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A Daily Diary Pick Back to Back!! And on One of The Saddest- Days of Mai Life, Too!!

January 18th 2014 10:01 am
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First, I want to say thank you to Catster for allowing me to be a DDP two days in a row!!

January 16th and the 17th of 2014. The 16th will never ever be forgotten, not only was it my Grandpaws burfday that I got to share my DDP with, but it was the day Catster announcd the community site will be shutting down.

I am not going there right now ~ I am too busy saving my stuff, and trying to help others. I am just shocked and hurt like thousands of us are.

Will save that for my final thoughts in another entry.

I want to Thank Angel Buddie for the pawligram, Smiley Cassanova sent me one too, Thank you both so very much!!

Jax mai wonnerfur friend, sent me a Red Heart, thank you Jax

Napolean and Colorado ~ my wonnerfur fellow Canadians, sent me a blue Ribbon, thank you both so much !!


Thank You All Fur The Love and Concern Shown to Me ~ Your- What Catster is All About

January 13th 2014 12:19 pm
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I want to take the time right now to write down in remembrance of mai furiends who were there for us last week when Meowmy thought I was furry sick ~ at times like this its when you find out who really cares.

We have personally thanked and given our reports to them. We will always and forever remember these kind furiends who were there for us and kept us in our purrs and prayers.

Moppie, Kibbles, Purincess Miranda, Athena, Percy, Jezebel, Tiger, Princess, Alexander, Mr. D, Platelicker, Zeke, Marmelade, Mazie, Mugsy, The Rest of Grammy’s Crew, Gleek, Mango and Kally Kat ~The furmilies of all of these pawsome friends prayed too!!

The following also sent POTP:
Jax, Tiger, Platelicker, kaci Sunshine, Angel Rebby, Zeke and Angel QT and furmily, Newman,

Kibbles, Francis and furmily sent me a furever Beating Golden Heart
Angel Buddie sent me a blue “Buddies Well Wishers Gang Healing Rosette”

I am so touched by the outpouring of kindness and love and concern shown to me ~ Your all the best!! This love and kindness will never ever be forgotten.

While going thru this and talking with the vet clinic we learned a few things. First, we have requested our vets bring in something to make pawprints with at the end of life ~ we tried at Christmas and its just too hard to try and get the impressions ~ so the clinic is looking into this ~ I also came across this site and will be passing it along to my vet clinic: paws_kits

Also mentioned if ever there is an emergency, and something happens, we are to be privately cremated so we can come home. We use a place called Precious Pets in Southern Manitoba, Canada.

Meomwy was so worked up last week and spoke with the receptionist at the clinic on the phone to make sure this is all written down and in our files. I know its sad to think of, but she wants to prepare ahead, because Meomwy knows how hard it is when loosing anyone of us. At least things are written down and in place, because you just never know and it makes things easier when the time comes

Now I plan on being here FUREVER!! YAY!!, MOL!!

We sure do love you all ~ appreciate all the love and warmth we have felt lately ~ your all the best and really help make Catster the most wonnerfur place to play in 


Learning What's Important ~ Saving Memories Made On Catster

January 10th 2014 1:00 pm
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With the lose of lots of items on mai furiends pages I have realized what is important to me. I love Catsterland soooo much!! It is not anyone's fault when things go amuck, just a sad realization to save stuff.

It will be one year tomorrow that we were hacked and lost everything on our puter!! there were so many pictures not saved, all gone, but some found on photobucket and FB. There were saved ones on disk, whew!! It is heart breaking, I know, and that is why I have saved all of the diary entries for me and my furmily here on Catsterland.

Going back and reading our early entries from the Spring of 2007 made me smile big!!~oh boy, and some of the kibbies mentioned, they are now Angels.

it was kind of hard to read a bit of Buddy's entries. Brought a tear or a few to mai eyes, how we all still miss Buddy, but he lives on!!

