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Jewel of De Nile

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Hold Onto Your Hats, Catsterland, Cuz Here I Come ~ MOL!!!

February 24th 2014 4:12 pm
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Well, its been way too long since I wrote in mai diary, MOL!! I am pleased to let you all know I am going to be very active here, so boyz hang onto your hats and girls, watch out, Catster is about to get a whole lot more bewtifur looking with me out and about, MOL

It's time I shone like the jewel I am ~ Whoo Hooo this is gonna be lots of fun, too :)

So, come one boyz, let's go

*with a flick of her tail, Bijou looks over her shoulder and gives a wink and a smile*


OMC!!! There's a Tree in Da Livingroom, MOL

December 4th 2013 10:00 am
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Mai Meomwy brought up dis long box from downstairs yesterday afternoon. We love love love boxes and couldn't waite fur her to get whatever was inside of it out, so we can have the best toy in da whole wide world. Gee Meowmy how come dis was downstairs??? Holding out on us is what I think, MOL

Well, of course all four of us went into da livingroom and sat and watched what was happening. Low and behold Meomwy puts up a TREE!! Yuppers, a tree!! I can kind of remember this from when I was a baby, but its been so long and the memory is kind of fuzzy, although I do remember it being taken down after I climbed it a few times and it fell down and I broke da toys on it, MOL!!

Well, dis tree is kind of smaller, but hey da best part is all the toys and dangling purrlay fings. Lights, schmights, just give me one of dem balls to purrlace wif. And guess what??? That's just what Meowmy did, she toss a few small pink balls around and we all started to run and toss them ~ oh now dis is getting good!!

Best time of the year!! This morning the tree was still standing. No one has tried to climb it yet, and may not, but nibbling on it, well yes we all have tried it and get scolded ~ hmmmm~ better den da tree coming crashing down on to the floor!!

Meowm is going to halp us make our wish list to Santa Paws soon, too!!


I'm Still Da Princess!!

May 22nd 2013 8:22 am
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My goodness, I haven’t written in mai diary in ages!!~sheesh I wish Meomwy would just get me mai own puter already!!~so hard to have to share wif three ofur sibs and a Meowmy!!~I am the Royal Princess and should always be first!

I just luv mai new throne, it’s the curvy scratchy post!!~I look wonderful sitting in it and I have even laid down in the curve..Meowmy says I look kind of two big to do that!~Hey!!~it fits, I lays in it! MOL!!

Meowmy says she is gonna get us some more stuff, hmmm…she better remember the Princess here has a list..better put it on da fridge *runs over and puts it on the fridge under a magnet*~there now Meomy will see it and take it wif her shopping!~Now let’s see what’s on da list? Aww..a cube, a jungle gym, more neat suff fur me to chase, a kick stix, treats, treats and more treats!! MOL!~Meowmy never furgets bout mai treats!!

I try to tell Meowmy to just take me wif her when she goes shopping, let me tell you I sure would luv to do just that!! MOL!!


Happy Birfday to ME!~MOL!!

April 21st 2013 11:36 am
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Today is mai birfday!~and mai furiends on Catsterlan is pawtying it up wif me!~Yay!!~I have lotza furiends to tank fur alla da bewtifur gifts and comments on mai spawcil day!

Tundra, Rory, Manytoes and Lynzee fur the bewtifur picture!

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and furmily for mai forever Emerald!

Herbie for a most bewtifur Birday Card

Callie Rose for a most bewtifur Birfday Card

Smiley Cassanova for the bewtifur Lady Bug!~we luvs Lady Bugs!

Catster for the wonnerfur Birfday greetings

Jezebel and Charlie fur the bewtifur Birfday telegram

Inky for the bewtifur Blue Bird~he sang, "happy birfday" to ME

Tiger, Tiny and Angel Beauty for the bewtifur Red Heart~Luv YOU Too

Tink The Cat fur sening me a bewtifur pink frosted cupcake

Mac fur sending me a personal Happy Birfday telegram~it's bewtifur

Hallie, Uno, Lefty, Righty and furmily fur mai Red Ribbon and greetings

Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and Crew sent me a wonnerfur Ladybug Rosette

Harley gave me a bunch of Balloons fur alla us to purrlay wif

Sebastian gave me a delicious pink frosted cupcake~I shared wif him, too!

