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What a PAWSOME Day!!~A Daily Diary Pick

May 27th 2013 12:24 pm
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Wow, were we ever surprised when we opend our mail and saw all the messages!!~

Bailey and I are Daily Diary Picks today!!~now how pawsome is that? two in the same furmily!!~but what is even more pawsome is that Angel Aggie is also a Daily Diary Pick~whoa!!~and on Memorial Day too!!..thank you Catster for allowig us to be Picks today!!

I sure would like to know how to save the picture with all of the kibbies who are Daily Diary Picks..I have seen this done and made into a frame but when I tried to do it, only on picture at a time!!

I will be thanking every fur for the telegrams, rosettes and well wishes for this special honor!!

Right now I have to let Bailey write in her diary, too, and then Meowmty needs to work..will write more in here later!!

P.S.~feeling a whole lot better and mai poop is forming up again, not so soft, but still very dark~thank you all once again for all of your prayers, purrs and cares along with POTP rosettes


May 22nd 2013 8:52 am
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Dear Diary
I sure am a happy boy!~feeling lots better and feeling the love sent to me by so many wonnefur caring kind furiends!

Da sun is shining, the grass is green and growing, birdies singing and plants growing~everyfing is just so bright and bewtifur!!~and you know sumfin? Catster is bright and bewtifur, too!!~YUP!!

We luv and share and purrlay and have lotz and lotz of fun and caring times!!

Summer is gonna be here furry soon~hot weafur!~oh oh, Meowmy is gonna melt!!~hey, we’re still gonna be here everyday (when we can)

I luvs Catsterland!!~it’s a kewl purrlace, dats fur sure!!~and I luvs alla mai furiends, too !!~and ya know sumfin? There sure is lots of kibbies and more being added effury day!!~I’m soo glad I found dis wonnnerfu place

I am getting better effurday, too!!~I hang out wif mai furmily again, and even ask Meowmy fur food!!

I’m gonna go halp Meowmy set up da kitty pool ~it’s fur all of us, and we can have our furiends over fur a pool pawty!!

kitty pool

So come one over and have fun !!Fun!!Fun!!..oh it’s gonna be wonnerfur


Spoke With The Vet

May 21st 2013 2:54 pm
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Well, the vet feels that Friday did have a low grade UTI like the first time...he is very suseptible to these

It is decided that after Friday has finished his meds tonight, we will let him be for a few days and see if his poop will improve and not be so soft and watery. If it still is then we will try Fort a Flor on him and this med can also be mixed into his food.

Friday has to be sedated when he goes into the vets and he gets so stressed out, he makes himself more sick. So the vet wants to try and see if his bowels will improve in a few days on their own or go the meds route and see how that goes.

Friday's urine is still nice and clear, good output, and he is not licking his privates excessively like he was doing before nor is he hiding from me and the other kibbies..these two last things are a give away when Friday is having issues.

Thank you to all of his wonderful friends for thinking of Friday, sending purrs and prayers and POTP..these help and work!!

I didn't feel so alone this time!~thank you so much!!


I'm Feeling Pretty Good

May 20th 2013 12:17 pm
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Thought I should let alla mai wonnerfur kind furiends know where things are at right now.

My urine is clear looking and the output has increased..although mai poop is quite dark and watery and smelly. Today is a national holiday up here in Canada so we will just have to waite until tomorrow to get a hold of the vet clinic..I will be finished mai meds tomorrow evening..and have gotten really good at taking them, too!

I have Meomwy trained to give me them in some food, and then I get more food with mai water~hey I get to eat twice~MOL!!~well it works for me!!

This morning some kibbie scratched me bad, as after Meomwy came out of the bathroom and came into the kitchen there was blood all over the floor ( big bloches and little blotches and spray marks0..and there I was licking my front paw and leg.Meomwy could see where ther blood was coming from.

She cleaned up the blood and found more in the looked worse than what it was~but meomwy was mad~How dare anyone hurt me!!!..of course no one will step forward and say to Meomwy, "oh, by the way I did it but honestly Meowmy, it was an accident"

Who knows if it was Bijou or Baiey..Meomwys bets is on Bijou!!

See how fast somefin can happen to me? *shakes head and laffs*

I would now like to take this time to thank all of my loving caring furined for the pamils, remarkes and best wishes along with purrs and prayers sent up for my health recovery!

Also for the following for sending me Power of The Paw (we believe this helps)

Platelicker and Crew
Tink the Cat and Snow
Marmelade and Crew
Tiger, Tiny and Beauty
Mac, Ivy and Legolas and Crew
Mr. Sam and Crew

Jason Hopper sent me special milk and got from a special Angel just for me!

