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Friday’s 3rd Anniversary “I Still Live”

August 4th 2014 9:00 am
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Three years ago yesterday I rushed Friday to the vet’s for the second time in his life due to a UTI. He was letting me know there was a problem by going back and forth to his box, trying so hard to urinate. I never gave it a second thought, off to the vets we went. Friday hated it there, and with good reason. That day I would come to hate the place and the vet I once worked for. To make a long story short, the vet inserted the needle into Fridays bladder to try to get a clean sample, instead the tube was filled with blood. She showed it to me, and said it doesn’t look good. No kidding. She also told me, Friday had peed on the table while she was doing this. After examining the sample she said Friday had crystals and needed surgery. She wanted to slice his bladder open and do a scrapping. We talked and it comes out I also needed to pay for all the treatments and surgery at once. The clinic had changed it’s policy, no more credit for small animals. I didn’t have hundreds of dollars kicking around. The vet said money or she was going to put Friday down!! I ended up selling my car back to where I bought it from, lost a ton of money. Once I did that then the vet went ahead and started an IV in Friday’s front paw, to get antibiotics into him. A catheter was also inserted. He was to spend the night and we would go from there.

I went home, all alone, and just sat and cried my heart out, as Friday was not out of the woods. I could still lose him. The vet explained if any of the crystals moved up into his tube and blocked him, he was gone. I called back that evening and talked to the vet some more. She said I was already at the $500.00 dollars and they wouldn’t be doing anymore for Friday, to come and pick him up in the morning, unless I could get more money.

I phoned in the morning to find out how he was and found out sometime during the night Friday had ripped out his catheter!! I freaked and asked if he was ok, did he injure himself inside??? They didn’t know ~ a friend came with me to get Friday as the car was now gone. I paid my bill and got him.

I was so mad~ in the coming days, I made an appointment to go into the Neepawa vet clinic to meet with the vet there and go thru Fridays file with the vet. He was very accommodating and kind and look through the file. In the end, he said there was a lot of unnecessary tests and procedures done. I asked him if Friday and the girls could become his patients and he said yes. I went back to the Gladstone Vet Clinic and asked for the kids files. All of them. Tanya Anderson, the vet, was a real bitch about it, as I had also gone to the Manitoba Veterinarian Association to put a complaint in, got no where with it, only made Tanya mad. So coming in to get the files pissed her off even more
Three years ago this week was one of the worst weeks of my life. I have never felt so alone in my life. The people out where I live are country and figure why spend money on a cat??? There was no support or help of any kind.

Friday is alive still today. Thanks to him being on medicated food and a great veterinarian team who communicate with each other and with the clients. I know to have an antibiotic in the house, just in case, especially in the winter, when its bad out that is usually when something will go wrong.
I love Friday so much!!! I may go on about him a lot, but if you ever met him in person, you would fall in love with him too. Friday is truly a special mancat. He likes to meet people, tailing wagging and butt wiggling. He was my very first kitten, such a tiny little boy when I found him, already hurt by the cruel hands of humanity with a cigarette burn on top of his head.

I have sacrificed a lot to be able to give Friday the special food he needs, and at times its tuff, but I will not stop taking the best care of him. I have three others, girls, thank goodness their health is good.

I look back at the last three years, years a mean selfish vet could have stolen from me. From this experience I have learned to trust my instincts and to fight back no matter what.


Been Bouncing Around Lately ~ My Head Hurts, Too

July 28th 2014 9:39 am
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Dear Diary

Well, things are starting to look up at the most wonnerfur purrlace, Catsterland!!

I changed my password like lots of others did too keep up with everybody and everything. And as soon as I had unlogged myself I had to reset the password, and then that's when the fun began.

I have been tossed all over Catster, trying to get in and every time I went to a page, boom right back to a place that wanted me to put in my email and password and then they said, NOPE!! don't recognize you!!

Well, shucks, everybody knows ME!! I'm Friday after all. So I just kept sending pmails to HQ and yesterday had to give up, basically in tears and thought that's it, after all these years they don't want me anymore!! And I have a fully paid subscription too!!

But Dear Diary that's not it at all!! I came back this morning and got in, had to reinput my new password and all again and look I'm even able to write here in my diary too!! So there are glitches to be worked on that's for sure

I knew yesterday, when my head started to hurt from being tossed too and frow, that there are glitches still, and my head isn't hurting so much today

I sure hope I have no more problems, because it makes me sad and scared


The Sale Has Gone Through!!!! Read All About It

July 17th 2014 10:28 am
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*Friday stands on the streets of Catsterland, big stacks of paper beside him, handing out to all the kibbies*

Great Big News!!! Read All About it!!

The sale of Catster is offical and the new owners have been announced!! They also bought another cat site, catchannel

Here is the link: ay-medias-dogster-and-catster-web-properties/

And here is the story!!

