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Tomorrow it Will Be My 8th Gotcha Day

March 24th 2013 6:49 pm
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Wow, March is running like a freight train! much snow and other activities it just dawned on me what tomorrow Gotcha Day!!..This is the BIG ONE!!~The most important day of the year in my little life~it's the day Meowmy found and rescued me.

It's in my diary from years ago but I think I should retell it again.

It was March 25, 2005. It was also Good Friday. Meowmy was living in an apartment building at the time with Buddy. She was coming down the hall and lived at an end suit beside the fire door..well I was on the other side of the fire door screaming my little head off. Meowmy could see me standing on my hind legs with my front paws against the opaque glass. She opend the fire door and scooped me up.

I ran up her and stood on her shoulders. She brought me in and fed me..I ate and ate and screamed for more..Then when I had my fill I climbed up her quilt to lay on the foot of her bed and had myself a great nap.

The people that owned me were looking for me and they came to the door because they heard I was hear. They were people who lived down the hall and were crack addicted. Meowmy was kind of afraid they would harm her home and she had to give me back but before she did she found out these hoomans were only giving me I needed food too..and Meowmy explained all of this.

On Saturday she had to work and told people at work about me and made up her mind that addicted people are always looking for money and she would buy me back

There was no answer on Easter Sunday she went to the door again and talked to the people and without even having to offer money they gave me to my Meowmy!!..they said I stank and they didn't have food for me..I was stinking because you shouldn't give milk to a kitten!!

Now some people may say well, Easter Sunday is my Gotcha day..but we say Good Friday of March 25..Meowmy had already named me and thought of me as her kitten..and Buddy was already in love with me and playing with me..the irresponsible hoomans made Meowmy give me back..but everything was in place already for a purpose..My Meowmy and I found each other on the 25th and were seperated on the 26th and became a furmily furever and ever on Easter Sunday the 27th...

God gave my furmily a wonnerfur gift on this weekend. What an example in hind site it was...I was with my Meowmy for just a little while on Good Friday and then taken away and was given back to have a whole new life on Easter Sunday..Jesus was with people for a little while on Good Friday and then taken away..on Easter Sunday He came back to be with us and give us a home forever and ever!!

I am Meowmy's very special Easter gift..and she loves and protects me!..So you see now how I got the name of Friday..from the most holiest of days I was found, and preparations had to be made for Easter Sunday when my new life started with my new wonnerfur loving furmily


I'm Having a Sad Day

March 11th 2013 6:32 pm
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The last few days there have been a few of my kibbies furiends needing purrss due to illnesses.

One of those kibbies was Hooch A great Catster Kibbie and a wonnerfur furiend.

I am furry sad right now. Hooch couldn't stay any longer. It was his appointed day and time. Little did any of us know that when we woke up this morning. And now as I write this, Hooch is safe in the arms of the Angels. Greeted by his sisfur, Kujo and many many fur Angel pals and furiends, Hooch now is safe and whole free from all ailments and life's complications.

This still makes me feel furry sad...I feel real sad fur his pawrents whose hearts are broken tonight..I purrai they find some comfort and peace in the coming days and weeks..but right now they mourn and I send them all of my loving thoughts and cares.


Today is a Furry Spawcil Day...It's My Catsterland- Annifursary!!!

March 6th 2013 7:37 am
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Six years ago today we found this place. My PaPa Buddy was the one who found it. Buddy was blogging and from on kibby blogger to another met Karma Kitty. Went to check her site out and read about Catster and followed the link to Catster and, as they say, the rest is history.

And oh boy, is there ever history!!..looking back and thinking of the first days and weeks and even months here brings a tear to mai little green eyes.

Lots of our furineds our Angels now *bows head and sheds some tears* others not here very musch and still some gone altogether..this is the sad one..why did you have to leave? It's just not the same without them!!

Meowmy tells me things do change but the memories live on..and yes they do!!

I have a bunch of new furineds and a few really close chums I think are pawsitevlly pawtastic!!

but let me just stay on mai wonnerfur memories of days gone by...that is when I was a younger whipper snapper..oh I'm still young!!..not slowing down any..not this guy!!

I learned so musch bach then and alla the kibbies were so helpful and if you didn't understand somfin, you just asked and someone would always help..not this "well so and so does it for me"....HMmmm..that's not helpful in the least bit

That is why I am soo glad I came here in the golden days!!! I stay and act like myself from back then..I always want every kibbie to feel spawcil and beautiful...all kibbies are equal in every way to me!!...

I just love to help a kibbie feel spawcil and so I make picshurs fur dem..helping to make memories!!

Cuz in the end that is all we're left with is memories.

I want to share the link to Buddy's blog..we hadn't been there in so long..Meowmy can't remember how to get in and access it..but oh did we laugh and smile big when we were reading it and going thru it!!

Hope you enjoy it!! And Thank You Catster for helping us to make beautiful memories here 6 years now...and many more years to come!! Love you Catster and Thank You!! oooo-and-come-on-in-out-of.html

now if that doesn't work we just typed in Buddy's Space the Grooviest Spot Around and followed that link!