Kibbles and furmily made me a bewtifur Birfday card

Platelicker sent me personal Happy Birfday greetings

Mr. Sam, Mr. Pink, Daytona and furmily gave me tulips ~ I luv them!

Thank you all!!

now mai Birfday Pawty is starting at 2:30 so come on over!~Meowmy says all is invited over to our house: today we can have alla you over!

There are games, food and drink~pawty favors and lotza fun to be had!~hope to see you soon over at mai house!~it's all decortated too!


Oh Boy!~I Has a Virus~Sneezing Up a Storm

April 12th 2013 10:19 am
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I started to get sick last evening...hoping it will pass soon. But Meowmy remembers how bad I was in August of 2011 when I came down with a very bad sneezing case. She thought I wasn't going to make it and was crying furry hard. I couldn't put my head down and rest for over a day.

The sneezing is waking me up and I didn't want my breakkie this morning. Hopefully this will pass soon. Meowmy had the door open for a while maybe I caught a virus like that or from the outside world as we live in the country, so only God himself knows what kind of germs there are out there.

Did you know that if a raccon has distemper it can be passed onto cats furry easily? who knows what else they and other wild life can pass onto us!

Meowmy is keeping a close eye on me and if need be, she will get me into the vets asap!!..I usually get through my viruses and colds myself..but you just never know!! So can alla you out there pawese remember little me in your thoughts and prayers~we would really appreciate this!

Thank you sooo much



I Feel Sooo Special

February 13th 2013 7:36 pm
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Now, I am Meowmy's gurl..and she tells me lots just how bewtifur I am..but it sure is nice when I get a secret gift...YUP!! happend!!...cupid's arrow passed over me!!..I have a secret admirer!!..little ol' me!!..oh wowzies

I opened da envelope wif my name on it and there it was..a love note asking if I would be there's..and they even sent a kiss with it. A KISS!!!...OMC..dis is da furst kiss I ever got besides from Meowmy..Friday has never even kissed me!!

Oh!!! I'm just sooo catcitied..yes!!!

I wonder who it is?...hmmmm...Valentines and love..what a wonnerfur feeling!!!


Thank you soooo much!!!! I was a Daily Diary Pick!!

February 5th 2013 9:09 pm
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Wow!!..Sat, Feb 2/13 was a busy catciting day fur my furmily!!...our Bailey was chosen as the Diary of The Day (first honors) and I was one of the Daily Diary Picks!! Thank you furry much for reading my diary and liking it soo much to point it out fur others to check it out and read it too!!

Morris, Patches, Cody, Lucky and Crew gave me a shrimp to decorate my page and I also received a bewtifur picture to commorate my day!! Thank you all once again fur my prezzies and fur reading and commenting on my musings

*Bijou Blowing Kissies Out to All*


Rescues..Rockin' My World..

January 30th 2013 10:03 am
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We met some really nice people who are involved in Maine Coon rescues. This interests me as I am part Maine Coon. Lots of information for us to read up on. I even got to do a show and tell: I got to post a photo of myself and tell how me and my Meowmy met. Us Maine Coons are actually a really neat breed. I got to check out some questions to see if I could answer them and find out how well or how many Maine Coon markings I do have and surprise!~! I have quite a few marks..the one big one was the five toes in front and four in back..Meowmy didn’t even realize this until we started to really look me over..hehehe still surprising my Meowmy after all these years together!
I am such a clown too!! Last night a couple of friends came over to play cards wif Meowmy and of course I wanted in on the action…I am the princess after all and am used to having undivided attention or at least I think I should have this..MOL!! Anyway..while Ernie and Maxie were sitting with Meowmy at the kitchen table having coffee and playing cards, I was sitting up on the counter trying really hard to get their attention. And you know how I finally got it? It was really easy, and by this time I wasn’t even trying any more. Meowmy’s back was to me so she couldn’t see what I was doing..and her friends started looking beyond her shoulders and smiling and laughing at me…there I was sitting on my bum looking at them, trying to figure out how to get their attention and thinking really hard. So hard I was turning my head every which way…well Maxie and Ernie sure noticed it and thought it was funny!!..HMMM…that’s all it takes to make someone smile? Just be yourself!!!...Cute you!! Everybody loves a purrty gurl….just have ta be nice and furiendly and most of all, be your self..and kind ..OH yes!!!! Be kind to everyone!!! I would love to be able to be more involved with this Maine Coon rescue..but we live up in Canada and so we do our part up here where we live….we are all animal lovers here…I recently read where one person was saying to another person that they believe they were placed on the earth to look after all animals , this person made it sound like it was just the two of them….how furry silly of them!!! There are thousands upon thousands of animal and yes kibbie lovers all over the world….if it weren’t for all of these people, all kibbies would be feral!! So let’s not be silly, but instead let’s be kind and helpful…I am a furry bewtifur multi colored gurl and like the song goes…..”I see your true colors and that’s why I love you..your true colors shining through like the rainbow”….we’re are bewtifur and come in all colours and I do love to be helpful and how about you? Come on, lets go out and be kind and helpful.