Mazie's kind and wonnerfur idea..we will be getting back to you shortly

lots of kibbies who left me messages in my diary enteries!!

Thank you to all1!~the puurrsss and the Prayers and well wishes have been working!~I was a very good boy this time for mai meds as I usually fight it every step of the way..but I listen to all of my furiends and cooperated wif Meowmy, so I didn't have to go to the hospital and be seperated from mai Meowmy!

Anyway, we will keep all of you informed and updated as to what is next!

Thank you all furry much once again~you're all just so PAWSOME

so see, Dear Dairy, I am truly blessed indeed =)


Hugs to All of Our Wonderful Caring Catster Friends

May 16th 2013 1:14 pm
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Just wanted to take this time to send out a big THANK YOU to all of Fridays wonderful friends.

I am so touched for all of the pmails, rosettes, gifts, purrs and prayers, along with well wishes, suggestions and ideas sent on Fridays behalf.

This is the third time Friday has come down with a URI and the last time I was not on Catster and I went through it all by myself. This time I can write and share in his diary; and Fridays friends read and care. This is very overwhelming...I don't feel like I am going thru this all alone again. It's kind of scary when you have to do this all alone.

I am just so thankful for Friday's friends and for Catster...this pawsome place has always meant so much to me. I tell everyone I can about it!! ~ the best social media place is a safe place to be and to share things with..It's all about our furbabies after all, and they are number one, paws down!!

Well I posted a few pictures taken of Friday a couple of days ago, on Tuesday May 14, the day he started his anitbiotic, Clavamox. You can just see he wasn't his self in these pictures..not happy looking, and kind of sad.

Last night was kind of trying with his meds ~ wouldn't eat all of the food and this is not good!~he has to get all of the meds and no matter what, he just wasn't buding.

This morning I gave him just a little of his food with the meds and then he got the rest of his food with water.

Have to change things up with Friday, as he will do it on his own!! ~ with Friday, it's on his own terms ~ he can be so unpretictable.

This morning he was good and cooperated with his meds. He looked good, too!~eyes shining and bright. he hung out with me in the sewing room...right now he is sleeping as its the middle of the afternoon.

I just want to say TAHNK YOU all once again..your fabulous and kind!!


Thank You All For the Love and Support

May 15th 2013 1:21 pm
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It is so much needed and appreciated right now~I am cooperating with Meowm on the meds mixed in with my food ~ for now and she says it better keep up ~MOL!!

I am napping lots and hanging out in the bedroom, followed Meowm downstairs into da basement lase night and I hate the basement but so wantt to be with my Meom~helped her find the room darkening curtains for our bedroom and now they are up and I am resting and keeping cool!

This morning I made sure Meowm saw me first thing when she opend her eyes ~ I was sleeping on the pillowing beside her!~

Meomwy took a picture of me last night and hopefully we can get that uploaded into out puter soon and posted ~ you will see what Meowm means with my looks and not being myself!!

Well gotta go!~thanks so much for praying for me and mai Meomwy!!~pawese remeber all of our sick furiends too!~so many of us needs purrs and prayers

What a wonderfur caring place Catster is!~can always count on furineds to be there to understand, and keep us all in thoughts, purrs and prayers


I Am Sick Again!!

May 14th 2013 11:07 am
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Dear Diary

Meowmy found out I am sick again!~I tried to hide it from her!!~but she just watches me like a hawk

I have been sitting away from the others and licking my private area lots and yesturday morning Meowmy found blood on the quilt where I had been sleeping.

This is now the third time for a urinary problem..I have had crystals twice.

Meowmy went to the vets and got medication to try first, hopefully she caught it early. So now I am taking an anitbiotic and also immune booster suplliments~hopefully this will work.

There is an operation I can will basically change my inside plumbing into a girls!

*this is Friday' Meowmy*:

I have been keeping a close eye on my Friday~my fear is always the same~he will come down with crystalls again and hide it until its too late to save his life!~I was scared and conerned when I first saw the blood and my first stop was to the vet clinic~we have discussed the surgery in the past~it is a last ditch plan~if this antibiotic doesn't work, then Friiday goes in and more will be discussed.

Friday is very fracious. He needs to be totally sedated and I really don't like to do this to the little guy..its also very hard on their we are hoping and praying I caught this in time. Friday also has severe diarreah, just watery!

We really could use all the Prayers and good thoughts and love right now. Some things have to take a back seat..I am also cutting back on my wants and needs so I can pay the vet..Yesturdays bill was already just over seventy five dollars ~ I will do what I need to, to make sure Friday lives!

I will be spending more time at home with Friday and the others~I don't have the net at home ~ so for now, picture making is on hold and I will try to come here every day, even if its for half an hour to an hour...