Thank You Catster for Allowing Me to Have Another Special- Day!!

March 3rd 2013 1:06 pm
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Yesturdy, March 2, 2013, I had the honor of being a Daily Diary Pick once again!!..This is an honor!!..There are very talent Kibbie authors working in their diaries..some I have come across who are indeed truly gifted writers. I can't waite until I see more of these fine writers up here taking a bow for their beautifully written prose!!

I have much to be thankful for!!...My many great and true blue furiends, and they know who they are!! My opportunity to be here at Catsterland...been a member coming up very soon on 6 years already!!..and let me just say, it is a privilage and an honor to be here.

I had lots of personal telegrams of concatulations on my being a DDP once again!!..thank you to alla my wonnerfur furiends for taking the time and sending them out to me!!

I also had gifts bestowed upon my page to help decorate it and I need to put them down here to look back later and remember them!!

Napoleon and Colorado - Red Heart

Jasper - Shrimp

Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom, and Crew - Blue Rosette

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew - Blue Rosette

Harley - a Beautiful Golden Heart star

My wonnerfur kind and generous furiends, Milo and Mallee and Auntie also sent us a beautiful gift...very generous and kind of you!! one has ever done this fur us before!! Thank you so very much!! Very kind and wonderful surprise!

Jamison and Auntie made me another bewtiful keepsake picture..I treasure these sooo very much!!!

Thank you all once again for helping to make my day special and thank you to Catsterland and Diary Gurl!! You must have a little orange in ya!!...CUZ YOU ROCK!!! MOL!!


I Am a Daily Diary Pick Today!~WOW WEEE

February 28th 2013 7:16 am
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Was I ever surprised when I was sitting down with my morning java opening my mail. I have been chosen as a Daily Dairy Pick today!!

Thank you furry much Diary girl for allowing me to have this honor once again. Well, I'm off to make special keepsake pictures for the ones I can do..just love to make a kibbie's day brighter and happier in some small way

I would like to thank the following for helping to make this day a little brighter in helping me celebrate by making memories of a special day:

Muffy - gave me some shrimp

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty - gave me a bootiful Red Heart

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew - gave me a Rainbow Rosette

Tweetie - gave me a bootiful Red heart

Jamison made a bootifur keepsake picshur

Angel Soc and Crew - gave me a wonnerfur chocolate cupcake

KTyson - gave me a great snowman

Smiley Cassanova and Angel Buddie sent me personal telegrams of best wishes for a wonnerfur day

Thank you all once again and also for my furineds who stopped in and commented on my picshurs and my diary

You, my wonnerfur,caring,loving furiends mean the furry world to me!!


Thank You Fur Making My Birfday Meoworable

February 21st 2013 5:17 pm
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I have had such a wonnerfur day!! I am truly blessed indeed to have such loving, kind, caring furiends. I have had many many well wishes sent to me yesturday and today. I would like to thank the following fur the bewtifur gifts..and I do it here as a memory keepsake to look back upon when Meowmy will need to one day

Wolfie - gave me a bewtiful diamond

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty - gave me a Crown with many jewels

Platelicker - gave me a bewtifur Rainbow Star

Milo, Smokey Joe, Mallee and Crew - gave me an Emerald

Moose - gave me shrimp

Gleek - gave me a football

Morris, Patches, Coda and Crew - gave me a Red Rose

Muffy - gave me some shrimp

Big Harry, Patches, Abigail and Crew - gave me some shrimp

Smiley Cassanova - gave me some shrimp

Mia, Milo, Xenna, Tallulah and Crew - gave me some shrimp

Smokey, Gizmo, Blue, Zoom and Crew - gave me some shrimp

Harley - sent me a bewtifur wrapped gift and a chocolate cupcake

Marmelade - gave me a chocolate cupcake

Muppet - gave me a chocolate cupcake

Hunter, Munkey and Ozzy - gave me a chocolate cupcake

Ingen - sent me some wonnerfur cream

Kaci Sunshine - gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Angel Soc - gave me a chocolate cupcake

Rhed - gave me a bewtifur Red Rose

Mr. Sam Angel - gave me a Canadian flag

Jasper - gave me a chocolate cupcake

I received many happy wishes along the way today and I am sincerely thankful and grateful for each and everyone of them!!

Jezebel and Charlie sent me a personal Telegram wishing me a Happy Birthday.

Rory sent me a Telegram with a bewtifur gift:

from Rory, Tundra, Manytoes

My Auntie Eva sent me a bewtifur gift also:

from Auntie Eva

Jamison and his Meowmy made this wonnerfur bewtifur gift:

from Jamison and furmily

And I also received birfday cards!!

This one is from Herbie

Herbie sent me this

This one is from Callie Rose

Callie Rose sent this card

I have had a most blessed, wonnerfur birfday..thank you all furry musch fur helping me celebrate this day!!!..I will never furget it!!


