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I Have a New Furiend and He is PAWTASTIC!!

May 3rd 2013 10:36 am
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Dear Diary

I met one of the Great Creator's most amazing kibbies yesturday and I now have the privilege to be able to say I am his furiend.

His name is POO. He was a DDP yesturday. The family is going through some pretty rough times right now, you see they just found out recently that their precious boy, Poo, has inoperable throat cancer!..The family is trying a medication on him and so far, with the help of this medication, Poo is able to eat and swallow.

His Meowmy is taking one day at a time~enjoying and loving and making memories to last!

I am just so thankful I met POO and wish I had met and made furiends earlier~Poo is just so PAWTASTIC in every way possible~now here is a bewtifur, loving, kibbie!

What a privilege in my life to have a furiend like him!~I will send purrs and prayers up to the Great Creator for my dear new furiend, POO.

There are so many other great and loving kibbies who are sick right now..just found out yesturday that the great Samoa has a tumor in her tummy!~Bijou and the rest of us are just beside ourselves in grief~and our furiend,Aggie, went to the Bridge just over a week ago~another wonnerfur kibbie because of cancer

We are soo scared and Meowmuy is crying so hard right now~why is there so much cancer in the kibbies? Is it the food? What is it? Sugar Bear just had more surgery and will be under going treats for the second time!

With all of this sad news around us, there is still love, gratitude and gentleness surrounding all of us. Love, kindness, furiendship will never ever be taken away!!~cancer can not ever destroy this!!


Thank You ~ Hugs

April 21st 2013 11:10 am
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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Catster and Diary Gurl for allowing me to be a Daily Diary Pick on Friay, April 19/13.

I never expecty to be a DDP and am thrilled when chosen!~in my diary I usually try to spread goodness and kindness to alla my furiends at Catsterland~and with the strang email we received last week~now if and when needed I will post potential problems with spam and hackers~I never ever want anyone to go thru what we did in January when we were hacked and lost everything~it is truly upsetting! So let's keep viligant and let others know when something is not right (pawese let HQ in on it right away!)..we need to look out for each other as this is our special place!

I would also like to thank the following for helping to make my DDP memorable:

Jax made me a bewtifur picture!

Jameson and furmily also made me a bewtifur picture!

Smiey Cassanova sent me a wonnerfur telegram

Angel Buddie sent me a bewtifur telegram all the way from the Bridge

Harley gave me a bewtifur orange whirley gig for my page

Tiny, Tiger and Beauty gave me a bewtifur Tulip for my page

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe and furmily gave me a baseball~let's play!!

lots of kibbies and furiends commented on my entry and I thank each and everyone!

Others have had this problem~that is why I am saying we all need to watch out for each other and pass the word on!!

Catster is for us: not for mean, horrible, cruel peeps out to destroy and have no care of feelings

So stay viligant and keep your senses and your eyes peeled for everything!


Just Got The Strangest Email Thru Catster!!

April 16th 2013 2:27 pm
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Hey everyfur just that I would let you all know I just received the weirdiest email from a woman name grace at yahoo..said for me to respond back and will send pictures and yadda yadda...WELL~this is not how things are done on Catster!!..not even a cat's name was mentioned!!

I will not respond back, either...had a very bad experience with hackers in January and don't want to go thru that again!!

The spelling was not very good, either..I have my RED ALERT up big time.. please be careful out there everyfur!!

P.S.*** just to ADD SOMETHING IMPORTANT HERE this email did not appear in my inbox on Catster, just on my personal email account!! and it said from Catster!!..BALONEY!!!

Puurs and Hugs and Stay and Play Safe


Thank YOU So Musch!~A Daily Diary Pick For April- 7/13~Spring?~NO!!..It's Snowing Again!!

April 7th 2013 5:18 pm
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What a nice surprise to find out I am a Daily Diary Pick today!..the connection for the net and this puter have both been acting up all week so not as much dcne as I would have liked.

I am perservering thru this muck to get to my wonnerfur furiends to thank them for happy thoughts today!

