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Jewel of De Nile

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I Has a Big Surprise Waiting Fur Me!!

December 13th 2012 8:37 am
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Wowzies we sure missed lots in eight days!!1 Last Wednesday afternoon the power went down and the router went we couln't come here!! I was sure upset..but Meowmy said it will get fixed, just be patient...hmmm..eight days of pateint? Santa Paws better bring me somfing good after this one!! Anyway it is all fixed now!!

But oh boy we opened our mail and saw 100 messages!! I just shook my heads and says to Meowmy, "fix it up so I can gets to Meow wif my furiends, MOL!!" So she did and here I am, MOl

OH my was I ever surprised to find out I am Kewlest Cat of the Week at the Kewlest Cats Klub..and just think I could have missed out on this wonderfur honor...power smower...I love Catster and I love all of my furiends here!!!

I want to thank the following furs for decorating my page wif wonderfur rosetes in helping my celebrate my week at KCK:

Milo, Smokey Joe, Mallee and furmily gave me a big red heart

Smiley Cassanova gave me a bewtifur pink rosettes

Big Harry, Patches and furmily also gave me a bewtifur pink rosette

HIGH FIVE Paws to all of you at Catsterland!!

If we missed anything really important (tons) sorry!!! Maybe our mail started bouncing back too? Sorry!!!


Thank You Very Much HQ for The Honor of Being CAT OF THE DAY- On Catster..and Thank You to All..

November 14th 2012 9:07 pm
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would like to thank HQ fur choosing me to be Cat of The Day here on Catster...I am truly honored. I sure felt special today and lots of my furiends stopped by to help me celebrate my special day. I would like to remember these furiends and the gifties they bestowed on me by placing them here on my diary page.


Tundra made a very special picture fur me
kally kat made a very special picture fur me...and she also gave me a pink rosette
Jameson made a very special picture fur me and its furm the kewlest Cat's Klub

I have made copies of these pictures and will treasure them always for awhile I kept changing them as they came in...then thought I would just put the original picture of myself I had up that HQ helped choose in using fur the Main page of, when I think about on the front page today, representing all that Catster is...I will always try from today on to be a great ambassador fur Catster: I will help any and all kibbies, I will be kind and considerate, I will forgive naughtiness and not swipe a paw back, I will try to be good and kind!!

As fur the pictures my furiends made fur me, I will use one each week on my page..but, of course, not as the main picture...thank you all again fur the memories you helped us keep by making these bewtifur pictures!! They are much appreciated

Now, in no particular order, here is the list of furiends who sent me prezzies to help celebrate my special day!

Tate Pumkin Pie
Milo & Crew Red Rose
Ciao Li & Crew Pink Rosette
Angel Yoda & Crew Turkey Drum Stick
Tiger Turkey
Samoa Turkey
Tinker Bell Red heart
Leo & Crew Pumkin
Mr. Sam Red Rose
Zoey & Zack Red heart
Smiley Cassanova Pumkin
Azurine Ambrosia Horn of Plenty
Mac, Ivy & Crew Pie

Platelicker & Crew gave me a furever gift of a golden heart!!!

Thank you to all once again and also to everyfur who also commented on pictures and made comments on my diaries..much thankfur and appreciated..luv you all!



November 14th 2012 1:16 pm
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Wow were we ever surprised when Meowmy finally decided to open her laptop to check for emails...truth be told...Meowmy had no intentions of going anywhere near the puter today...nope..she felt the depression coming on and decided she just couldn't take anymore negativity from anyone right now...enough is enough...all Meowmy was going to do was start on Neiko's quilt for christmas...but she kept feeling a nudge on her invisible cord...the cord each pawrent has with their fur babies for all she thought..alright I will just see if one special one she was waiting on came in....well..

HOLY WOOWZERS..there were forty five emails!! Meowmy thought at first that someone may have been spaming her..but when she took a closer look, she saw CATSTER beside most of them and then she really had a good look..She noticed first off that Neiko was Diary of the Day!! So Meowmy got all catcited and brought out the treat the morning, too, MOL!!..and we got treats and Neiko was told all about it and was she ever proud of herself, well all of us were!!..then Meowmy thought she better start looking through the emails...and that is when she noticed another one from CATSTER with my name on it...yipe!!!..the one announcing me as CAT OF THE DAY!!! WOOO HOOO!!! Well Meomwy became very speechless..a little stunned to...and then she scooped me up and gave me a big hug and told me, with tears in her eyes..that little ol' country bumpkin me, has been chosen as CATSTER'S AT OF THE DAY...OMC!!!

Thank you to CATSTER for this wonderful, beautiful honor!! Never in our wildest dreams did we ever think anyone in our family would ever be chosen to represent CATSTER for a whole day!!! it is a true honor and we deeply appreciate it!! Meowmy has been upset for a few days and this morning with all the great news of not one but two of her babies being honored on CATSTER..well it just lifted her spirits!!! Thank you once again...

And as for the special email meowmy was waiting on?...yes it was there...Hazel Lucy's Meowmy is furiends with my Meowmy off of CATSTER now and this is onderful as we didn't know what had happend to a dear furiend from years ago, the First Lady of Catster.. when life was simply fun and carefree here...for the ones who have been on CATSTER for years you know what i mean..for the newer ones..hey CATSTER is still the place to be and we wuldn't change it fur anything in the world

Now...since two of Meowmy's babies are having honors today on Catster...we will be thanking all fur the bewtifur gifties on our pages and sending out all of our love and appreciation to all of you!!

We love Catster and we love all of our all mean soo very much to all of my furmily!!