I-5 Publishing Announces Acquisition of SAY Media’s Dogster and Catster Web Properties

IRVINE, Calif.– I-5 Publishing, a leading provider of multi-platform content for special interest communities and brands, today announced that it has acquired SAY Media’s Dogster and Catster web properties.

Dogster and Catster, which draw a combined 2.5 million visitors a month, serve as a one-stop resource for dog owners and cat owners, respectively, and offer information about grooming, diet, health and well-being.

The acquisition makes I-5 Publishing the world’s largest owned and operated online pet network with 1.5 million registered users and will double its traffic to approximately 5 million monthly visitors. It currently owns Cat Fancy, CatChannel, Dog Fancy, and Dogchannel properties, in addition to numerous other special interest pet publications and websites. It also brings partnership and advertising opportunities to both I-5 Publishing and SAY Media.

“As the world’s largest owned and operated online pet network, we want to bring a pet owner’s voice to our line of products, while executing on our commitment to growing our digital footprint, which is critical as we continue to evolve and expand our business,” said Mark Harris, CEO of I-5 Publishing. “We look forward to integrating and leveraging the Dogster and Catster properties to bolster our company efforts and serve current and future pet owners and pet businesses across the globe.”

With an estimated $58 billion being spent on pets in 2014 rising to $75 billion in 2017, and 83 percent of pet owners considering their pet a member of the family, according to the American Pet Products Association, I-5 Publishing considers this recession-proof vertical to be a strong investment for the company.

“As we looked to acquire properties to further strengthen our position in the pet vertical, Catster and Dogster were right at the top of the list. The team is extremely passionate about the content and community they create and have worked very hard to develop a deeply engaged and informed community of dog and cat owners,” continued Harris.

“Dogster and Catster are vibrant and valuable communities,” said Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez. “Taking them to the next level requires a company like I-5 Publishing where pets play a key part of the overall sales and editorial strategy. We’re thrilled to see Dogster and Catster find a home with a company that has a strong commitment to growing these brands and investing in the pet community.”

The Catster and Dogster teams will report to I-5 General Manager & Vice President, Digital Jennifer Black. Catster and Dogster will remain headquartered in San Francisco, Calif.

Whoo hoo so maybe the sites will get fixed??? I for one am so hoping things will dramatically improve. I am on anther site where i can decorate mai pages really easily, and to the max, too!! sure hope we all can do it easy here too!!

So there you have it!! Now if anyone know of others who have given up, please share this information with them!! tell them to hang on, better days are ahead!!


Frustration Turns to Joy ~ Whoo Hoo Finally In Again!!

July 11th 2014 8:22 am
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FINALLY!! I am able to get back into Catsterland!! I have to say, it takes alot to get us frustrated, and we finally hit that wall earlier this week.

So many are giving up on Catster and this is sad, there are probably new Angels, Burfdays and Gotcha Days we have missed, DOTD, DDP, COTW, COTD ~ and on it goes. It's no one's fault and I can finally understand why so many have been grumbling, because I can admit, so I have started!!

I am so sad to hear others have just given up on the site ~ but if you're reading this, please try to come back, I heard there is good news on the way!! The Techno team has been working on the site and it's been moved to a new server and some glitches have to be worked out. The Techno Kibbies know about this and are working very hard on the site to make us all happy!!

I miss purrlaying wif mai furiends here, making keepsake pictures and even being able to decorate mai page ~ not that I could ever do a super job on it with all the fancy stuff with the long css codes, sure hope that can get fixed for us so ALL members are able to decorate their pages to the max, especially the ones who are not so puter smart with the css codes.

I sure hope the work and improvements the Techno kibbies are working on make the site very user friendly and we can all have pretty pages not just the smart ones who know how and won't teach us how to do them, cause that's not nice nor fair!!

We have lost members, that's a fact!! we need to get them back some how, like lets be able to have this site very user friendly and be able to decorate and play music like before ~ OHHH I'm thinking like back in the day, when Catster was at it's heaight!! now that was so catciting, let's go back and have the site like that again!!


Update on My Health

June 11th 2014 11:42 am
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Well, it looks like the milk made my tummy feel yucky and all!! Good thing is was only the milk and not the plastic bag!!

Yesterday i was mai usual happy groovy kind of guy ~ ate all my meals wif gusto and slept in bed wif Meowmy

Thank you all fur dem loving kind words, purrs and prayers.

Now, off to halp Meowm make a holder fur dem plastic bags, MOL

We went thru the lower parts where I can reach all around da house and now there are no more within my reach, but all are put away behind close doors and stuff just in case


I Was a Naughty Boy!!

June 9th 2014 10:10 am
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Overnight this past Friday I somehow got a hold of a plastic shopping bag and chewed on it.

Meowm found it in the morning and was not happy at all. She put it kind of back together and no pieces look like they are missing, but kind of hard to tell.

