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Diary of a Ruddy Aby

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Update from Jack

November 8th 2013 3:21 am
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Hello my furriends, We've been missing from Catster for a while, it's been a difficult time for our furramily. As I get older my sugar is getting harder to control. I spent all day yesterday at the vet getting blood drawn during the day for a "Curve" which showed my numbers are way to high, over 300. I was ok with the little sticks THEN SHE used a gigantic needle, shaved my neck fur and drew 3cc of my blood. I hissed, one of the first hisses of my life :( This will show what my blood sugar has been over the last two, I'm up to 2 units of insulin. But, Dr. C says she thinks we can get me regulated....
Meanwhile, Momcatt had her gimpy shoulder operated on, 3 weeks ago, it's been tough, she says much harder than she anticipated but the prognosis is good and she's working hard in PT.
We're all happy to be on the mend.
Hope all my friends are well and happy.
Love, Gentleman Jack


Good News on a Beautiful October Day

October 10th 2013 8:34 am
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I didn't mind my trip to the vet today-I could see beautiful fall sunlight and blue sky.
I saw the new lady vet today. She has just finished vet school and I'm her first Abyssinian patient! And, I got excellent news, off insulin, my bloodsugar reading was 130! This is a great number, I'm feeling really well and chasing Minerva and Micky, I feel like a young cat :) and I don't have to go back for 3 weeks.
My Momcatt is hanging in there, she's going to have surgery on her gimpy shoulder next week, she dreads it but the prognosis is good and she's looking forward to feeling better. I will give her lots of headbonks and purrs during her recovery.
Hope all is well with my kitty furriends.
Peaceful purrs from Gentleman Jack


My Saturday Morning-Taking Joy in My Life

September 14th 2013 9:07 am
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I feels like fall today! Crisp, clean air, beautiful blue sky; I took an outing to the screened porch with Micky and Minerva. Then I enjoyed a cozy nap under a warm blanket, ahhhh, life is good. Momcatt and Dad took a long walk on this beautiful mountain, saw many deer and even a pair of twin spotted fawns.
Momcatt was busy, she likes to cook and nice smells were wafting from the kitchen. She said if anyone likes energy/granola bars there is a super easy and delicious recipe in this month's Backpacker magazine (cost effective too over purchased bars) don't know if the recipe is in the online addition....
Meanwhile, I plan to get back to my nap and then get some more fresh air.
Love, Gentleman Jack


My vet visit today

September 12th 2013 12:54 pm
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Another trip to the vet today, this time my bloodsugar was even lower than last week-54 and this is on just 2 units of insulin. My goodness, just a couple weeks ago it was over 400. I've responded well to being back on the medicine and now go down to 1 unit twice a day. We'll see what happens on that dose and go back in a week. Mom just wants me to feel good and enjoy life, I have felt pretty well but those numbers jumping around are worrisome, don't know if I'll be able to get off insulin again or not-it would be nice not to have shots-though they don't hurt at all, I don't even feel them.
Mom is still waiting for an MRI on her shoulder-the insurance company is making her "jump thru hoops" before approving it :(
We're both hanging in there and we both feel much better knowing our furriends are thinking about us and sending healing purrs.
Love, GJ and Momcatt


Low bloodsugar today

September 5th 2013 9:12 am
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Back we went to Dr. P today. My blood sugar was almost too low on 3 units of insulin. So, I'm back down to just 2 units 2 x day. I'll go back in a week to check again and see where I am on this dose. My weight is stable and I continue on my diet of "gold pellets" :)
Momcat is going for an MRI on her gimpy shoulder next week and see if anything can be done.
Meanwhile, we're going to take joy in our daily lives....I am joyfully going for a catnap!
Love, Gentleman Jack


A Very Special Week

August 31st 2013 3:53 am
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Oh My Catness! First, good news at the vet, then diary pick, THEN Diary of the Day with my picture on the Catster community page! But, the very best thing is hearing from all my wonderful furriends, you'all are just pawsome kitties!
I apologize for being late with my thanks as my transcriber has been under the weather, Momcatt aggravated an old shoulder injury over the summer doing a lot of painting and gardening. The human doc gave her a shot that did not agree with her-poor Momcatt did not feel well for several days. We kitties gave her special attention and she's better now.

Special purrs to all my friends.
Love, Gentleman Jack



August 28th 2013 11:21 am
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OMC! This week has been pawsome. First, there was good news at the vet! I thought it would take me at least a couple of months again to have a normal blood sugar and now I'M a diary pick of the day!
Life is good :) and I am so blessed with all my wonderful Catster furriends.
Love, Gentleman Jack


Thank goodness! Good news today.

August 26th 2013 9:01 am
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Dad took me down to Dr. Prince this morning. We were hoping my blood sugar of 412 last week would come down some or at least not go up. Great news, my reading was 140! Purrfectly in the normal range! I'm to stay on 3 units of insulin,2 X day, and go back next week. I'm feeling much better overall and the lung problem I was starting last week has completely cleared up.
Thank you my furriends for all your purrs/prayers, angel dust and good wishes, knowing you'all were thinking about me has helped me get better.
Love, Gentleman Jack


Purrayers do help!

August 21st 2013 4:07 pm
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My sweet friends, all those good wishes and purrs/purayers have made me feel so loved by you'all. I can feel the warm glow and energy coming from all over the country and world wide helping me feel better.
I've had 48 hours back on insulin and I am feeling better-I'm still too thirsty and a bit restless, like last Fall when this started it will take a while to regulate my dose. We have an appointment Monday with Dr. P and will see where we stand.
Peaceful purrs from Gentleman Jack and Momcatt, Jenny


Not good news today.

August 19th 2013 10:43 am
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I had to return to the vet today. I just have not felt very good for several days. Mom has noticed me drinking more and the litter box is wetter.
The news was not that surprising as I'm a year older than when my diabetes was diagnosed. I've had 8 months off insulin. Today my blood sugar was 412, way to high. So, Dr. Prince has put me back on insulin twice a day. I'm just glad I'll feel better soon and since I did well before on insulin I should do well this time. I'm also starting to develop a lung problem and got meds for that.
I'm going to take a nice nap now, I'm tired from the trip, asking healing purrs from all my sweet furriends.
Hugs from Gentleman Jack

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