So this is my plan: I have copied all the diary entries to a file and will be burning that to cd. As well we are going to print them out and save them in a special book, each one of us will have a special book and all of our special pictures will be placed within this book too.

I know lots of kibbies have left here and that is sad ~ but we will NEVER ever leave Catster, there are way too many memories and we cherish each and everyone of them.

So me and the girls are going to make memory books for our Meowmy...she will have one for each of us ~ and all due to the creation of Catster!!

Thank you Catster for giving our furmilies this wonnerfur place to write in, play in, make life long furiends. It's also a place to heal broken hearts when we must leave our furmily behind. Believe me, this place really helped Meowmy with the lose of Buddy.

I am so grateful for Catster and that is why I must save everything I possibley can. You never know when something can happened and all is lost!! Mai pictures are saved and now mai writing is saved.

Will all of you protect the memories made here too??



January 8th 2014 12:50 pm
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Hello everyfur dis is Friday ~ first, thank you all soo musch fur alla your wonnerfur purrs and prayers and support. We really needed it. I gave Meowm a hard time about da cage, her glasses even flew off. So I ended up in this carrier, musch better by the way.

I sang and yelled most of the way there, had some quiet moments. Once there, went straight into the exam room. Mai new vet, Dr. Liz is just awesome!! She opened the top and stroked while speaking softly to me. Then we all ended up on da floor!! I wouldn’t get out of the cage and that was ok, I looked back at Meowm and told her to come over and sit beside me, MOL!! So the cage was opened and I came to the door and laid down, hey it wasn’t so bad here. Meowm and the vet was beside me. Dr. Liz checked mai eyes, and then mai mouth. Guess what??? Everyfing looks just pawsome!! I have a broken toofie and that is probably what was looking kind of funny to Meomwy, how was she suppose to know??? MOL!! The doctor said better safe than sorry and at least I was brought in to have a look. Mai heart and lungs were checked too, and it all sounds just pawsome!! Don’t know how much I weigh, but the vet said don’t worry, I look marvelous!! I really like that idea of this new vet allowing me to set the pace and you know what?? She made a furiends out of me, I sure felt safe there!! So all is good, and we thank God for that.

Meowmy was really scared and the vet said she understands. I had a good visit with the vet and it was a good thing I went in. We now know how to look for things and I found out mai new vet is a wonnerfur loving purrlace to got to. :)

Thank you all for loving me, sending purrs and prayers and concerns and messages to mai Meowmy and me. It is all greatly appreciated.

*Friday bows kissies out to all his wonderful loving kind friend*


My Doctor's Appointment is All Booked

January 6th 2014 9:45 am
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Just to let you all know I am going into the vets this Wednesday morning. It is very cold here today, right now almost -47. It will be warmer out on Wednesday, well lets hope so.

I have to be there for 9:30 so they can give me something to calm down, hope they have something for my Meomwy too, think she needs something already. She is crying and praying and oh boy, I am getting lots of extra food too. She told me I am the best boy in the whole wide world, and I deserve nothing but the best :)

I also can't eat anything the morning of the appointment, just in case they have to put me under. Hoping its an abscess, and may just lose a tooth. But Meowmy is scared and is trying to prepare for the everything imaginable.

Anyway just thought I would let you all know when I am going in. I want to thank you all for praying for me, it means a lot to know my friends love and care about me...we firmly believe in the power of prayer and the power of the paw!!

We will let you know afterwards the outcome from my visit to the vets

Love Forever and Ever


Please Say a Little Prayer and Keep Friday in Your Thoughts

January 4th 2014 2:57 pm
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This is Fridays Meowm here. Friday has been loosing weight. He is eating good. I noticed on the left side of his mouth it doesn't look quite right. I opened the left side and there looks like a lump there on the bottom of his gums, starting to cover one of his fangs.

I am going to try to get him into the vets asap ~ usually he is sedated before going in, but if this is something serious, I relly don't want to fight Friday into taking a pill, as its always a fight and struggle. Once at the vets they will have to give him an injection of some kind to calm him.

