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May 18th 2014 11:28 pm
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I have freckles on my nose and now in my mouth. Meowm thinks they are so cute!!

I also have a smile like Elvis Presley at times, on account of my broken fang, MOL!!

What can I say, I'm just so darn cute!!

My Meowmy loves me so much and I make sure she knows how much I love her back, too!!


Buds on Trees, Country Living, Sitting on The Counter 0-0

May 17th 2014 9:42 pm
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It's been a long hard winter. finally da buds are showing up on the trees. Everything is so far behind. But at least now we can have the windows open. I even got so catcited, sniffing the pawsome country air, I jumped up on the kitchen counter and planted myself right in front of the big kitchen open window and sat and sniffed. Meowm came in and I just looked at her and then remembered, OH YEAH!! I don't go up there ~ Meowm never said anything to me, but I jumped down anyway. It sure was neat up there, maybe I will try to get back up there in the near future.

Have to stop and sniff the air and roses and everything while we can!!


I Am Truly Blessed

May 5th 2014 10:22 pm
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Somfin truly remarkable and wonnerfur happend today!!

Meowmy worked for a couple at a quilt store for a few years. Carol passed away from cancer this past September and her husband did some changes to the business and then decided he would look after the store himself and Meowmy would be called in for sales and such. They are also great animal lovers and had up to 12 kibbies. We halped look after the kibbies when they went away as well. Two weeks after Carol passed, they're oldest kibbie, Fritz, went to Rainbow Bridge. He was around 24. Then the first week of April within three days, two kibbies went missing, Opee and Oliver. Nothing like this had happend before and Wayne thinks maybe a fox got them. Meomwy came home and told us and we were just devestated when we heard the news. Meowmy told Wayne last week we were having a yard sale to raise money for mai food and the upkeep, as anyone who really knows us, I'm on medicated food. had the sale and he asked how it went and Meomwy said good. us kibbies even sold some of our stuff too!!

Tonight while Meomwy was at the senior's helping out at the bingo, Wayne comes up and hands her an envelope and says, "This is a gift for you" and leaves. At break time she opend the envelope and took out the two sheets of paper, one is from the vet's office with the invoice balance showing $0.00!! and the second sheet says this, "This gift is given to your household in friendship and gratitude from Oliver and Opee. May this transcend their uniqueness into a good deed and lasting memory. God is with us, all the time..." Meomwy was in shock and waited until she got home to reread it and then broke down in tears.

My vet bill was almost $200.00 and now its gone!! We live on a very tight budget and have been cutting as many corners as we can, and making toys to sell because Neiko still needs surgery and we didn't know how Meowmy was going to do it all

At least there is a bit of breathing space. But boy oh boy what a surprisse. Meomwy is going over to the store tomorrow to see Wayne and tell him how much this means to us and how touched we are by his generous gift.

We're still working on the toys and some cat nip boogie mats too ~ I still need food and Neiko still needs surgery.


I Am So Sad for Smiley

May 4th 2014 7:18 pm
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One of the saddest days at Catsterland today. Word has reached us Smiley Cassanova has made his journey to Rainbow Bridge.

Smiley is the kindest, most loyal, friendliest, helpful kibbie furiend. He is the true epitome of what Catster s brilliant friend to all. Never missed anyone's spawcial day. Always a kind word.

Oh how sad I am. Smiley, you were way too young. You sure lived a full life here on Catster in your short time.

Meowmy knows the pain and heartache only too well. We will be keeping Smiley's Meowmie in our thoughts and prayers. Luigi will need our love and support too, and he will help his Meowmie along this journey too.

Smiley is a most bewtifur Angel now.

Sweet rest to you Smiley, my furiend. May God the Father of us all bring comfort and peace to your family.


A Daily Diary Pick Yesterday ~ Mai Many Many Thanks!

May 2nd 2014 8:16 am
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I just want to thank the Techno Kibbies at HQ who work hard and tirelessly on all of our behalf's to make Catster a safe and wonnnerfur purrlace fur us to hang out in. As many of you are aware by now its been under attack by hackers. Other sites on the net have as well. Sometimes its hard to keep the faith, but we must and hang in there too!!

That being said, i want to take the time now for future. Mai many many thanks goes out to HQ fur choosing me as a DDP yesterday. These are memory making days our pawrents can look back upon on day. And so I committe to paper here the many gifts mai furiends sent to me.

Manytoes for the bewtifur keepsake picture

Auntie Dana fur the bewtifur keepsake picture

Angel Buddie for the most lovely pawligram!!

Smiley Cassanova fur the lovely pawligram!

