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OMC!!!! A DDP!!! Thank You Sooo Much Catsterland

September 9th 2014 1:11 pm
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Wowzies I am a popular boy!! Thank you so much Catster fur allowing me to shine and live out loud here on my page at Catsterland!!

My wonner furiend Tundra and furmily made another gorgeous keepsake picture ~ going into my memeory book

Smiley and Luigi sent me a pawsome Pawligram!!!

Tiger, one of my bestest furiends in da whole wide world, sent me a shining bright Sun!!

Milo,Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe and furmily sent me a mouse!!

Meep and Bibi sent me a BEEG Hug!!!

Angel Rebby, Princess, Kody sent me some delicious OJ drink!

Angel Mallow sent me a piece of watermelon ~ he is a DDP today too

Jason Hopper sent me a Beeg Hug, just because!!

WeebessSiameeze~also a DDP today, sent me a Beeg Hug

Mac, Ivy, Jax, Legolas, Zander, sent me a Beeg Hug

BonnieBell and furmily sent me a pawsome Beachball!!

Thank you all so much for taking the time to send me stuff, I treasure these and they will be added to my memory book!

Well, today, Meowm found a farm where she can get local free range chicken eggs. Then she went apple picking ~ like over 50 pounds of apples are sitting in the kitchen. Have to put on my chef's hat and help her make jelly, apple sauce and pie fillings and also hoping some of the apples will last over most of the winter in the fridge. They are expensive to buy in the store, $2.00 a pound and most of Meowms money has to go to getting us stocked up for winter ~ projecting a nasty one just like last winter!!

Well, gotta run ~ have to check on lids for the canning jars ~ Caio for now!!


Thanks My Wonnerfur Furiends Fur the Gifties ~ A Cool Old- Link To Help Decorate Your Page

September 8th 2014 8:52 am
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I want to thank the following furiends fur helping me make memories yesterday as a DDP!!! Another date written down in the Memorial day section of my memory book, copies of the gifts taken, too!!

Manytoe and Furmily made me a most bewtifur keepsake picture

Smiley and Luigi sent me a personal Pawligram!!

Jax, Yoda, Legolas, Zander and furmily sent me a pawsome Beach Ball

Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee, Smokey Angel Joe and furmily sent me a Red Heart

Athena, my lovely furiend, sent me a Blue Bird and mentioned I must have a record like Ol' Blues himself, MOL!!!

Aww, thank you all so much!!

I helped Meowm wif the yard work yesterday. Sat at the window and directed her steps, where she needed to weed and how to fix the vegetables for storage.

Then we checked back at Pawsome Pages, as I have asked a few questions. No answers as of yet. There is also no decorations on the group page, so hopefully it's working ok???

So I googled some questions, like, how do I change the fonts at Catster and this came up!!

Now, let me tell you that link brings you to a cool site!! I remember using this back in 2007 when we first started!! I learned alot here and am going to be checking out the fonts area. This site sure does bring back some awesome memories!!

Well, gotta run for now ~ have to look for some fancy gold colored script for Buddy's page!!

ciao for now


A Daily Diary Pick!! Thank YOU So Much Catsterland!!

September 7th 2014 10:33 am
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My furiends, Spice and Phantom, let me know I am a DDP today!! Wow is all I can manage to say right now!!

I will write further tomorrow my many thanks and the gifts and pawsome day I'm having.

Gotta run, the sun is shining and work needs to get down outside before it turns nasty once again, more cooler rainy weather in the coming days. Those kinds of days, I can purrlay here more and learn more decorating stuff


Catsterland, You Are Truly a Great Furiend ~ Thank You Fur- The Honors' Bestowed On Me

September 5th 2014 5:43 pm
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I truly am a very lucky and blessed little boy!! I have been so blessed to be able to have a Triple Crown DDP Honor!!

I was a DDP three days in a row!! Aug. 28, 29 and 30th!! Not to furget two other times in August as well, the 18th and the 1st ~ making me a 5 time DDP for the month of August!!

Tundra, Manytoes and Rory came thru fur us!! made the most bewtifur keepsake pictures!! We treasure these so much!!

I also got lots of concats from my wonnerfur furiends on my FB page

I want to put down for memory the following furiends who were able to send me rosies

My wonnerfur furiend, Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a Golden Heart

My wonnnerfur furiend, Marmie sent me Blue Ribbon

My wonnerfur furiend, Milo and sisfur Mallee and furmily sent me a singing Blue Bird

My wonnerfur furiends, Worlds Coolest, Fluffy and Alex sent me shrimp

My wonnerfur furiends, Meep and Bibi sent me delicious purple drink

My wonnerfur furiend, Athena sent me a Blue Ribbon!

My wonnerfur furiends, Harley, Cody and Raj sent me a bewtifur Orange Whirlygig!! I love it!!

Hey, I know its tuff getting in at times, we missed seeing who was DDPs with us, couldn't access the community page or the diary room. It seems to be working better now. Lots of work still needs to be done on here and it will get done!!!

wow!! how catciting!! and I also got to share one of my DDP wif my girl, Neiko ~ she was just tickled pink!! our girls don't usually get signaled out fur much so it was super nice

I have to run, lots to do ~ learning all kinds of art stuff!!