Please keep Friday in your thoughts and prayers ~ I am worried for him.

Thank You


It's Christmas Time and There Are Angels All Around

December 17th 2013 10:09 am
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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere I go!!! It's an exciting and happy time of year....and yet

I have been stopped in mai tracks...stopped and made to think....

There are furmilies who are hurting this year cuz their furbaby has travelled to the Bridge.

A very sad one I came across last week. I want to share it with all of you. His name is Moppie and he was only two!! Just a baby, really!! Anyway, Moppie was playing with a toy and he swallowed some of the toy and it made him very sick. It hurt his insides very badly too. I have his page Id right here and I think it only right that we all should visit with him and read the diary entry about this unfortunate event and help his Meowmy and furmily

Now lots of us will be getting toys, and there are dangly things hanging from the trees. I am not going to tell anyone what to do, only please ask you all too supervise your kibbies and also to go thru the toys and check them over.

I know Meowmy, Auntie and Santa, along wif a few of mai closest furinds have given us lots of toys this year. We are going thru all of our toys today and not going to be sentimental about any of them...if one means a lot, put it in a keepsake box...otherwise any that look a little old or worn, out it goes

We feel so bad for Moppie, Meowmy, who has to type this fur me, is crying hard right now...awww Meowmy, here, let me wipe your tears..we need to get the word out so this doesn't happen again!!

Moppie's death will never be forgotten, and let's all get the word out and keep all of our kibbies safe this year and always!!

Thank go look thru all of your toys and look at the strings on the ornaments on the tree, if it is thin, how about buying a spool of ribbon and using ribbon instead of the thin string they use on ornaments.

Yes, its Christmas time and there are Angels all around us ~


Summersults and Rainbow Kissses ~ A Daily Diary Pick, too

November 26th 2013 9:04 am
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First, I want to thank the Catster Diary Girl for reading our diaries and for choosing the ones to be spotlighted on Catster. Thank you for choosing my entery so others know what is going on. I am sure we have not been the only family in this particular situation, nor will we be the last. How unfortunate this is. More laws on both sides of our two nations needs to be put in place, allowing pets to have more rights than given them.

Before I go any further I want to take this time to write down the furiends who have sent love and support to our family in this crisis. Who also took the time to send me love and beeg concats on mai Daily Diary Pick yesterday, Monday, Nov. 25/13.

Personal Pawligrams were sent out by Angel Buddie and Smiley Cassanova ~ thank you both so much!!

Platelicker, one of mai very best furiends in alla da world, he has been keeping us in his purrs and prayers, sending us love and hugs and also a BLUE RIBBON ROSETTE for mai DDP!! Thank you Platelicker and furmily, love you all so much too!!

Tiger, one of mai bestest furiends in alla da world, too, him and his Meowmy, mai Auntie, they keep us in their prayers too and send all their love to us!! Tiger sent me a piece of PUMPKIN PIE ROSETTE yesterday, thank you soo much!!

A fellow Canadian furmily and one of mai closest furiends, Colorado and Napoleon, they sent me love and prayers and also a WISHBONE ROSETTE fur mai DDP yesterday!

Two beautifur keepsake pictures were made for me:

Mai wonnerfur Auntie D made a lubbly blue Chrittmas theme one and Jax my fellow admin at OKR!! and one of mai closest furiends, he made me a most bewtifur lubbly chrittams theme one, too!! Thank you both fur taking the time and making me these awesome, pawsome keepsake pictures!!

I want to thank alla my wonnerfur furiends fur keeping me and mai furmily in your thoughts and purrs and fur praying fur us!! We know who you all are and love and appreciate each and every one of you. Acquaintances may come and go, but true furiends come out in crisis to send love and hugs and just "thinking of you".

We've been tossed about and been doing summersaults and crazy dances around boxes and stuff too, MOL!!