Moose for the lovely comment on my diary

Platelicker for the lovely comment on mai diary

Hooch for the lovely trophy

Tiger, Tiny, Beauty for the lovely ornage whirlygig

Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Zander, and furmily for the lovely blue bird

Harley, Cody, Raj for the fun baseball

King Meiko and Kinzy fur the fun baseball

Harley DB # 173a fur the shrimp ( he was Diary of The Day yesterday too)

I sure had a lovely day in the spotlight and Meowmy came running and smiling when she told me in the morning ~ so Thank You HQ once again for putting a smile on mai Meowmy's face and mine too


Whoo Hooo Catsterland is Back!! Yes!!! I'm a Happy Happy- Boy!!

April 28th 2014 1:06 pm
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*Friday races around and around, running and jumping for joy as he looks all around at the most happiest place in all the world to him*

Whoo Hooo ~ yes Catsterland is up and running again :)

I not sure for how long, but I'm gonna keep da faith. Techno kibbies hard at work fur alla us, yuppers dats fur sure

I sure hope we didn't loose furiends over this, but its not Catsterland's fault, its dem bad bad hackers who are out to be nothing but hooligans and causing shenanigans fur alla us!!

I love this purrlace soooo much!!



April 16th 2014 10:14 am
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Please share in your groups and with your friends, cats and dogs.
Cat and Dog FOOD - MELAMINE again found in pet food.
(Melamine and cyanuric acid were found to be the deadly cause of the largest pet food recall in history in 2007.)
MELAMINE FOUND IN CAT & DOG FOOD AGAIN amine-and-cyanuric-acid-found-in-us-made-pet-food

Thank you to Hazel Lucy and Mazie's Mom for posting this and getting the word out, we all need to share this and get the word out ~ I remember what happend back in 2007, we should all be worried!!

Please spread the word and read the article!!


Love Shows The Way

April 16th 2014 9:05 am
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It's almost Easter, the time of renewal, new life and hope. We love this time of year at our house. The birds come back and everything is reborn to new life. So, ok, some things are a little behind this year because of the snow, but don't let that fool you for a second. For the renewal process goes on. A couple of good furiends recently became Angels and will be celebrating their first Holiday in the presence of the Creator. I think of Jezebel, who by the way, is also having her first birthday at the Bridge today. And then there are some furiends who are sick, and I think quickly of Pansy. She is sweet sixteen and ill. Pansy is much loved and adored by her mom, who brought her home when she was about nine years old. Lots of my furiends are going through things right now, but the renewal process goes on and so does love. With that, I want to share a couple of items I came across last night: These are powerful and so inspiring.

I wanted to share the story of my cat, Montgomery who came to live with us about 12 years ago.
I found out about Monty from a friend who sent me an email because he had been diagnosed with FeLV and at the time I took in FeLV+ cats from around the country. Monty had also been shot in the face as a kitten for sleeping on the bed and then was turned out into the cold during the Michigan winter. A local rescue found out about Monty about a month later and talked the owner into surrendering him to them for medical care since he had received none in the month since he was shot. His face was filled with infection and he tested positive for feline leukemia. Since he was such a fighter and had endured so much the rescue decided not to have him PTS and instead had his injuries treated. Treatment meant removing most of his lower teeth and about 70% of his lower jaw. Once I found out about Monty I flew to Grand Rapids michigan to bring him to his forever home here in Florida where he has lived ever since. He has adjusted well to his disability. He is a slow eater and quite messy, but he gets the job done. ;o)) His tongue has no base to rest on so it hangs out (which I find over the top cute). And his favorite part of the day is mornings because he gets a little bowl of half and half everyday. A small reward for what he's been through and for all the happiness and joy he has brought to me. I'm sooo glad I got that email so many years ago, Monty. Hugs and kitty kisses, Mom
Pat Bernard (Mom)


Why Should We Love Animals? (Mother Theresa)

Because they give everything asking for nothing back…
Because they are defenseless amid men's weapons and power…
Because they are eternal children…because they don't know hate…or war…because they don't know about money and only seek the protection of a shelter…
Because they explain themselves without words, because their eyes are as pure as their souls…
Because they don't know about envy or grudges, because forgiveness comes natural to them…
Because they love with loyalty and truthfulness…
Because they recognize and appreciate respect…
Because they don't buy love, they just expect it…
Because they are our companions, eternal friends that never betray…
And because they are alive. Because of this and a thousand other reasons they deserve our love!
If we learn to love them like they deserve, for being creatures that feel, suffer and need us, we will be closer to God".
~Mother Teresa

Happy Blessed Easter to alla my wonnerfur furiends


I Got's Da Spring Fever, Oh YEAH!!!