Thank Mew Sooo Much Catster!!! THREE DDP's in a Row!!!

August 30th 2014 2:09 pm
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Wow!! am I a lucky boy or what??? Thank you so much for allowing me to shine beeg and bright fur my Meowmy!! You're halping to make spawcial memories during dark nasty days!!

"Furiends may be furiends,
only if they be true
but I have a grand furiend
in you my beloved Catsterland
oh yes, indeed I do!!! MOL!!!

I want to thank you soo much for allowing me to shine bright, and for letting me share one of the days with my Neiko Bear, special girl.

I Thank Tundra and furmily fur the pawsome, bewtifur keepsake pictures and Auntie Gina and Marmie and furmily for the rosies and also thank Milo and furmily for the rosies


Learning How to Make Fun Stuff

August 27th 2014 8:59 am
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I'm learning how to make fun stuff ~ all on my own. Seems a cat dood meowm is tryin' to say she helped me and taught me???? No WAY!! Maybe when we first got back from being away fur awhile and things had changed in the code area, but that's it!!

I learned all on my own how to use imikimi, just by using the ready made frames and now on Fotoflexer by playing around wif da buttons there and googling questions. Oh, yes and I'm learning about free online digital scrapbooking ~ this is how I have found some awesome papers and stuff to decorate my pages.

I will help anyone who wants help and even send some scrapbook stuff fur them to use.

I remember trying so hard to learn, even went to school at a group, had my art supplies all bought and put in my tote ~ I posted a question in class and no one said a word.

So i went to private school :) It'fun to learn how to do stuff and make pretty things.


A Wonderful Catster Member and Furiend Needs Our Purrs an- Prayers

August 25th 2014 9:23 am
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I just found out Kibbles was taken to the vets on Aug 22. He had fallen off the couch and broken a tooth. At the vet's he had a small seizure right in front of the doctor. Blood tests came back normal, so they don't know what is up with Kibbles.

He is at home now. Could sure use purrs, prayers and some loving, encouraging words

here is his page



OMC!!! I Can Decorate My Page!!

August 22nd 2014 9:55 am
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Holy Whooozers!!! I can decorate my page again!! not that I was pretty fancy decorator before, but I did some.

I am learning how to do digital scrapbooking and learning how to use the papers here, too.

I am so happy!! My Auntie and furiend, Marmie has made our backgrounds, and they are pawsome. They will halp me learn too and also my Auntie and furiend, Mugsy!!

My Meowmy says I can have stuff that rocks just like everyone else!! And when I know how to do stuff, I will help others too!! I want everyfur to be happy and be able to do pretty stuff!!


My Many Thanks Fur Halping Me Caterbrate A DDP Yesterday

August 19th 2014 9:53 am
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Wow!! so much is going on at Catsterland these days!! The Techno kibbies are hard at work, new tech's hired ~ why they even have one of em engineers looking over broken sites. This shows us, the techno kibbies are working to make Catsterland all better and fixing broken stuff. Now, it will take time, but you know what I fink is just pawsome??? Even wif all the work going on, there is still DDP, COTW COTD DOTD to name a few!!

And yesterday I got to be DDP!!! FANK YOU HQ!!!

I also wants to fank mai good furiends fur helping to make memories of my day yesterday:

Smiley and Luigi sent me a personal pawligram concatulatings me!!

Rory, Tundra, Manytoes made a lovely keepsake picture fur my memory book

Meowmy made me a picture fur my book, too

Pipo and Minko sent me a Hug and a personal pawligram

Mac, Ivy, Jax, and furmily sent me a Hug

Milo, Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe and furmily sent a purple drink

Pinkie, Biggles, Nonny, Angel Buddy and furmily sent me a red heart

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a purple drink

Athena gave me some lovely watermelon

I just want to let you all know how much I appreciate you all taking the time to read diaries, sent gifts and show you care!! it sure means alot!!

Thank you also for reading Bailey's diary, sending her POTP, purrs and prayers!! Bailey is still being monitored and we will keep you all posted on Bailey Poop Alert 2014!!

By the way, have you noticed Say media is now gone furm the bottom of our page, the I-5 Publishing logo sure looks great, don't ya fink!!


A Daily Diary Pick Today!!! Can I Have You All Say a Purr- and A Prayer Fur Our Bailey

August 18th 2014 12:08 pm
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Thank you so much Catster fur allowing me to be a DDP today!! I will write more of this later.

Today I am asking alla my wonnerfur furiends to purrlease keep mai sisfur, Bailey in your thoughts, and prayers. Pawese say a purr and a prayer for her. Bailey was a naughty gurl, dats fur sure!! She has Meowmy all worried!! She ate a no no and now we have to wait and see if she will pass it ok, check fur blood, internal bleeding, and hopefully that is all. The worse case, she stops using her potty, eating or drinking. We have to whatch her. The vet said it will start to show if problems in 24 hours, so that is sometime around 9pm today.

here is a link to Bailey's page

Fank mew so much, Meowmy was crying dis morning and really worried ~ us darn kibbies, how come we has to go and worry our Meowmy's like dis????

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