Personal Telegrams were sent out by:

Angel Buddie and Furmily and Smiley Cassanova

Rosettes to help decorate my page:

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me some Shrimp

Milo, Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe and Crew sent me a Red Ribbon

Zoey, Opie, Elmer, Muffy sent me a Ladybug

Auntie Dana made me a bewtifur keepsake picshur

Thank you fur helping me make memories today for Meowmy to cherish down the road...hugs to alla my furiends who go out of their way to do this!

This past week I also had the privilage to be named the KCK Kitty of The Week over at the Kewlest Cats Klub from March 31 - April 6/13.

Thank you to this PAWSOME group for allowing me to have this honor!

I would also like to thank the following:

Kibbles for making a bewtifur keepsake picshur for being KCK Kitty of The Week!

Mia, Milo, Xena Princess and Crew for the Blue Ribbone and wishes

Smiley Cassanova for the Blue Bird and best wishes

Mac, Ivy, Legolas and Crew for the Blue Bird and best wishes

Thank you to all for a most wonnerfur week!!

Also thank you to my furiends who understand when I have problems wif this puter stuff you are patient and kind!!~true blue fureinds!!Thank you all soooo musch~I love alla you!



I Was Tagged But a Few Furiends So Here I Go!!

April 3rd 2013 1:29 pm
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If you would like to plar, just copy my diary, change my answers to yours, and tag five furiends!

Five things I love about Spring:

1. The windows being open for fresh air
2. Watching the birds fly around and trying to chase them from the window..MOL
3. The sun shining and making sun spots to nap in
4. Nice warm air flowing thru the house
5. Catching flies!~so much fun!

I tag:

1. Daytona 1147440
2. Moose 9311412
3. Aedan 156573
4. Platelicker 1020090
5. Pooh Bear 507343


Tomorrow is April 1st ~ No More Fooling~Only Loving

March 31st 2013 2:52 pm
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Meowmy read somewhere that April 1st is Rainbow Bridge Day. On this day the furmilies, Meowmy's an Papa's write to loved ones at Rainbow Bridge..can send messages in balloons or however you want to. This day is set aside just for our loved ones.

So we will be honoring our loved ones tomorrow with letters in their Papa Buddy and Bobbie, Meowmy's little doggie from before our time, will be receiving special letters from us. Now Meowmy had written letters to Buddy and it helped her in her time of deep grief.

We think this is a wonderful idea for April the 1st~no more fooling, only loving and remembering!

If you have a loved one you missed furry musch, write them a letter! You don't have to share it with anyone else if you don't want to~but it does help to write ~ doing something symbolic in memory of a loved one is healing.


Thank You!~A Daily Diary Pick for March 27/13

March 28th 2013 7:48 pm
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Oh Wow!~ A Daily Diary Pick!~very catciting indeed..I was furry surprised, too.

I had many personal telgrams concatulating me as well as the personal messages in my diary.

Jamison and his furmily made a keepsake picture to help remember the day!~thank you so much!! we love and cherish these so much!!

Furiends sent rosies to help decorate my page:

Mac, Ivy and furmily sent me a Lady Bug!~did you know these are good luck?

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty sent me a bewtifur Easter Egg!

Milo Blue Eyes, Mallee, Smokey Joe and Crew sent me a bewtifur Trophy!

Thank you all so much!!

Today Meowmy went shoppying and brought home an s curvy scratchy post..Bailey wasted no time in getting down with it..MOL!!! PAWTASTIC!!

Meowmy brought me home a belated Gotcha Day Happy Cat smells wonnerfur and is filled with catnip..Bijou is trying to take everything as usual!..we got some small toys and then there are two more bags and a couple of boxed items I saw Meowmy put away in the closet..heard something about this stuff is for Easter..Hmmm..well there are alot of new things already out for us to play with.

I wihs everyone a Blessed Holiday this weekend, whether it be Passover or Easter.


Checking To See If Everyfing is Working

March 26th 2013 4:41 pm
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Meowmy just got home from work and I met her and was jumping up and down, Meowming, "turn on da puter, Meowm, turn it on!"..I heard from ofur kibbies and from HQ everybody having problems cuz HQ and the Techno Kibbies are always on the lookout for spammers..just imagine~spammers bugging we were all locked out!..but suppose to be fixed now, so just checking

But ya know sumfin? If Techno Kibbies locked us out by accident, de did dis to protect allla us from dem bad spammers!~YUP!! it all fixed and HQ and Techno Kibbies are still on guard for us!!

