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Not a good night

September 21st 2012 5:01 am
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Jack woke up around midnight, he usually sleeps thru the night. He was agitated,nervously pacing, crying and going to the water bowl drinking huge amounts of water. We tried to comfort him and finally, he settled down to sleep on the sofa. All the family sat with him and kept him company.
Jack's well being is the most important thing now, please continue healing purrs for Jack and also for Minerva and Micky, they are feeling stressed too.
Jack's Mom


Doing the best we can

September 20th 2012 4:57 am
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It's a difficult time for all of us. Micky and Minerva know something is wrong. We're doing a bit better with giving the medication, just hate seeing Jack drool and get stressed. Jack is drinking much more water, just in the last two days the level in the water dish is going down much more rapidly. Hoping by next week the lung problem will be better and the change in diet will help so that the glucose will not be as high.
Thanks to all our friends for your kind words and support, you are making this difficult time more bearable.
Hugs and purrs, Gentleman Jack and family


Update on Jack

September 19th 2012 9:18 am
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Well, it was back down the mountain this morning for me. I have a new larger more comfie carrier and Mom put a soft pillow in it that I was able to burrow under. That made me fell more secure. I hardly cried during the journey. I'm back home now and Mom is changing me to a new food, more suited to where I am in life now.
Yumm,I like it. I've eaten and now I think I'll settle in for a well deserved nap. Hugs, Gentleman Jack
Jack's Mom here. Got an injection for Jack's antibiotic but will have to keep trying to orally give the other two as they are not available any other way and more advice on giving the meds. Will have to do our best.
Have an appointment in a week to see where the lung problem stands and check the blood sugar again, will talk further about the diabetes treatment. It's possible the very high reading was related to Jack being sick and stressed. Please keep purring for us.
Our vet's office is always busy but it's a small town and everyone is always friendly. I got support from two people with diabetic pets and one person with 3 shelter cats who healed from very bad lung problems.
We're praying and purring for the best.
Hugs and purrs from Jack and family



September 18th 2012 7:52 am
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Jack's medications for congestion are two liquids and one small pill. Throughout his life he's been fairly easy to medicate. Something is different this time. He's fighting taking the meds, he's making every effort to clamp his (very strong) jaw shut and to spit out the liquid. Anyone have any ideas and words of encouragement?
Jack's Mom


Jack is not well

September 18th 2012 7:36 am
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Thank you all our wonderful friends for the purrs, rosies and healing thoughts about Jack.
In 24 hours Jack has gone from looking like his usual self to looking like a very sick kitty. We're working on getting the lung congestion cleared. Going back to the vet this afternoon, without Jack, to talk about all this. It was such a shock yesterday, Jack is such a beloved kitty and my heart hurts for him.
Jack's Mom


Asking for purrs for Jack

September 17th 2012 10:18 am
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I went to the vet for a minor cough this morning. Oh my, I am not well, the diabetes in my bloodline has caught up with me-my bloodsugar was terribly high and I have a lung problem too-the twovets 'consulted' and it could be a tumor. My pawrents are crying and upset, please purr for all of us.


Summer Update

July 8th 2012 1:09 pm
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Miss Ashlynne sent me a nice glass of lemonaid and wished me a nice summer on my mountain. I'm having a very nice summer! Abby's love heat and it's hot. We've broken records of 100 degrees here, so, I was not getting as much screened porch time as I like for a while. This week will be mid 80's, will feel like a real cool spell.
Momcatt has given up trail walking for now as the rattlesnakes are most prevalent this year. Mom almost stepped on one recently!!!!!! A local ranger confirmed there are more this year-he said they strike his boots all the time!!!!! Since Mom does not want her boots stricken, she will stick with track and paved path walking for now :)
Happy Summer Purrs to All from Gentleman Jack



May 17th 2012 2:28 pm
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We have been computerless for a week-finally had a local tech guy make a house call and now all is well....for now. We didn't know computers guys made house calls. Well he did admire our Catster pages.
Anyway, we wanted to thank all our furriends for sending good wishes on my good vet visit. Thank you all, we love our Catster furriends!
We've been hanging out on our 'outside' cat beds a lot. There is a lot of painting going on indoors, we don't like the clutter or the paint smell :( but we've been enjoying the cool breezes and lazy days.
Hugs and purrs from Gentleman Jack


Good News

May 6th 2012 9:41 am
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I went to the vet this week for my yearly check-up. As usual, I cried all the way there and would not come out of my carrier willingly. After I did come out and was examined and taken to the dreaded "procedure" room, they STOLE my blood, I was pronounced healthy as can be and my 10 year old toofies are in excellent condition. I did enjoy being admired and told how sleek my coat is and how handsome I am :)
The best news, there is diabetes in my Aby Mom's bloodline and my blood sugar number was purrfect!
Happy and thankful purrs, GJ and family


Diary Pick

April 5th 2012 7:41 am
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I was surprised to find I was a diary pick! Thanks to all who sent congratulations. I'm enjoying the feeling of being 'outside' on the screened porch. Spring came early and with it beautiful flowers, birds and multi-shades of green on the leaves.
Peaceful purrs from Gentleman Jack

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