forward blowing her nose, I rolled too much and fell about a foot onto her head. We were both stunned. I was fine but mommy has mild whiplash. We had to laugh. How many times do humans get whiplash from being hit in the head with a cat? mol


Mommy came home from work today and her bedroom door was open. It took her 5 hours to realize I figured out how to open the door while she was gone to work. I haven't been able to do it again, yet. But I will. :-)


How did the ears get IN THERE???

March 11th 2008 4:56 pm
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Hi Catster kitties. This is Tosca's mommy. I thought this story would sound better coming from me.

Last night I woke up with terrible heartburn. I decided I had to be up for a little while to let the Nexium start working so I decided to do some easy chores while I was up. I walked in the kitchen and found one of Tosca's mice. When I picked it up, I noticed she had worked it over pretty well. It was missing the tail, ears, eyes and belly fur and the plastic was broken. I decided to break it apart and see what they use to make the mouse rattle. I'm still not sure what it is but it's some sort of rock like stuff. The awesome part, the part that totally shocked me was what else was inside. As I was breaking it apart, I saw two little pink things. I thought maybe it was stuffing to keep it from rattling too much. As it turns out it was the missing ears!! How did she get the ears INSIDE the mouse?????


February 19th 2008 8:15 am
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Wow, I'm a daily diary pick. That's really cool. Thanks Catster!! It is my dream to one day be Diary of the Day, Cat of the Day and Cat of the Week. I really want the full Catster experience. I think we have all been a daily diary pick now, so that is really cool. And Marina has been Cat of the Week and Cat of the Day. She only needs to be a Diary of the Day pick and she will have had the full experience. I'm just a baby so I'm still just getting started. Velvet is old and doesn't participates quite as much as we do so she has a ways to go too. Oh, look at me ramble. It seems like I don't appreciate this honor but I do, I really, really do!!! I'm just saying that I have big dreams!

Well, I had a busy weekend. Mommy was home most of the weekend so I just begged for attention all the time. When she wouldn't give it to me, I would groom her hair. I've never done this before and it made her laugh and laugh so I kept doing it. Humans are so funny. I also go tto go outside some and look at the birds. We have a birdhouse and if I stretch, I'm about half way to reaching it. Those birds better watch out.

Mommy decided to make scrapbooks for all of us. She finally got started on mine. I helped her with the first page. It's a map of the US with an airplane going from Atlanta, GA to Fayetteville, AR. That was my plane trip. Wow, was that scary, but I was a trooper and stayed calm. Mommy couldn't find a map she liked so she got a blank one and decided to color the states herself. I helped her check out the colored pencils to make sure they were tasty enough for my page. I even tasted the page and left my seal of approval (teeth marks).

Mommy said she can't wait to work some more on our scrapbooks but won't do anything until spring when we can be outside playing with the birds and she can watch us from the kitchen while she scrapbooks.

Well, I'm off to one of my many naps today. I have to play catch up since I was keeping mommy company the last three days.

Have a great day Catster friends.


February 11th 2008 6:07 pm
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I got tagged by,Princesse Citron

Here are the rules: When you get tagged, you post in your Diary (1) The Rules of the Game (just copy and paste these if you like), and (2) Seven Pawsome Facts About Yourself. (3) Then choose 7 kitties to tag, and list the names of the 7 kitties you are tagging. Don’t forget to purr them a pawmail informing them that they have been tagged and notifying them to read your Diary, or, send them a fun Rosette announcing that they've been tagged!

1. I hate water more than almost anything, unless it is just on the grass.
2. I like to suckle on mommy's hands and arms but she doesn't like it because...
3. I have jaws like a steel trap and once they clamp down on something you can get them open.
4. I love to run through the house growling like the Tazmanian Devil.
5. I like to play with Marina but snuggle and sleep with Velvet.
6. My favorite toys are Zanies mice (not other brands) and pipe cleaners.
7. I love to watch anything with big cats. I also like Meerkat Manor.

Kitties I'm Tagging!
Cheyenne - 64708
Newmen - 656963
**KYRO** - 702864
Phillip - 714227
Bella - 520914
Kika - 702331
Maisie - 711134


Catching mommy off guard

January 19th 2008 8:01 pm
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I think it's our job as kitties to keep our pawrents on their toes. I've done that twice recently and mommy just can't stop laughing when she thinks about it. Yesterday I was playing with a squishy bug toy that Grannie got me. Mommy decided to throw it for me and it bounced off the wall and I went after it. We kept playing the bounce the bug off the wall game. Mommy was so ticked because my tail was fuzzy every time I chased it. I don't get fuzzy with any other toys, just this one. I guess it is kind of funny.

Earlier today I was wanting attention from mommy, and frankly I was wanting some of her soup. She turned her back on me and I jumped onto her back and fell back down. What really surprised her was I jumped all the way up and put my front paws on her shoulder. She said none of her kitties have ever jumped that high without taking a step or two first. I did it in one straight jump. She thought I was just good at the long jump but I've shown her I can be good at the high jump too.


Vet visit

January 12th 2008 4:28 pm
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I had to go to the vet again today. As it turnes out I may have a GI problem and not so much a urinary problem. I have to go back on Monday for another urine test. They couldn't get any from me today.

They weighed me today and I'm 9 lbs 11 oz. The size of a medium male Tonk. I could get up to about 10 lbs or more. hahaha I always wanted to be a big girl.


My first birthday

January 7th 2008 9:03 am
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Yesterday was my first birthday. It was a great day but really it started the day before yesterday. I was at The Foreign Legion with a host of usual kitties when Cole and Jacques decided to throw me an impromptu (big word for a baby) birthday party. Even Vijay showed up to plunk a jellybean at Marina. mol. It was like the count down to New Years because it started an hour and a half before I turned one.

Al brought in a temporary chandelier and Selket and Squeakers helped teach me to swing. It was so much fun. After I got dizzy, I jumped down and fell over. At midnight everycat wished me a happy birthday. I got to stay for about an hour more before I went home.

Many of my Catster friends gave me rosettes and stars and cupcakes. One family gave me a butterfly. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

At home with mommy, I got to go outside and play for a little while. It was 68 degrees here yesterday. After that, we had lunch then took a nice long nap. When we woke up, Grannie came over and we had dinner and birthday cake. Mommy's nieces were supposed to come too but they couldn't. After Grannie left, I chased my mousie some more then took a long nap while mommy played on the computer.

I don't think I could ask for a better birthday. I had both human and fur family with me, I had a party with my Catster friends (those that could show up on no notice), and I got cake. I had so much fun, I think I'm going to have to make mommy throw me an Adoptaversary party. ;-)

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