Meowm watched over me like a hawk all weekend. I have been using mai litter box just fine. Not sure how long trouble takes to show up.

So now Meowm wants to eliminate all the plastic shopping bags at home. We have some cloth ones and there are the "green" ones from the store to use too.

We have used the plastic ones for our waste.

So we have a question: before there was plastic bags, what did hoomans use fur our waste??

We have heard from someone they use bread bags, going to keep that in mind ~ can't use the flushable kind, we have a septic tank as we live in the country.

Any ideas or suggestions would be good.

I was having soo musch fun and then saw how scared Meowm is!!! So that is a no no fur me and I love to chew on them bags, so they have to leave and be replaced wif something safer.


Another Memory Making Day ~ And the Pictures Are Back too!!- My Thanks For Allowing Me to Be a DDP!!

May 30th 2014 8:58 am
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Sorry I haven't been able to write this all down until today!! We have had alot of storms going thru and no wifi signal at home.

First, my many many thanks for Caster to allow me to shine in the Diary roll on May the 27th!! Thank you for choosing my diary entry to be one of the Daily Diary Entry winners!!

I am once again putting down for memory the following kindness shown to me.

Mai two wonnerfur pawligrams from Angel Buddie and Angel Smiley Cassanova


Concatulations ♥Friday!

Have a Meowvalous celebration ash DDP Kitty Dear Furiend! Whoo hoo!!!

Purrs and Hugs,

Luigi and A. Smiley

Jax made me a bewtifur DDP keepsake picture

Auntie Dana also made me a bewtifur DDP keepsake picture

Milo, Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe sent me a Forever Multi colored Star

Mac, Ivy, Legolas, Jax and family sent me a Blue ribbon

Opie, Elmer, Muffy, Oliver sent me wonnerfur balloons

Tiger sent me a Red Heart

Hershey, Annadell and family sent me a Blue Ribbon

And all of the kind comments and just taking the time to read my diary and sitting a spell and sharing wif me, wow!! thank you to all of my furiends for doing this

You know, I still save all of my stuff. Every time I make an entry and others reply, it is saved to a special folder along with all the gifts sent to me and my family.

One day Meowmy is going to take all of this and have it copied out and sit quietly and make books of each of us and our time here with all of our furiends

So when I say this is precious memory making, it really and truly is!!

Thank you all so much ~ I love all of my pals!! and I love Catster too!!


Thank YOU for Allowing Me to Be a DDP On May 23/14 ~ And Not- Giving Up On Catster Either!!!

May 26th 2014 10:16 am
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I was so catcitied when I found out this past Friday I was a DDP!! Thank you sooooo much!!

We could get on in the morning, and then went back in the afternoon and no site, on account of the attacks happening once again!!

I'm feeling sooo bad for the Techno Kibbies, they are working extra hard to save our sites and yet I have heard grumblings from some they are tired of this and want it all fixed!!

Well, to all the grumblers out there this is what I have to say ~ I am sooo thankful we even have Catster, so many of us fought to save this site, the memorial pages of our Angels and our pages for our furmilies too!! There are other sites besides Catster being attacked daily!! We all need to show a little courtesy and a whole lot of patience. There is alot of memories I have here and I treasure each and everyone of them. I am thankful I have my stuff saved but it sure is nice to have this place too!!

Now, with that being said I want to put down in sweet remembrance the ones who were able to help me caterbrate my DDP with decorations, and notes

Angel Buddie sent me a wonnerfur pawligram:


Platelicker and Family sent me a lovely Blue Ribbon Rosie

Angel Hooch sent me a lovely Blue Ribbon Rosie

Auntie Dana made me a bewtifur keepsake picture

My Grand Furiend, Jax, made me a bewtifur keepsake picture

Now, if Catster were not here, I would not have had another memory making day for my Meowmy to look back upon, nor any special days keepsake pictures!!

I for one will never give up on Catsterland!! How could I??? It has been too good to me and my family.



May 18th 2014 11:28 pm
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I have freckles on my nose and now in my mouth. Meowm thinks they are so cute!!

I also have a smile like Elvis Presley at times, on account of my broken fang, MOL!!

What can I say, I'm just so darn cute!!

My Meowmy loves me so much and I make sure she knows how much I love her back, too!!


Buds on Trees, Country Living, Sitting on The Counter 0-0

May 17th 2014 9:42 pm
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It's been a long hard winter. finally da buds are showing up on the trees. Everything is so far behind. But at least now we can have the windows open. I even got so catcited, sniffing the pawsome country air, I jumped up on the kitchen counter and planted myself right in front of the big kitchen open window and sat and sniffed. Meowm came in and I just looked at her and then remembered, OH YEAH!! I don't go up there ~ Meowm never said anything to me, but I jumped down anyway. It sure was neat up there, maybe I will try to get back up there in the near future.

Have to stop and sniff the air and roses and everything while we can!!

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