AnotherRoyal Decree..

November 12th 2012 12:25 pm
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I am sending out another Royal Decree....hmmp!! this snow business has got to stop!! We don't want it..I am the Queen..hopefully this will listen to me, since no one else will, MOL!!

It can be hard some times to be the queen, but I love this position!! When I come into the room all eyes are on me..and if i step up to anyfur..they move they don't turn their backs to me either, MOL!! Hey even when I want to play wif them..Meowmy just says that I play too rough and scare meowmyt plays wif me...I loves my Meowmy soo much!!


I Was Naughty Yesturday and Now Everyone Thinks It's Funny!!

October 16th 2012 12:03 pm
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I sneek attacked my brofur, Friday, yesturday was great fun!!! I even jumped right on him and got him by the throat like as if I was a lioness in Africa, MOL!!!! But he got free, ya it was all in good fun anyway....except I was still not finished playing and chased friday into the kitchen and that's when it happend. Friday let me have it with the right front paw *SMACK..SMACK..SMACK* is all Meowmy heard as her was hollering for us to stop. I walked away wif my nose up in the I didn't do anyfing wrong, Meowmy, so stop hollering at me!! We gots our breakfast than. Awhile later I was sitting on the counter quietly waiting for my morning treats and Meowmy noticed me, so she went into the cupboard to get them out. She was talking to me and was petting my forehead and I turned away cuz it hurt and Meowmy says, "hey you got a feather on you"...that was no feather!! So Meowmy turns my head and takes a closer look...and feels it alright..somfin sharp...NOW Meowmy is really looking and tells me to stay. She had to pull it out from my forehead, like inbetween my eyes, and out comes the sharp part of a claw!!! Yup, Friday slapped me that hard:( He left a tip of a claw imbedded into me, little 'ol innocent me...who does nofing wrong, am always kind and considerate and luvs him lots does this to me....and Friday even posted it on his diary yesturday and now everyone knows what I did and what happend and they fink its funny...Meowmy even saved the nail in her memories box...and NO I didn't chase friday today...hey I'm a girl who just wants to have fun...that's all.


So Many Bewtiful Gifts and Thoughtful Furiends..

September 22nd 2012 7:11 pm
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I would love to send out heartfelt thanks to the following furiends for thier thoughtful gifts and well wishes during this past week while I was one of two Cat of the Week from The kitties Club and also for the day I was one of the Daily Diary Picks..just wonderful and excicitng:

Leo: Made a collage picture for my DDP - THANK YOU!! It's bewtiful
& thoughtful of you!!

Tundra, Rory, Lynzee & Manytoes: Made a bewtiful picture of me for DDP -
THANK YOU ALL!! It is bewtiful and thoughtful from all of you

Tat: Sent me a ladybug rosette for being Daily Diary Pick..I luv it!!

Orkney & girls: Thank you for the Pink Ribbon rosette-I luv pink-for
Daily Diary Pick!

Sassy & Pepper: For the red rose rosette -Cat of the Week at TKC..thank
you both for thinking of me to send me this bewtiful gift

Squirrel: Sent a big Red Heart for being Cat of The Week at TKC

Angel Buddie: For my singing and dancing pawagram!!I love it-you did a
great job, making me want to jump and down all over again!!

Smiley Cassanova: Sent out catgradulations on being Dailey Diary Pick

This past week has been very excating for me!! This has never happend to me before and it was a thrilling time. Thank you all once again for helping to make me very extra special this past Meowmy and I will never forget this week!! What a memory, eh?!!!

Purrs and Hugs


I am a Diary Pick of The Day...Thank You

September 20th 2012 1:50 pm
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Wow!!!!I am chosen to be a diary Pick of the Day...and one of two Kitties of the Week from The Kitties Club...all in the same week...when it rains, it purrs, MOL
This is just sooo exciting...I fink this is my furst time winning anyfing!!!Usually my brofur Friday is the lucky one...maybe cuz I'm been listening to Meowmy and being a good girl and not beating up on Neiko lately..who knows...all I know is I am one really excited girl today

Thank you to all my furiends and to Catster for making me feel real special this week



Two Canadians...THANK YOU to The Kitties Club

September 17th 2012 12:56 pm
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I just had to write this down!!! I just visited wif Tigger's page..what a PAWSOME guy he is, not to mention gorgeous!!

Anyway, we are both Canadian!!! Just imagine that would you!! The Kitties Club voted for two winners to be the Cat of The Week and both are Canadians!!! We are both long haired, too.

Now, what do you think of that?

(my Jewel)


Oh, My...What a Surprise!!!

September 17th 2012 9:48 am
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My Meowmy was checking out Catster groups we're in and went to the Kitties Club to see who was the Cat of the Week..she smiled big and told me to come and see if I knew who these kitties would be correct if you guessed I saw myself and another kitty, Tigger, being honored this week in our amazing group.

Oh my was I ever surprised!!! Thank you to all who voted and chose Tigger and myself for this honor...Meowmy said it was good that two are being honored, as I am still learning to share...will be a life time learning process for me...Tigger is just goregous, don't you think!!!



I Need to Go Shopping!!

August 13th 2012 11:21 am
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I need to buy some real good dresses and a new bathing suite as well. I have joined the group, Your Key to Happiness Cruise Lines. I will be setting off on all kinds of adventures and will need to look my best, after all I am "Her Royal Highness, Priness Bijou". Never know, I just might meet up with a handsome fellow!!! I love to dance!!! Maybe I can solve a mystery or two..never know what I may get myself into in those far, distant lands. MOL

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