Need to Say Hi to Alla My Wonnerfur Furiends

January 25th 2013 9:37 am
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It’s sooo quiet in my life..Meowmy said that’s good as we don’t need anymore catcitment in out lives at the moment..One thing I’m furry happy about is the purrty picshur that was saved! Don’t know if you heard about it, but our puter was hacked and the bad hoomans damaged our puter soo bad, we have to buy a new one..everything on that puter is gone. Thank goodness we have older picshurs on disk and also saved here on our pages. We saved these onto a usb mass storage stick. I told Meowmy we have to get more of these sticks..they are pawsome!!
We hope no one ever has to go thru what we have just gone is furry sad and upsetting. We are being furry careful we are using a loaner puter until we can buy Meowmy a new one…yup!! We are gonna buy one fur Meowmy..but it will take some time so we are limited to what we can do and not do….and this is ok…I can still have fun wif alla my friends here on Catster and still be the Princess for everyone..MOL!!! Just have to be careful and are limited to what kind of picshurs we can do!
So really it’s a small sacrifice I have to make here and there, but not much…we are just soooo thankful to still be here!!! Thank goodness our accounts weren’t ruined!!! Thank goodness HQ helps protect our precious pages and private information!! We are furry thankful indeed for everything and fur our wonnerfur friends here!
Just pawese be viligent in saving your most important items..once lost..they are gone forever…and pawese be furry careful on the net..there are not too nice hoomans out there bent on hurting you and you didn’t even do anything to them!! I am just thankfurl for my great and wonnerfur friends here and I send out hugs to all of you!!


My Play Tree and Evfurting Go Bye Bye!!

January 2nd 2013 9:54 am
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Aww..da Pawliday season is coming to an sad!! sure is purrty dis time of year wif all da purrty colorful lights and decorations. And our pawrents even get into it by putting up a tree and throwing toys on it just fur us to climb up and knock dem toys's like a gym just fur us kibbies..what a great idea..since it is too cold to go outside and purrlay..why..we has tree's to climb up in and purrlay in..MOL..but even dem tree's are coming down and being put away...*sighs* we havta come up wif another game to keep us occupied...oh I know a good one!!...dis one's lots a fun, too...look at a fur sibling quick furm the side and put your ear back just a little..yeah! like send the "look" that says "you better run cuz here I come"...MOL!! Yup!! just like that!!...dis is one o' my favorite games..gets alla da kibbies going..sometimes i get yelled at and just look innocently at Meowmy like, "what, I am not doing anyfing wrong."...well it's true, I'm not!! I am a gurl who just wants to have fun!!
I am not feeling furry good lately..lotsa sneezing!! i fink I has a chill or eyes look a little sicky too and I am resting more..Meowmy says I has a cold..and we don't know how I got this .... but Meowmy is keeping a watch on me and if it looks like I am getting an worse and you don't hear from Meowmy, it's cuz Meowmy is home wif me!! We will keep you all up to date on how my cold is doing..I never had dis before!!! and I come from a farm and who knows what's in my background...alla I know is that i am a bewtifur princess who needs to get better soon so I can go to school and learn how to fix up my page like a Royal Princess should look like...I also need to get going in a group I am an admin fur..they really need my professional help..*looks over at Friday, who is laughing his head off*..stop laughing at me Friday..him thinks I am funny!!! Dis is it..I will have to start work on a new Royal Decree...*shouts out* "Meowmy I need a sheet of paper and a pencil"..I am gonna write a good one up dis time..Yup..I decreee Friday is not allowed to laugh at me anymore..*holds out pencil and paper* Friday, sign dis right now..*Friday just looks at Bijou and walks away*...hmmm..see dis!! how am a princess like me suppose to get any work done!!!....I am gonna go back to bed...*sneezing again* poor head hurts

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