April 2nd 2014 7:56 am
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It's April and no flowers, still snow on da ground, sheesh!!

Had the window open just once so far fur some fresh air. I am a desperate boy, I got's dem Spring fever feelings. I really need to do something,

I think the girls are going a bit squirrely too ~ Bijou is kinda more bossier than ever, if that is possible, MOL!! Bailey is chasing me, and scaring me. And Neiko has decided she doesn't like the food all at once. The mornings around here are like a three ring circus lately too.

Picture this: Meowmy has four bowls lined up on the counter, fills mine with my special food and tops with water then she does the girls food, looking at Neiko's bowl trying to figure out how much to add, since Neiko has decided to be a finicky eater. I jump on the counter and try to help Meomwy by being the food tester and get told to get DOWN!!

Bailey and Neiko are boxing each other behind us and Bijou is either upstairs or downstairs waiting to be served, never know where she is until her food is ready to be served.

they all go into the microwave for 9 seconds, enough to take the chill off the food. I then follow Meowmy to the bathroom, prancing like a champion horse or something, meowing my head off. the bowl is placed on the bathroom floor and door closed

ok, so now for the girls, bowls put down. Look for Bijou and bring her to her food bowl. Now Neiko may eat some, but lately she looks at it and walks away. She wants the hard food. Ok, so give her that and she may eat it or leave that too!! although she will eat it once I come out of the bathroom, which reminds me, If I am in there and hear that bag, I go ballistic!! I want out now and i want some of that!! Yeah, only problem, I am not allowed hard food.

See, Spring or cabin fever, have your choice, but nothing is satisfying us anymore and we're starting to drive me nuts, MOL!!

So meomwy has decided to drive further tomorrow and go into Brandon and visit a pet store, Best West Pet foods to pick up some different foods, hoping this will help.

i am also getting some new food, will still be on the medicated stuff but am going to try some other stuff that is very very close in the analysis of what I eat. Maybe Neiko will like it too!!

So yeah, I gots the spring fever and the cabin fever too, so do the girls ~ whats a guy to do??


My Utmost Thanks to All Fur a Most Memorable Gotcha Day!!

March 26th 2014 7:42 am
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I had a nice Gotcha Day. It was kind of cold outside and we have lots of snow to melt yet. But I don’t ever go outside, so that’s ok with me. Meowmy said it’s like the day she found me outside theB apartment door, just beyond the fire door right beside where she lived. I was crying and crying and she could see me standing up against the frosted glass.

Bijou was in a funny mood. She was pestering me and making me angry. Meomwy told her to stop it, and I ran and Bijou ran after me and tried jumping on my back and I hissed loud, too. Meomwy got mad then and Bijou went and laid down to behave herself. Not sure what that was all about. I just don’t like to be bothered very much anymore.

Give me my wicker basket and mai soft kneeding blankies and I am set 
I got mai Weruva pumpkin Lick’n Chicken fur mai supper, just fur me!!

I don’t need anything else, just for time to stand still, MOL!!

Lots of mai furiends stopped by and gave me prezzies and I am going to record it all here for my Meowmy to be able to look back upon one day!!
Personal Message sent by the famous Guido Italian Kitty
Auntie Dana ~ bewifur keepsake picture
Rory and Crew ~ bewtifur keepsake picture
Skittles, Mango and Carmello gave me a most wonnerfur Furever Crown!!
Mai furmily gave me a Furever Golden Beating Heart!!
Newman ~ Red Adoption ribbon
Winston, Kelsee and furmily ~ Blue Bird
Ebony ~ Blue Bird
Hooch ~ Red Heart
Kaci Sunshine and Furmily ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Kibbles, Francis, and Furmily ~ Blue Bird
Luke, Tully, Sammy, Natasha ~ Ladybug
Mac, Ivy, Legolas and Furmily ~ Daffadils
King Meiko and Kinzy ~ Blue Bird
Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe ~ Football
Moose ~ Tulips
Platelicker ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Angel Rebby, Princess, Kody ~ Blue Bird
Athena ~ Shrimp, yummy!!
Beepers and furmily ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Kitty Pryde, Indiana and furmily ~ Red heart
Gunner, Miss Muppet, Peekaboo ~ Ladybug
Muffy, Opie, Zoey, Oliver ~ Blue Bird
Xena, QT, Zeke and furmily ~ Red Adoption Ribbon
Finnegan, Lacey and Alex ~ Red Heart
Smiley Cassanova, Luigi ~ Canadian Flag
Colorado, Napolean ~ Mousie and permission to do whatever I want!!
Tiger, Tiny, Beauty ~ Golden Beating Heart

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