Right now in my life its all about Friday

I am asking all of his furiends and their pawrents to please remember Friday in their thoughts and prayers ~ we really could use them!!

Thank you very much

Friday and Meowmy Mary


I LOVE Alla Mai Wonnerfur Furiends

May 8th 2013 10:50 am
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Catsterland is a wonnerfur place to be!~There is lotza fun to be had, not to mention alla the wonnerfur kibbies we meet up wif and become furiends wif!

Its the furiendships that means the most of mai furmily. True blue furiends that have never ever been mean, bossy, arrogant, or a bully are a treasure to hold and care for.

And how I care about mai furiends!

I love to make special keepsake picshurs fur mai furiends. Special memories fur the pawrents is important!..and being furiends and being loving and kind is what is also important!

Laughing and sharing funny times, purrlaying wif and helping out ofur kibbies~dis sure does help out at Catsterland!

If there is ever a kibbie that asks a question or needs help and I can help them, then I step up and do that!~cuz I'm a friendly kind of guy and just love to do this~it's in mai nature to be loving helpful and kind to ALL =)

Random acts of kindness in this crazy world is so wonnerfur to do, too!

And Prayers and thoughtfulness for all is important~I never ever play favortism of any kind~that is just plaine mean!!

And I watch what is being said and written~this is a place where children come to hang out, too!

I will never, ever advertise adult themed suggestions ~*Friday smiles BIG*~we are all children at heart and love to keep everyone safe and feel welcome and inviting!

Most of all, I will always love and cherish mai furiendships here!~us kibbies have such short lives, some even shorter than others. Let's all be kind and loving, help one another, and be furiends to all!

Now, the sun is shining and I has mai tricyle and da little red wagon is tied up behind it~who wants to go fur a ride?

Hey, we can purrlay outside and have loads of fun, too!~Come on kibbie fruriends, lets have fun togefur!!


I Have a New Furiend and He is PAWTASTIC!!

May 3rd 2013 10:36 am
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Dear Diary

I met one of the Great Creator's most amazing kibbies yesturday and I now have the privilege to be able to say I am his furiend.

His name is POO. He was a DDP yesturday. The family is going through some pretty rough times right now, you see they just found out recently that their precious boy, Poo, has inoperable throat cancer!..The family is trying a medication on him and so far, with the help of this medication, Poo is able to eat and swallow.

His Meowmy is taking one day at a time~enjoying and loving and making memories to last!

I am just so thankful I met POO and wish I had met and made furiends earlier~Poo is just so PAWTASTIC in every way possible~now here is a bewtifur, loving, kibbie!

What a privilege in my life to have a furiend like him!~I will send purrs and prayers up to the Great Creator for my dear new furiend, POO.

There are so many other great and loving kibbies who are sick right now..just found out yesturday that the great Samoa has a tumor in her tummy!~Bijou and the rest of us are just beside ourselves in grief~and our furiend,Aggie, went to the Bridge just over a week ago~another wonnerfur kibbie because of cancer

We are soo scared and Meowmuy is crying so hard right now~why is there so much cancer in the kibbies? Is it the food? What is it? Sugar Bear just had more surgery and will be under going treats for the second time!

With all of this sad news around us, there is still love, gratitude and gentleness surrounding all of us. Love, kindness, furiendship will never ever be taken away!!~cancer can not ever destroy this!!


Thank You ~ Hugs

April 21st 2013 11:10 am
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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Catster and Diary Gurl for allowing me to be a Daily Diary Pick on Friay, April 19/13.

I never expecty to be a DDP and am thrilled when chosen!~in my diary I usually try to spread goodness and kindness to alla my furiends at Catsterland~and with the strang email we received last week~now if and when needed I will post potential problems with spam and hackers~I never ever want anyone to go thru what we did in January when we were hacked and lost everything~it is truly upsetting! So let's keep viligant and let others know when something is not right (pawese let HQ in on it right away!)..we need to look out for each other as this is our special place!

I would also like to thank the following for helping to make my DDP memorable:

Jax made me a bewtifur picture!

Jameson and furmily also made me a bewtifur picture!

Smiey Cassanova sent me a wonnerfur telegram

Angel Buddie sent me a bewtifur telegram all the way from the Bridge

Harley gave me a bewtifur orange whirley gig for my page

Tiny, Tiger and Beauty gave me a bewtifur Tulip for my page

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and furmily gave me a baseball~let's play!!

lots of kibbies and furiends commented on my entry and I thank each and everyone!

Others have had this problem~that is why I am saying we all need to watch out for each other and pass the word on!!

Catster is for us: not for mean, horrible, cruel peeps out to destroy and have no care of feelings

So stay viligant and keep your senses and your eyes peeled for everything!

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