So big hugs and bouquets go out to Techno Kibbies and HQ fur working fur us and protecting us!!!~Whooo HOOO you all ROCK!!!


Thank You for Helping Me Caterbrate my Gotcha Day!

March 25th 2013 9:57 pm
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It was a great day~many furiends stopped by to say HI and wish me well. Thank you all~this means so much to little me.

I received gifts today and am putting them down here in remembrance:

Marmelade - Bunny

Mac, Ivy and Furmily - Blue Bird

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty - Bunny

Angel Yoda, Francis and Kibbles - an Easter egg

Sugar Bear - Lady Bug

Platelicker and furmily - Blue Bird

Gleek - Gotcha Ribbon

Muffy - Shrimp

Big Harry and furmily - Blue Ribbon

Smiley Cassanova - Blue Bird

Daytona, Mr. Sam and furmily - Easter egg

Smokey, Gizmo and furmily - Power of The Paw

Moose - Chocolate Muffin

Tink the Cat and furmily - Beautiful Dove

Milo, Mallee and furmily - Beautiful Easter eggs

Harley - Basket of Easter eggs and a Easter Bunny

Meowmy - A bewtiful emerald just like mai eyes

Hallie, Uno, Righty, Lefty and furmily - Red Adoption Ribbon

Colorado and Napoleon - A Canadian Flag

Herbie - A bewtifur Card from the Gotcha and Birthday Club

Jamison and Furmily - a bewtifur picture

and many telegrams!!

Thank you all once again!!~I really do appreciate all of these and I sooo appreciate all of you too, you are all furry important to me!

Hugs and Sandpaper Kisses


Tomorrow it Will Be My 8th Gotcha Day

March 24th 2013 6:49 pm
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Wow, March is running like a freight train! much snow and other activities it just dawned on me what tomorrow Gotcha Day!!..This is the BIG ONE!!~The most important day of the year in my little life~it's the day Meowmy found and rescued me.

It's in my diary from years ago but I think I should retell it again.

It was March 25, 2005. It was also Good Friday. Meowmy was living in an apartment building at the time with Buddy. She was coming down the hall and lived at an end suit beside the fire door..well I was on the other side of the fire door screaming my little head off. Meowmy could see me standing on my hind legs with my front paws against the opaque glass. She opend the fire door and scooped me up.

I ran up her and stood on her shoulders. She brought me in and fed me..I ate and ate and screamed for more..Then when I had my fill I climbed up her quilt to lay on the foot of her bed and had myself a great nap.

The people that owned me were looking for me and they came to the door because they heard I was hear. They were people who lived down the hall and were crack addicted. Meowmy was kind of afraid they would harm her home and she had to give me back but before she did she found out these hoomans were only giving me I needed food too..and Meowmy explained all of this.

On Saturday she had to work and told people at work about me and made up her mind that addicted people are always looking for money and she would buy me back

There was no answer on Easter Sunday she went to the door again and talked to the people and without even having to offer money they gave me to my Meowmy!!..they said I stank and they didn't have food for me..I was stinking because you shouldn't give milk to a kitten!!

Now some people may say well, Easter Sunday is my Gotcha day..but we say Good Friday of March 25..Meowmy had already named me and thought of me as her kitten..and Buddy was already in love with me and playing with me..the irresponsible hoomans made Meowmy give me back..but everything was in place already for a purpose..My Meowmy and I found each other on the 25th and were seperated on the 26th and became a furmily furever and ever on Easter Sunday the 27th...

God gave my furmily a wonnerfur gift on this weekend. What an example in hind site it was...I was with my Meowmy for just a little while on Good Friday and then taken away and was given back to have a whole new life on Easter Sunday..Jesus was with people for a little while on Good Friday and then taken away..on Easter Sunday He came back to be with us and give us a home forever and ever!!

I am Meowmy's very special Easter gift..and she loves and protects me!..So you see now how I got the name of Friday..from the most holiest of days I was found, and preparations had to be made for Easter Sunday when my new life started with my new wonnerfur loving furmily

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