We've also felt rainbow kisses and their is an Angel sitting on our furmilies shoulder, watching out fur us. God has ben listening, and some answers to prayers have begun. Meowmy is too scared to say anything, don't want that bubble to burst. Many more miles to go down this highway, before the dust settles.

There is a reason why this is happening. We don't know yet. But one thing we do know, God is there with us, walking ahead to clear a path for us.

Meowmy said we are staying togefur no matter what!! and we are gonna have Chrittmas at our house, too!!


Whoa!! Where Did Dis Storm Come From???

November 15th 2013 6:32 pm
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First I just want to say I live in a furmily where we are considered furmily forever and ever. Once adopted its for life.

There is a huge storm blowing across us right now, trying to separate us and meowm will not let that happen.

Yesterday a bad man told Meowm she has to move by the end of February, because they are moving a furmily into our house!! UH!! Excuse mai furry paw, but we are FURMILY here!! Whats da matter wif hoomans???

He said they will move Meowm into an apartment, but she can’t keep us. Know what Meowm said??? Nefur do I, cuz Meowm told me to cover mai ears, MOL!! Must not have been nice, but dat crazy hooman, him not nice nefur!!

Meowm she been thinking about BC for a bit and now it looks like this is the place we are headed to. Don’t know how we are going to do it. Lots to go thru and sort out. We get to keep and take alla our stuff, Meowm said soo!! YUuppers!! Its Meowmy stuff that needs to get down sized. This will be the biggest move in her life. But at least we wil be togefur!!

Its also not a very good time of the year, especially up here in Canada. And we live in the notorious Manitoba!! Driving thru the mountains will be scary, but Meomw is going to call Dale and find out if he will still fly us all out on his small private plane.

It’s a scary time for us, and lots of uncertainties . No matter what, Meowmy will keep us all togefur!! Purrlease can you keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you
Friday and Furmily


BOO!! Happy Halloween ~ Lost My Nails, MOL!!

October 31st 2013 9:29 am
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BOOO ~ MOL!! Today is Halloween. Lot’s of fun and don’t furget bout some mischief, too!!

We’re all ready fur Halloween. We’re in our costumes. I even let Meowmy, wif some of her persuasion, cut mai front nails!! Dis is a really big deal, I never let her do dat afore ~ NOPE!! But I was caught last night on the curvy scratchy, the underneath part, and Meowm ran to halp me. She don’t have kitty cutters cuz we won’t let her do that to us, so she improvised by using a small pair of human nail clippers and know what? It wasn’t bad at all!! I kind of wiggled a bit, and Meowm talked gently to me, telling me she only wants the best for me and I need to get this done before something bad happens. So I settled down and let her cut ONE front paw. I will let her do the ofur one dis week, hey gots to let her know I’m still in control, even though we are both working on mai nails togefur.

I was kinda scared at first maybe she was getting me ready to go to v#t jail, cuz they cut alla mai nails der really fast like. I am known as FRACTOUS, think that means I am big and strong, MOL!! But nope, mai nails are just really long and getting caught in stuff. I’m getting a little more mellow and manageable with things in mai life.

So anyway, back to Halloween, guess I won’t be using my claws as daggers today, MOL!! We’re trick or treating right here wif alla our furiends on Catster, where it is safe!! At home we live in da country, so no kids to come and scare us, MOL!!

You know how I like to share wif alla you the wonnerfur places I discover ? Well here is anofur one. It’s called Wonnerfur old fashion cards and pictures. All kinds of pawlidays too! It’s a pawsome place to find just the right picture or card when you’re having a hard time finding sumfin nice.

Well, better get going ~ lots of treats to collect and to hand out, MOL!! Have a fun filled safe Halloween. And purrlease remember to keep a viligant eye on the kibbies, some naughty peeps get crazy ideas in der heads and hurt some of the kibbies they find loose. Halloween is not a safe night for alla us without the help of loving, caring hoomans.

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