I Am a Happy Boy

February 20th 2013 7:41 am
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Tomorrow is my 8th birthday, already ~ time flies so fast!! I am thankful I can celebrate it here at Catsterland wif alla my wonnerfur furiends. I have many great furiends and a few close besties and alla of them have enriched my life and experience here.

You can say I have grown up on Catster. I had just turned 2 when we found this place and joined up. So this is number six birthday fur me here. What a lucky boy I am.

I may be overlooked by others while they choose to their liking honors they bestow upon fellow kibbies, and that's ok wif on Catster, as I grew up with, I want my legacy to be one of a kind, gentle, loving kibbie who treated everyone with kindness, fairness and equality. Let's face it, almost all of us were at one time abandend, neglected, unwanted and unloved. Not all kibbies find furever homes, but I did. I am soo thankful, too. I have had my health issues and you just never know what the future holds. So I will continue on my way, being a true orangie...friendly, helpful, loving, kind and gentle. I love to help make a fellow kibbie's day a little brighter here on Catster..I am learning how to make pictures and try my best to make them nice and purrty fur the kibbies special days here at Catsterland. Now they may not be as fancy as some others, but they are made with care, thoughtfulness and love..all the way from my little heart.

So, tomorrow I will turn 8 years old...hope I have more birthdays here at Catsterland..if you like, stop in and have a piece of my birthday cake...I just love to share with alla of the kibbies here at Catsterland!!


I Was Greatly Honored Last Night

February 17th 2013 9:57 am
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I am furry catcitied to share alla the wonnerfur news of my award I received last night from the President of the United States of America!!..let me splain here a moment:..

I am a Canadian kibbie and it came as a huge surprise when an ivitation to the White House was delivered to my house, requesting I attend a dinner last night..well anyone who gets one of des is gonna go!!..I got cleaned up and my fur got a glaze job too..but I sure glimmered and shined!!..A bunch of us in attendance received diffferent awards.

When it came time for mine (I didn't even know anyfing about dis)..well after the fPresident himself spoke and showed off my shouda seen all dem light bulbs going was blinding to look at I show you a picture of it and splain in part what it said:

My Award..Check This Out

Friday was honored last night at a White House dinner. He received from President Obama a wonnerfur gift!! says in part "To one of the most wonnerfur Canadian kibbies who whole heartly supports the Obama Administration and is a true Democat...with sincere thanks and gratitude we salute you and wish you a Happy Birthday...*Friday holding his picture and smiling big.."Now dis is sumfin spawcil eh, Meowmy"!!!

Now let me tell alla you it sure is wonnerfur!!..just had to share dis wif alla you!!

Oh..I should add my birfday is this Thursday, Feb. 21..da President wanted me to have dis in t ime fur fmy spawcial day!!


Whoa!!..It's Valentine's....Love Is All Around...

February 13th 2013 7:12 pm
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It's Valentine's!!..and love is all around!!..can you feel it?..cuz I sure can!!..Can you see it?..well I sure do!!

I feel the love in my furmily and with my furiends..I see it in the eyes of kibbies here on Catster..oh how we all shine!!!...cuz we are all sooo loved!!..I hear it in the stories I read on my furiends pages..from sad, tragic circumstances that turned into bewtiful love stories!!!

Yes it Valentines!!!..and you know sumfin?..I was just finking that Valentines is everyday for some kibbie who gets a forever home!!..There is one day of the year set aside to celebrate love...but here at Catster, we have Valentines everyday of the year..we celerate each others love and stories in furiendship, sharing, caring, doing kind things, helping each other..we go through the joyful tines as well as the sad times...yes as kibbies we have Valentines everyday!!

But it sure is nice to see alla the purrty decorations up for Valentine's Day!!..I just love it all..everywhere I look..its bewtiful!!..and tonight I had a most wonnerfur surprise!!..sum wonnerufr kibbie sent me a Valentine Rosie..*shhhh..whispers..* it's from a secret kibbie..*Friday is blushing..cuz he feels sooo special to receive a secret one*....thank you!!!


Thank you Diary Gurl!!!..I was a Daily Diary Pick!!

February 5th 2013 9:22 pm
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My typist is a little behind in helping me and my sisfurs in sending out our heart felt Thank YOU's in helping us caterbrate our special days here at Catster

I was Chosen as a Daily Diary Pick last Friday, Feb 1/13..and lots of kibbies read and commented on Ugly The Cat's story I put in my diary..I am glad many read it and I hope you all have also copied it...we have had this story from Catster for years now..and like many furiends commented on, this could very well have been their stories!!

I would like to thank the following for their gifts:

Percy cup of hot coco!! mmmm.thank you!!

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty - Red Heart

Jasper - Blue Ribbon

Platelicker - Blue Ribbon

Shrimp - Morris, Patches, Coda, lucky and Crew

Blue Ribbon - Mac, Ivy, legolas

Forever Gold Heart - Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe, Timmy, Ziggy, Rhett and Crew!!

Thank you all once again for reading and commenting on this very special story that was shared years is a story that should never be forgotten!!

Hugs to all my wonnerfur furiends!! Lub you all!!

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